They Mostly Come Out At Night

by Benedict Patrick

Are you afraid of the dark?

In a mysterious forest, residents spend their nights hiding from the monsters that lurk beyond their cellar doors. The Magpie King keeps them safe — but soon, ostracized Lonan begins dreaming of their protector’s downfall…

Prepare to discover the book readers are calling a ‘delightfully weird, dark fairytale’.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Gray Wolf

by J.W. Webb

When his parents are murdered, and his sister taken by raiders, Corin’s world crashes in on him. Wild and willful, he joins the elite Wolf Regiment but swiftly falls foul of its swordmaster, the brutal Taskala.

Gray Wolf is the first book in a trilogy featuring Corin an Fol, a man chosen by the gods to walk a dark path. The novel forms part of the Legends of Ansu, a spellbinding fantasy series. If you like tough action featuring gritty characters you’re going to love Gray Wolf

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Dragon’s Price

by Daniel Potter

Sky Pirates face off against a controlling Dragon Lord in this Final Fantasy inspired adventure.

Ages ago Coyote crushed the moon in his jaws and flung reality into the meat grinder, the world ended for much of humanity. Now, once remote locations have risen into bureaucratic city-states, and their societies are tied together by merchant adventurers who sail the clouds in crystal-powered skyships.

Outwardly sweet Yaki and her impulsive twin Ishe are forced into service to a dragon from the distant past when one of their mother’s pirate schemes goes explosively awry. Now imprisoned, Ishe must scheme and Yaki must fight, if they are to survive and escape.

Yet for all their talents, the Dragon’s Price might be more than they can survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Alien Omega

by Marc Landau

An invasion is coming. It’s the countdown to the Apocalypse.

Wil, Poka and the robot have jumped out of the fire and into the frying pan.

The Outpost is orbiting an uncharted planet filled with dangerous creatures.

What the frak is the thing inside his girlfriend and why are aliens trying to destroy the ship and everyone onboard?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Spirit Sword

by Sam Ford


A Boy and His… Sword?

Thirteen year old Cale Tannor has always dreamed of finding adventure. When a Spirit Sword, the last of an ancient race of sentient weapons, falls into his hands, adventure finds him. Now infernal hordes are stirring in the dark, and this adventure may be more than Cale bargained for. On the way he finds new friends in the Indian huntress Jazreal Bloodmoon, and mysterious Ranger Vyk Draco. Together they must work to restore a forgotten religion and preserve humanity.

First they must survive…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Lights on the Sea

by Miquel Reina

When their house slides into the sea, a grieving couple sets sail on a miraculous journey.

“Miquel Reina’s Lights on the Sea is an absolutely lovely, beautiful novel with a dreamy, fable-like quality that will appeal to readers. Fans of Life of Pi will love this novel.” —Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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