Voyage Through The Realms

by Fabian Lewandowicz

In the epic tale that spans across realms, Captain Arion Stormrider and Empress Seraphina embark on a perilous journey to protect the realms from impending darkness. Their quest leads them through treacherous lands, where they encounter mythical creatures, uncover ancient prophecies, and forge alliances with beings of immense power.

Seraphina, a powerful empress, possesses a deep understanding of the magical arts. Driven by her sense of duty, she seeks to safeguard the realms from those who would misuse their power. Her fiery determination and unyielding spirit make her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Throughout their journey, they encounter dragons, the majestic beings whose power and wisdom hold the key to unlocking ancient secrets. They face off against formidable adversaries, including Empress Seraphina herself, whose ambitions threaten to tip the balance of power.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Sorcerers’ Castle

by Allen Houston

Five unruly heroes and a world teetering on Armageddon – what could go wrong?

A bad-tempered elf, charismatic roguish, empathic naiad, innocent farm girl, and fierce Asidi are all that stand in the way of the return of Alaric, an evil necromancer banished to a rift world decades before.

If they fail to stop him, his cult of followers will rise again and upend the uneasy truce between the magical species and humans on Myriad, leading to a cataclysmic war.

Before they do that, the unlikely heroes must survive the ominous Sorcerers’ Castle, a horde of demonic beasts, murderers on the loose, and each other.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult situations, mature content, a smattering of dark humor, and loads of page-turning fun.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Who is Anna Stenberg

by Tracey Norman

When her murderous father escapes from an institution, a young girl is forced to flee to safety with the secretive Anna. As they find friendship, her disguise keeps her safe, until a tragedy risks her survival against a supernatural threat.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Steel for Hire

by Richard Fierce

In their pursuit of money and retirement, Captain Jayde Thrin and her misfit crew of mercenaries take on odd jobs throughout the universe. When a botched mission lands them in trouble, they must navigate a treacherous mining planet in search of fuel and an easy job. They quickly discover that some jobs can turn you into a zombie. Literally.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Earthburst Saga (Sci-Fi Box Set, Complete Books 1-6)

by Craig A. Falconer

Grab all SIX published books in the bestselling Earthburst Saga for one incredible price, in this great value 2100-page sci-fi box set!


The Earthburst Saga begins with Last Man Standing:

I wasn’t supposed to survive.

The station has been hit. Everyone around me is dead.

I have 11 hours of life support left and no way of contacting Earth.

I’m alone. I’m stranded. I’m desperate.

But I’m alive.

The more of the station I explore, the surer I get that this was no accident. Someone did this, and I don’t think they’re finished yet.

Making it home feels like an impossible task, but I’m not just fighting for my own life.

I have to protect my family — whatever it takes.

And as long as I’m breathing, this isn’t over.

Because whoever did this almost pulled it off… but they made one big mistake:

They left the wrong man standing…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


Moonrise Exile

by Avelina Kelde

Shifters and witches have hated each other from the beginning, and as a young woman with the abilities of both, Nikki Atwood is trapped between two worlds. Starting fresh in a quiet town where no one knows her secrets, she is determined to stay away from the supernatural.

But avoiding the local spook scene is easier said than done. When a witch is found dead on a shifter pack’s land, the ruggedly handsome wolf shifter Calum Riggs comes to Nikki for help. At first, she wants nothing to do with him—he’s a reminder of everything she loved and lost, and she can’t face that pain again. But while working with Calum may be dangerous, the threat of a shifter-witch war rises with every passing hour, with Nikki caught directly in the middle.

Can Nikki and Calum solve a murder, stop a war… and admit to their own growing feelings before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban