Rocket Repo

by C.P. James

After being stuck for seven years on Earth 2, the ship Geddy Starheart built by hand is finally ready to fly. The next morning, he wakes up to find he’s gained a hangover but lost his ship. His hilarious quest to find it takes him on a fun and thrilling adventure with a ragtag salvage crew — and the ancient alien in his head.

Rocket Repo is a humorous space opera with influences from Archer to Galaxy Quest. Expect short chapters, a cinematic pace, memorable characters, and a great time in general.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by LRW Lee

Three things can be said of warrior angel Gladriel:
1. She’s loyal to a fault
2. She’ll protect humans at any cost
3. She never blindly follows orders

When she defends the honor of her BFF, it costs her everything. Exiled from Heaven with a target on her back, she finds herself in the company of Fallen, her sworn enemy, at Morningstar Academy where there are no expulsions, only instruction and supervised practice in making human lives a living hell until they break you. And her brown-nosing, sycophant mentor won’t tolerate insubordination.

But when two seminal events occur, she realizes they foreshadow those foretold in an ancient prophecy–the annihilation of humanity and her new home–and only working with her enemy can stop the inevitable.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Autumn Fairy

by Brittany Fichter

“Katy knows little about her birth, but whatever she is, it’s certainly not human. In a land where humans hunt all who possess magic, the dark power within her has become too strong to hide. And if she cannot master her terrifying power soon, everyone she loves will pay.

While Katy is willing to sacrifice herself for others, Peter, her childhood friend, is not. But after vowing to save her, he learns that failure will spell his kingdom’s doom. And if unraveling the source of Katy’s power isn’t hard enough, a mysterious stranger from the forest reveals he has his own plans for Katy…and the rest of the isle.

To protect their home, Katy and Peter must face their worst fears about who and what they are and their true feelings for one another. If they don’t, everything they love will die.

The Autumn Fairy is the first book in The Autumn Fairy Trilogy, where fairies, humans, and legen

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Those Left Behind

by N. C. Scrimgeour

Time is running out for the people of New Pallas. Nobody knows that better than Alvera Renata, a tenacious captain determined to scout past the stars with nothing but a handpicked crew and a promise: to find a new home for humanity.

But when a perilous journey across dark space leads to first contact with a galactic civilisation on the brink of war, Alvera soon realises keeping her word might not be as easy as she thought.

Her only hope lies with the secrets of the ancient alien waystations scattered across the galaxy. The mysterious technology could be the key to humanity’s survival—or bring unwanted attention from the long-forgotten beings who built them.

As they break apart to forge their own paths, Alvera and her crew all face the same question: what are they willing to sacrifice to save those left behind?

A space opera perfect for fans for Mass Effect and The Expanse.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Those Once Forgotten

by N. C. Scrimgeour

The galaxy has been plunged into chaos, left reeling from the trap triggered around the ancient alien waystations.

As the allied systems try to prepare for what’s coming, Ridley and Kojan go in search of answers. But the one person who might hold the key—the rogue captain who started it all—is missing in action, and her old friends aren’t the only ones looking for her…

Meanwhile, tensions between the Coalition and Idran-Var are at breaking point in the aftermath of a brutal attack. The only hope for peace may lie with Rivus and Niole, old enemies thrown unwillingly onto the same side. But even if they bury their past, what will it take to overcome the bloodshed dividing their people?

Only one thing is for certain: something is coming, and if the fractured factions of the galaxy can’t find a way to stand against it together, it may be the end for them all.

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The First Starfighter

by Grace Goodwin

USA Today Bestseller!

Starfighter Training Academy. It was just a game. The newest, hottest video game release of the year. Choose a role. Build the perfect hero who joins you on missions to save the Vega star system from the evil Queen Raya and her merciless Dark Fleet.

Play for hours? Check.
Obsess over the in-game romance between your avatar and the sexiest alien you’ve ever seen? Check.
Win? Beat the heck out of the game? Check and check.

