The Pages of Time: A Time Travel Thriller

by Damian Knight

Sam Rayner thinks he is an ordinary sixteen-year-old. But when his family’s flight is brought down in a shocking act of terrorism, he suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves him in a coma.
On waking in hospital Sam learns that his father died in the crash. Struggling to come to terms with his loss, he begins to experience strange seizures that alter the flow of time and transport him into the body of his past or future self. At first these episodes seem anything but useful. That is until he collapses and learns of another terrorist attack: this time in the future.
Can Sam prevent the impending atrocity before it takes place? Can he master his new powers to save his family from violent deaths that are already in the past, defeat the sinister forces that wish to use him for their own ends, and maybe also win the girl he loves… by turning the pages of time?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Wynter Of Wolves

by B. D. West

Wynter always felt as if he didn’t belong and knowing he was adopted just made matters worse. He desperately longed to know who he was and where he came from. After his adopted father Samuel died, he decided to open a bar called Indigo’s. His life was just beginning to settle into a predictable routine; that is until destiny walked into his bar. Alarick, Marrok and Lupin were a part of a world unknown to the humans. They were Shifters; sworn to protect the human race. Wynter felt a deep connection with the three mysterious strangers from the moment they locked eyes. Though they had never met, Wynter knew his life would never be the same.

Join Wynter on an epic adventure as he learns of his true identity. Follow him as he goes from running a hometown bar in the small town of Ketchikan Alaska, to becoming the leader and Alpha of an ancient wolf society called Shifters.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Aaron Hodges

On the wild planet of Talamh, humanity thrived…
…until the alien Alfur conquered their world.
Now, defeated and broken, humanity serves their immortal overlords.
And pleads to the stars for a hero.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

The Binding Tempest

by Steven Rudy

Three former war heroes, long past their prime and haunted by their pasts, are all that stand against a dark entity threatening the future. Together with a band of young rogues, they discover the secret to protecting the future is entwined with the mysteries of the past.

A new Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy Series for fans of The Wheel of Time and Shadow and Bone. The Binding Tempest is a steampunk saga; of magic, alchemy, airships, and ancient mysteries.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

The Dividing: A Dystopian Fantasy Series

by Devin Downing

Hunger Games meets Brandon Sanderson in this dystopian fantasy of epic proportions. Inspired by biblical theology, The Dividing will pull you into a world of magic, monsters, and mystery!

In Cavernum, only the elite have access to magic, yet status must be earned. One’s class is determined by a single competition: The Dividing.

Matt is a refugee; Rose is the future queen. Turning 18, each must compete for their spot in society, and each is desperate to succeed. For Rose, magic is the surest way to secure her crown. For Matt, it’s the only way to save his dying mother.

But danger lurks beyond the city walls, and Cavernum won’t be safe for long.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Last Dragonriders: The Complete Series

by Ava Richardson

An ancient darkness awakens, and Chamenos needs a hero….

Young dragon rider Pieter Roser has wounds that run deep in the wake of the battle against the Spirit King. His dragon, Gloriox, wants to help him heal, but when their travels bring them to Chamenos, they find that trouble has gotten there first.

The country’s tyrant king is determined to find the First Dragon’s bones in order to prevent a great evil from rising in his land, and he will show no mercy in achieving his goals. Yet there’s more to his dark magic than it seems, and even deadlier foes hide in the shadows.

With some newfound friends named Ziggy and Rosa, Pieter and Gloriox will need to scour Chamenos to find missing dragons, learn new magic, and face the evil king. But that fight is only the beginning. A greater danger waits to rise and conquer Chamenos…and beyond.

Can Pieter become the leader Chamenos needs?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by David Hoffer

2021 San Diego Book Award Winner!

A melody from the stars can save humanity, but only if Stephen can awaken the alien within…

Childhood therapy cured Stephen Fisher of disturbing visions and the delusion of having come from another world. But when his daughter obsesses over a star in the night sky, he fears that his genetic legacy may have burdened her with the same illness. His sanity is then shattered when he loses his child and the military abducts him claiming that she recorded a song broadcast from another world.

A voice inside Stephen’s head convinces him that he can bring his daughter back to life. What he discovers instead is a stunning truth about himself, his child’s destiny, and fate of the entire human race.

Melody is a riveting and thought-provoking sci-fi novel. If you like first contact scenarios and action-filled pages, you’ll love this otherworldly adventure

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Embers at Galdrilene

by A.D. Trosper

“A ray of light, a stain of shadow, shall endure to breathe life and death into the future”

The war between the Guardians and the Shadow Riders ended in total devastation. The final battle killed all the dragons and left nothing but fields of ash. A small clutch of dragon eggs was all that remained to provide hope for the future.

Five hundred years later, the ability to use magic is a death sentence and dragons are remembered as a curse. But the unhatched dragons sing for their riders…and six lives will be changed forever.

The elements of magic are drawn together as the dragons’ call leads them on a journey where they learn everything they’ve been taught to believe about magic and dragons is wrong.

When an evil from the past rises again, and Shadow Dragons ride the dawn once more, they will risk everything to save a future none of them thought possible.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Tears of War

by A.D. Trosper

“Old things come again and new things surface.”

Faced with a looming war, the dragon riders have no choice but to leave the safety of Galdrilene and reach out to the nations for help. But the Shadow Riders are doing the same and not all nations are opposed to their rule.

New discoveries are made, old wounds are reopened and betrayal hides among welcoming smiles.

As one nation begins to unravel it’s clear that some choices, even those made with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences.

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Armored Warrior Panzerter: Storm of Steel

by T.E. Butcher

An unthinkable tragedy, followed by the largest battle in human history.

In the wake of a horrific Union attack, Millions are dead. Reiter must assume command of his regiment for the largest operation yet. Their target: to retake the provincial capital of Pulaski and open up the Union homeland to Invasion. His soldiers are exhausted from countless battles, but the hope of liberating their homes inspires them to press on.

Everything is on the line. If The Tharcians cannot retake their capital, then it’s unlikely they’ll have another shot. However, an implacable man stands in their way: MAG General Declan Kennedy. Determined to win victories so he can free his people, Kennedy realizes that if Pulaski falls, then his own homeland becomes threatened.
The stalemate is ending. The armies are moving again. Will they be able to turn back the tide of invasion? Or will they be lost in the storm?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Drone Rider

by Ginger Booth

A novice cyborg defends Chicago in the opening salvo of Earth’s AI Wars.

How can humanity prevail against AI, when sensors lie to them, diplomacy is rewritten to fuel hostilities, and weapons have minds of their own?

A cyborg like Betta is uniquely vulnerable – and potent – in the opening salvo of global cyber war.

Come for the laser-eyed attack bunnies, and stay for great characters in non-stop page-turning action!

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Inkblot Molotov

by Daniel J Reeves

Seamus has two key concerns to contend with. Firstly, the dead aren’t staying dead. And secondly, it seems that in the throes of a drunken stupor, his friend and self-described “non-federal spy” may have begun uncovering the conspiracy behind the plague.

Also, there’s no Guinness on tap. So really, three concerns.

Cooped up in a mountain resort miles away from the epicentre, Alys is now thirteen and fiercely determined to be taken seriously. Snow angels are indeed serious business. When her older brother falls ill however, he is ruled a threat to the utopia, and Alys learns there is no safety in numbers.

There is only with the mob or against it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

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