EON (Chronos Ring #1)

by Earl E. Hardman

Ian Lotus is a man with a mysterious past – and a secret that could reshape mankind’s destiny. The object of an interplanetary manhunt, Lotus must stay one step ahead of his pursuers, including the military, an invading alien fleet, and an interdimensional being of tremendous power.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Legend of the Blue Eyes

by B. Kristin McMichael

Arianna Grace liked her boring, Midwestern, teenage life where she ignored the many unanswered questions of her childhood. When someone offers to explain it all, she is thrown into a world of night humans who drink blood.

Night humans, or demons, as some call them, live in normal society. On her 16th birthday, Arianna becomes one of them. Learning all of the new rules of a world she didn’t know existed might be hard enough, but there is a war going on between the night humans.
Four main clans of night humans are struggling for control of the night. Arianna discovers that she’s the bridge of peace between the two sides. But not everyone wants peace.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Lost Wolf

by Stacy Claflin

She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.

Victoria can’t wait to start college, but there’s a hitch—she can’t remember anything before arriving on campus. Her memories finally spark when she sees her ruggedly handsome math professor, but she senses something terrible happened. The shock on his face affirms her fears.

Toby is an alpha wolf who never thought he’d see his true love again—not after she died in his arms. Nothing could have prepared him for her walking into his class. But to his dismay, not only has she forgotten the past, she doesn’t even know who she is.

He’s determined to do whatever it takes to restore what they’ve lost. Can Toby help Victoria recover her memories, or will he lose her forever?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Codename: Freedom

by Apollos Thorne

The government must accelerate their super soldier program. Their new Virtual Reality system is the perfect tool to train these soldiers for the coming war. There is a shortage of enlisted men and women that possess the “talent”. Inside the military isn’t enough. Everyone from athletes to professional gamers must be considered.

Lucius is one of those lucky few selected to participate in Codename: Freedom, a new game that promises to push Virtual Reality to the ultimate level.

Unknown to him, the Game Developers have no time to waste. With the pain dampeners turned off and an army ready to attack the new players as they enter Codename: Freedom, he will have to ask himself an unexpected question. Is his dream is worth suffering for? Will he quit, go mad, or find the motivation to fight when it becomes painfully clear that this is far from just another game?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Aspiria Rising

by Douglas Barton

Dominy worships scientists. He can’t wait for the brightest minds in the galaxy to arrive at Aspiria, the capital of civilization. Until many of them never arrive…

Desperate to solve the mystery, Dominy recruits a band of fellow trainees. When they uncover a shocking conspiracy, Dominy realizes he holds the key to keeping civilization alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Aaron Hodges

Not all magic is a gift…

When Eric was young, a terrible power woke within him. Horrified by the devastation he had unleashed, Eric fled his village, and has spent the two years since that terrible night in self-imposed exile. Now, desperate to end his isolation, he seeks a new life in the town of Oaksville.

But the power of the Gods is fading, and in their absence, dark things have come creeping back to the Three Nations. Civilisation is no longer the safe haven he once knew, and Eric will soon learn he is not the only one with power…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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