Open your door at 3:00 in the morning to find that smoking hot alien you thought you made up in your head standing there? Um… okay.

Wake up on the other side of the galaxy with that same alien insisting you’re his… and that you haven’t been playing a video game, but completed the training program to become the first Starfighter from Earth?

Holy sh$t.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Wargames of the Shellworld

by Andrew P. McGregor

A teacher of medieval warfare becomes a commander of alien clones.

Jessica always wanted to lead soldiers in battle and practices martial arts while teaching medieval tactics to live out her dreams. Little does she know, her skills as a leader on the field of battle are in demand by watchers from above, and her dreams, and nightmares, are about to come true.

Seeking the very best Earth has to offer, humanity’s mysterious trustee, the being responsible for our fate on the intergalactic stage, sends Jessica an offer she can’t refuse.

Thrust into the arenas of the Shellworld and put in command of cloned soldiers, Jessica and her fellow human commanders must lead armies to victory.

To lose is unthinkable, but with their enemies closing in, victory just might be worse..

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Immortal’s Dust

by Andrew P. McGregor

Earth is in ruins, its people annihilated.

Jessica won the Wargames of the Shellworld. Her companions, mad with power, have betrayed her. Captured, powerless to stop them, she awakens over a century later to a world torn apart by an arbiter from the Shellworld, exacting revenge on humanity for the devastating war her companions helped to start.

Her only chance to save what remains of humanity is to challenge her enemies and wrest back control of her fate. A captive aboard the arbiter’s giant starship, drifting between the stars on its way back to the Shellworld, Jessica can’t do it by herself.

Desperate to avoid extinction, drawn from the last survivors within the Solar System, a handful of allies embark on a harrowing chase between the stars.

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The Curse of Wayward Forest: Will the curse get you next, and if so, will you save yourself and your town in time?

by Deirdre Stokes

Beware the curse of the white oaks…

Born of Native American heritage, Dawn Young learns that the supernatural is real and her family plays a big part in dealing with the things that go bump in the night. She’s a friendly green witch and things are fantastic… until she learns of the curse of the White Oak Trees.

Yes, her hometown is cursed.

When she discovers that she is the curse’s next target, only she can save both herself and her town! But Dawn doesn’t want to be the chosen one—she just wants to do ordinary teenage girl things like hanging out with her friends and photographing nature. With the help of her supernatural family, though, she might just stand a chance if everyone works together.

As time runs out for the curse to exact its toll, will she find a way to end the cycle for good or will she become its next victim?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Terra Nova

by MtG

Evangeline is living the life of a normal teenager until mysterious symptoms begin appearing. After passing out in the middle of a party, life as she knows it spirals beyond her grasp. She is diagnosed with a rare, genetic blood disorder that causes her body’s white blood cells to kill the red ones. In the delirium of her deteriorating health, a door to a parallel world opens before her; however, once she steps through it, the portal closes, and she is unable to return to Earth.

The place Evangeline now finds herself in is called Terra Nova, a world wherein vampires rule supreme. In order to survive, she must keep her mind open and accept the changes her body is undergoing; soon enough, those who she initially thinks are murderers become her trainers, whose help she must enlist if she ever hopes to return home—and soon enough, a romantic bond forms.

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Heretic: A Military Archaeological Space Adventure (The Zenophobia Saga Book 1)

by Craig Martelle & Brad R. Torgersen

Island of Dr. Moreau meets Indiana Jones, in space, with cutting edge technology…

Tigers, wolves, gorillas, and bears. Four planets at each other’s throats. But they have too much in common for it to be a fluke. Just mentioning the possibility that they descended from the same place gets one labeled as a Heretic.

When Sankar comes into possession of a religious text that hints at where they came from, he seizes the opportunity and makes it his mission to find the Truth.

From two award winning science fiction authors, an archaeological space adventure that you’ll want to read today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering