Blood and Gods

by Nathan Bueckert

Orphaned as an infant, Lilija is adopted by the priests of Tratalja, a growing militaristic empire. Despite being trained as an elite soldier for the city’s army, Lilija is forced to flee Tratalja. Two young warriors, Lilija and Ari, fight against an empire that threatens anyone who practices the reality-bending magical art of writing.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by Andy Blinston

One mage guards the world from ruin…
Too bad Darius has to kill him.

The empire’s borders are ravaged by fiery warriors strong enough to crush bone in their hands.

One mage is all that holds back the invaders, the only one with the power to sap their strength until the fiends can barely stand.

But all the assassin Darius knows is the mage now hunts him.

Why? He doesn’t know; the mage stole his memories, but thankfully not his unearthly powers or killing instincts.

On the run, his only ally is the captivating but callous Alexandra, a warrior he once knew from the mage’s army that promises to help save his life.

He doesn’t trust her… She’s hiding something.

She doesn’t trust his altered mind…

But together they’ll seek to save Darius by killing the last guardian of humanity.

If you like rogue heroes then you’ll love this action-packed tale of god-like warriors

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

City of Rogues: Book I of The Kobalos Trilogy

by Ty Johnston

Kron Darkbow seeks vengeance, and he plans to have it no matter the costs. Returning to the city of his birth after 15 years, he hunts down the wizard responsible for the deaths of those he loved only to find out another was responsible for the murders. That other is Belgad the Liar, a former barbarian chieftain who is now boss of the city’s underworld.

Following his path for blood, Kron comes across the magical healer, Randall Tendbones, and accidentally reveals Randall’s darkest secret to the world. It’s a secret about the past, a secret that has kept Randall on the run for three years. Now it has caught up with him, and Belgad the Liar is suddenly the least of Randall and Kron’s concerns. The gaze of Lord Verkain, king of of the dark northern land of Kobalos, has fallen upon Kron and Randall. And it is a gaze filled with madness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Death Tide: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Box Set: (Toy Soldiers Series: Books 1-3)

by Devon C. Ford

Get the Death Tide Boxed Set, featuring the first three books in the Toy Soldiers Series. Nearly 1000 pages of suspense-filled, post-apocalyptic fiction about survival against all odds. *Special 99-cent Launch Sale!*

You’ve never experienced the undead like this before…

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Dancing with the Viper

by Amy Beatty

In the eight years since the first Talessanin embassy ship landed on Earth, Hanna Bradley, like most other humans, has never met one of the reclusive extraterrestrials–and she likes it that way.

Jonantathinel of House Kanestelan Ehr has left the intergalactic emperor’s service to settle in a small, quiet town on the empire’s newest planetary protectorate, Earth. But Jon isn’t just any alien ex-soldier. Jon has secrets.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to read Dancing with the Viper before book two comes out. The Viper’s Kiss releases November 29th. Be ready!

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

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