Ember and Stone

by Megan O’Russell

Ena never hoped for a peaceful life. She never dreamt she’d become a killer either.
Ilbrea: A country mercilessly ruled by the seven Guilds where commoners struggle to survive—no one knows the cost of survival better than illegal healer Ena Ryeland. Ena is offered a life of freedom and a chance to fight the Guilds. But she can’t win the battle alone…

A myth to guide her journey.
A brother she thought she’d lost.
A ghost to steal her fear.
A man to steal her heart.

An impossible enemy. A hope for freedom. Ena is the only one with a chance of fighting the Guilds—if she can survive long enough to try.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Blaire Thorne Omnibus #1 (Books 1 – 4): A Dark Urban Fantasy: Ulysses Exposed, Voodoo Priest, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Salvation

by N Gray

My name is Blaire Thorne and I should have died. Instead, I wake with strangers beside me in an unknown place and healed from my near-fatal wounds.

They say I have no powers, that I’m only human. But I have amnesia and no longer able to mask who I truly am and now everybody knows what I am.

One thing is for certain, I’m no longer safe…

Join me as I discover more of who I am, how I got here, and why…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Death of a Fairy Tale

by Emily Fluke

She’s a skeptic.
But the birth of her baby sparks storybook murders.
Can she find the truth before dark fairy tales determine her daughter’s fate?

Death of a Fairy Tale is chock-full of classic stories, murder, and sarcasm, for fans of Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Grimm.

Mari is a determined, if not a little frazzled, investigative journalist and brand-new mother. The birth of her daughter sparks strange events that lead into the hidden world of fairy tales. Mari struggles to balance her baby in one hand and her job in the other while she hunts her supernatural stalker and uncovers the truth behind beloved children’s stories.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


House Omega: A Military Sci-Fi Epic

by Gus Harris-Reid

For over a hundred cycles, the Marshals of Rhea have defended their strongholds against the wastelands’ many dangers, from vicious raiders to mechanical beasts. To fight these foes they pilot Chargers: eighteen-foot mechs engineered by the secretive Armorers’ Guild.

At Clarion, the ancient stronghold of House Omega, anticipation is high as the Marshals gather for a major hunting expedition. But when disaster strikes and House Omega is left leaderless, it falls to no-nonsense Head Cook Xanthe to investigate. She’s not alone, however, and is aided by an unlikely group of individuals including a haughty young noblewoman, a world-weary Armorer, a fastidious bodyguard, and a whimsical assassin.

As they endeavor to solve this tragic mystery, they unveil truths about their world, themselves, and each other that perhaps should have stayed hidden.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Vicenary: A Collection of Black and African Culture Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

by George Allen Blacken

Heroes come in all forms, races, and cultures. These twenty new science fiction and fantasy stories present thought-provoking themes, dramatic plots, relatable characters, and heart penetrating words that are both relevant and entertaining for fans of urban, fantasy, supernatural, dystopian, superhero, space opera, and robot fiction. Find your story!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Alexandra Almeida

“Great for fans of Becky Chambers’s A Closed and Common Orbit and Daniel Suarez’s Daemon.” Booklife

Shadow is a reluctant god with a broken mind and a death wish. He used to be Thomas Astley-Byron, an affluent young screenwriter whose creativity and idealism saved a world from the brink of collapse. Together with Henry Nowak, an AI expert, Tom created heaven on earth by inventing a Jungian simulated reality that helps humans confront their dark sides. The benevolent manipulation platform turned the two unelected leaders into beloved gods, but now everything is failing. The worlds suffer as a sentimental Tom descends into his own personal hell, becoming the embodiment of everything he despises and a shadow of his former self.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


The Sky Riders

by Kerry Law

With dragons and a strong female lead, this gripping action-packed adventure is the start of an epic fantasy trilogy.
Aimee Wood is a freak. Born a half-albino, she’s been an outcast her whole life. When her family dies, she’s left alone in a city of people who hate and fear her. Desperate for somewhere to belong, she decides to risk the climb out of Kierell, and into the jagged mountains encircling the city. Any girl who survives the climb can train to become a Sky Rider. The women of the Sky Riders are elite warriors, protectors of the city and each bonded for life to their own dragon. If Aimee can complete the arduous training, and steal a dragon hatchling, she can become one of them. But making the climb has not dispelled the prejudice against her, and she must fight for her place.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Bow of Destiny

by P. H. Solomon

“The characters climb off the pages” of this award-winning epic fantasy with a fresh approach pitting a shapeshifting dragon against a hero haunted by prophesy and death. A quest for the fabled Bow of Hart drags Athson into danger between a dragon and a deadly wizard.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

An Arrow Against the Wind

by P. H. Solomon

The hero of this award-winning edition of “an entertaining fantasy series in the classic quest adventure mold” defies a merciless wizard and a sly dragon. But Athson’s on the hunt for more than destiny. His aim is tested between doom and vengeance.

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