Dark City

by Kit Hallows

Unleashed Magic. Secret Pasts. Hidden Worlds. Welcome to the Dark City.

My name’s Morgan Rook, Supernatural Detective, Undercover Agent, odd jobs man. Call it whatever you like. I take out the nightmares, demons and werewolves. The things that lurk in the shadows around you.
Guys like us, we call them Nightkind.

And here I was, set to quit this dark life and retire to sunnier climes, except for one final job. There’s always one. This time a call to eliminate a cruel, rogue vampire, named Mr. Tudor. Simple right?
Sure. Until the bodies started piling up in a new wave of vicious occult killings leading scarily close to my own front door. Sparking a series of deadly events that would make my years of fighting the NightKind look like a cakewalk.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Ancient Enemies

by Tora Moon

A deadly new threat. A terrifying secret. One woman’s courage to find the truth…

After centuries, Rizelya’s people are finally gaining the upper-hand against the fearsome monsters plaguing her world. When tactics developed over generations suddenly fail, Rizelya must race against time to discover innovative new ways to combat the beasts before her people are overrun.

As the battles grow fiercer, Rizelya begins to have mysterious dreams, hinting of a dark secret and a hidden enemy behind the monster attacks. An enemy that could destroy her people. Does she have the courage to confront the Supreme White Priestess to learn the truth?

Ancient Enemies is the first book in a series of action-packed, magical fantasy novels. If you like strong female characters, compelling magic systems, and courageous warriors, then you’ll enjoy Tora Moon’s Malvers War series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Chameleon Assassin

by BR Kingsolver

Winner Best of the Independent eBook Awards Contemporary/Urban Fantasy 2017
Libby is a mutant, one of the top burglars and assassins in the world. For a price, she caters to executives’ secret desires. Eliminate your corporate rival? Deliver a priceless art masterpiece or necklace? Hack into another corporation’s network? Libby’s your girl.

Climate change met nuclear war, and humanity lost. The corporations stepped in, stripping governments of power. Civilization didn’t end, but it became less civilized. There are few rules as corporations jockey for position and control of assets and markets.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court

by Kim Iverson Headlee

Morgan le Fay, 6th-century Queen of Gore and the only major character not killed off by Mark Twain in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, vows revenge upon the Yankee Hank Morgan. She casts a spell to take her to 1879 Connecticut so she may waylay Sir Boss before he can travel back in time to destroy her world. But the spell misses by 300 miles and 200 years, landing her in the Washington, D.C., of 2079, replete with sundry technological marvels.

Whatever is a time-displaced queen of magic and minions to do?

Written as though by the old master himself, King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Mark Twain as channeled by Kim Iverson Headlee offers laughs, love, and a candid look at American society, popular culture, politics, baseball… and the human heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



by Jenetta Penner and David R. Bernstein

Would you risk everything for your happily ever after?

Arya has the ability to thrive under the blue waters of the NeverSea while Peter soars above it, touching the cool clouds beyond anyone’s reach.

After a tortured past filled with pain and lies, they’re reunited. A chance encounter with Arya’s lost love, James, opens the door for Peter, the ousted leader of the Lost Boys, to regain Neverland—a floating settlement now controlled by the heartless witch who took them as kids.

All of Earth’s land is consumed by the ever-growing ocean. Children are taken from their families and experimented on, all in the false hope of saving humanity. The fate of the world could lie in the hands of a girl and boy torn apart by their traumatic childhood.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Nephilim Falling

by Felicia Beasley

They say demons and angels don’t mix. I say people should mind their own damn business.

My brother, Damian, has been my rock ever since mom left. Didn’t matter that I’m demon-blooded. I was his and he was mine.

But nothing lasts forever.

He wants me to go to college. I’d rather fight a hundred sentinels than lead a boring, safe life hiding who I am. So when a nephilim goes missing, I go behind Damian’s back to find the teen. Maybe if I can solve the case, he will upgrade me to his partner in crime solving.

As bodies begin dropping, I realize I’m in way over my head. But there’s no way I’m going to admit that, not when my future hangs in the balance. It’s do or die time, and I’m not going down without a fight.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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