The Warrior With Broken Wings

by Thorsten Brandl

Photographer Thomas Knight is drawn into an ancient prophecy involving a legendary sword and a mysterious, vintage camera and suddenly finds himself transported to a medieval world beyond his imagination. Guided only by a cryptic rhyme, a talking cat, a warrior princess and her pop culture obsessed brother, he embarks upon a quest to oppose something believed to be unstoppable.

Full of surprises and quirky characters, The Warrior With Broken Wings is an award-winning tale that will make you believe in magic, redemption, and the power of destiny.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Passage to Inis Mor

by Brian O’Raleigh

When 38-Year-old Conner O’Rourke arrives in Ireland after an absence of thirty years, he’s in bits. His marriage is falling apart, his business in Australia is bankrupt, and he’s hearing voices in his mind urging him to return to his childhood home. The island of Inis Mór.
His grandmother has contacted him, saying that she is dying, and must speak with him. But when he arrives on Inis Mór; a hauntingly lonely, starkly beautiful island in Galway Bay, she has already passed, leaving him a cottage and a dilapidated old sailing boat.
A mysterious old seaman appears, offering to help rebuild the boat and, as they work together, the old man tells Conner stories. Stories of absent fathers and lost sons. Stories that could help Conner regain integrity if he can muster the courage to follow his heart.
“Passage to Inis Mór puts one in mind of the great Irish writers.” The Irish Echo (Aust.)

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Out of Tomorrow

by Amelia Amison

Before he was anything else, 17 years-old Max Andreus was a time traveler. Born into one of the four Great Families constituting the Time Agency, Max and his kin are tasked with protecting the timeline from the malfeasance of their rogue counterparts.
But after Max breaks the agency rules, he inadvertently launches a chain of consequences that puts both the timeline and his closest friends and family in extreme danger.

Together with his sister Kate, his best friend Talia (and his secret crush, Parish), they track down a mysterious killer who is taking out agents throughout history. Sinister secrets unfurl as the trio face mysterious allies, shadowy mind readers, and above it all: the growing pains of being teenagers charged with keeping the order. Failure would mean the end of the timeline. Success means confronting the ones you love. When you’re 17 – it’s hard to decide which is w

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Demon Summoner: Apprentice

by Greg Walters

“A lively and absorbing tale that mixes real-world history with supernatural creatures.” (Kirkus)

“A breath of fresh air to the genre, the Demon Summoner trilogy is a brilliant combination of fantasy and history” (GQ)

The year is 1642. As a decades-long war rages in the Holy Roman Empire, military field surgeon Martin shares a shocking truth with his apprentice Gustav: Demons are real, and the victims of battle are their reward for fighting for mankind. A reveal that changes everything…

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

The Legend of the Lost Child

by Annie O’Connell

Life has never been easy for Jace, but things have quickly become more complicated.

With a new family and new name, he is returning to the home he had when he was three years old. After learning he is being hunted, he knows his survival requires him to learn to control his newfound powers at an accelerated rate. Feeling like an outsider in what he hoped would be his forever home, Jace desperately tries to figure out where he truly belongs.

Jace quickly learns that his impossible witch-werewolf hybrid presence has awoken the curiosity of many supernaturals. After a series of attacks, he realizes the stakes are even higher. Jace must discern who is a friend and who is a foe.

Failure could mean death for him, his family, and his friends.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dek Unu: Another Tomorrow

by Gor De Meel

In the Mainland – a sovereign society formed in Africa following a near world-annihilation event – religion, faith and nationalism have been outlawed, deemed responsible for humanity’s self-destruction.
Mankind was declared inferior, easily brainwashed and susceptible to believing superstitions. An artificial intelligence was put in charge of all internal affairs and residents were forbidden to use any technology that their ancestors relied on.
When an archeological expedition is sent to an isolated dig site to document the ancient world, Muracius Goodmond, Head of the Department for the Study of History Verification, uncovers a thirteen-hundred-year-old diary. He is amazed and horrified to learn that its contents contradict common scientific knowledge.
This is the story of eleven children whose lives are about to change and of the scholars who try to protect them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Dek Unu: Ashen Stake

by Gor De Meel

Four years have passed.
The Mainland is in a state of unrest, as the underground is no longer just a rumor. The Holders of Responsibility tighten the Instructions of Stupid John, doing their utmost to hold on to their power.
Muracius Goodmond and the other Tidhar Group scholars carefully follow the eleven youngsters, trying in vain to keep them safe.
As each of the eleven struggle with their own challenges, they all wonder: Is a deadly clash between them now inevitable?
This is the second book of Gor De Meel’s Dek Unu trilogy.

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