The Seven Experiments

by Stephen Kanicki

Inner demons are unleashed when a struggling college professor, Dr. Gary Miller, learns to manifest his heart’s desire through a series of seven experiments. Much to his surprise, the experiments work. In fact, they work unbelievably well, and he soon discovers they can lead beyond the acquisition of material wealth.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

The Awakening (Dark Passenger Book 1)

by L C Ainsworth

JC Maxwell boarding school in Surrey UK; that is where Diana 15 years old have been sent, along with five of her friends. She is charged with a mission by her mother; to find the reason for some unexplained disturbance. What she did not expect to find was a series of murders and school staffs with strange behaviours. Subsequently, the parties responsible for the murders are intrigued and disturbed by those new students who not only have started to meddle in their affairs but also appear to be more than meets the eye. While the two groups are clashing, the only thing everybody agrees on is that no one is in Surrey for the reason they claim to be.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Location, Location, Damnation

by Nick Moseley

“Trev Irwin didn’t believe in ghosts, which made it something of a surprise when he saw one…”

At first glance Brackenford is a picturesque town in the English Midlands, but peek below the surface and things look different. Weird sightings. Unexplained disappearances. Historical anomalies.

Trev Irwin isn’t interested in all that. He’s got a nice job selling houses and he just wants to earn enough commission to keep him in beer and pizza. He’s not looking for any weirdness, but sadly the weirdness has come looking for *him*.

Things start with a strange encounter in a local café and before long Trev is knee-deep in living shadows, anxious werewolves and irascible vampires… and that’s just the easy stuff. Brackenford has worse in store for him. Much worse.

He needs help; what he’s got is his Granddad, a Puritanical ghost, and the world’s most sarcastic cat.

Yep – he’s screwed…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Fallen Star

by Richard Turner

A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain James Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant David Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Satan, Aliens, Go!

by Antonis Tsagaris

When mysterious aliens mount a half-assed invasion against the Earth, only one kinda-man can save humanity from sorta-extinction.

Employing the help of his best-buddy-come-reluctant-sidekick Occam, Satan must sneak back into Hell to steal a glorious MacGuffin that potentially has the power to send the aliens packing.

Will Satan’s childhood friend, Cthulhu, come to his aid? Will current master of Hell and former victim of Satan’s bullying, Baal, forgive him for betraying everybody’s trust four years ago? And will Occam’s chronic inability of dealing with anything more stressful than a spa treatment ever subside?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Hell Spawn

by Declan Finn

My name is Officer Thomas Nolan, and I am a saint.
Tommy Nolan lives a quiet life. He walks his beat – showing mercy to the desperate. Locking away the dangerous. Going to church, sharing dinner with his wife and son. Everyone likes Tommy, even the men he puts behind bars.

Then one day a demon shows up and he can smell it. Tommy can smell evil – real evil. Now he’s New York City’s only hope against a horrifying serial killer that preys on the young and defenseless.

But smell alone isn’t enough to get a warrant. Can Tommy track down the killer and prove his guilt?

Dragon Award Nominated Author Declan Finn returns with his typical action-packed, Catholic influenced style, in this groundbreaking horror series about an honest, religious man given the powers of a saint to fight demons in the Big Apple.

How do you do forensics on a killer possessed by a demon?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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