Starburst Book 1 Women of the Grey

by Carol James Marshall

Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept.

Lisa has lived her life following orders from her leader, Superior Mother. She followed the rules because they taught her. She behaved because it was expected of her. She was a good girl because she thought it was the right thing to do until it wasn’t.

When Lisa is given her first mission in the outside world surrounded by humans, she questions everything she’s ever known, including herself.

Is Lisa human? Is she an alien? She needs the truth and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Read Starburst book 1 in the Women of the Grey trilogy and follow Lisa as she fights for the truth and becomes her own hero.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


by Mark Reynolds

In a mind-altering fantasy-thriller, Kai Kazami discovers his wife missing and his mother dead, a mysterious glowing stone clutched in her fist, and a cryptic message scrawled on the floor.
Can Kai push his anguish aside to unlock the incredible powers of the firestones?
Or will a killer on the brink of insanity claim the magic?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Mark Reynolds

A glimpse of the future. A planet in ruin. A chance of salvation…
Recently bestowed with a set of enchanted firestones, Kai Kazami has unlocked incredible powers, including accelerated healing, astral projection and the ability to copy muscle memory.
Now, by combining all the stones, he inadvertently adds portal generation to his skillset, creating a doorway to a futuristic, yet ravished world.
Sending his consciousness through to explore, Kai discovers a society at the mercy of a global corporation. Humans on the brink of extinction, surviving only by consuming dangerous quantities of antibiotics.
But is it Kai’s future? Or a parallel universe?
Kai believes he is predestined to make things right.
The only way is to step through the portal for real, and deal with the consequences…

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

A Pale Box on the Distant Shore

by PJ Nwosu

A silent killer stalks the slum towers of Death City.
In the shadow of a drowned death god, a young soldier risks his life to solve a violent crime.

To catch a killer, Soldier Honnan Skyin carves a bloody trail over the behemoth bones of a dead giant and through the deepest forest of a frozen island. But some secrets should stay buried.

Welcome to Death City.

The Red Kingdom is a new series of dark mysteries in fantasy worlds that delve into a land of vicious crimes, strange lore and Purge House zealots.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Eternal Awakening

by Brandon Santiago

Once brothers, now supernatural enemies…

In the land of Mirkwen life is grim for Drake and William, two farmers who rely on each other to make a living. When a violent encounter on the road transforms one brother into a werewolf and the other into a vampire, things get even darker.

Werewolves and vampires are sworn enemies and the transformation process isn’t easy for either brother. Finding themselves upon opposite sides of an age-old war, they must cope with their new reality, and find the way to survive in this perilous world filled with hunters, magick, sorceresses and much more…

Awoken from his 1,000-year-old slumber, Reygon returns to enact his revenge and fulfill his promise to bathe the world in fire and blood and annihilate the entire human race. Only Drake and William may hold the key to saving the world, but first they’ll have to tame their new curses.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Zamil Akhtar

One day, Jyosh will climb the heavens and slay a dragon god.

Though nothing could seem less likely for a slave, especially one whose body is too broken to cycle sunshine into destructive magical energy. Until he meets a woman who can secretly teach him the lightblade, an energy sword transmuted from sunlight, capable of changing size, shape, and performing incredible magical feats.

Except she only exists in his dreams. Each hour of sleep equals a day in these shared lucid dreams, wherein he must master new lightblade abilities, bond with his teacher and other allies, and gain the fortitude to overcome his weakness and crush his enemies.

When Jyosh awakens to learn that a mysterious lightblade master, who also commands an armada of sky ships, is spreading destruction across the land, he’ll face a trial by fire against forces far more frightening than he could ever dream.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Humanity Series – Complete Collection

by Seth Rain

For a limited time, the complete five-book apocalyptic, dystopian Humanity Series, is FREE. Lose yourself in a dark, haunting future, in which people discover the day they will die and are unable to prevent it from happening. It’s not the end of the world … only humanity!

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Night Streamer

by Laszlo de Brissac

Welcome to Estia, a mythical land inhabited by unique creatures such as a society entirely made up of twins, another with people who have emotional floating hair, and one that uses scent to track down their soul mates (check-out the interactive map to discover each one).

Throughout history, each of these species have been at war with each other. But recently their land has been threatened by invasive, life-sucking monsters called drainers that appear randomly through portals from another world and kill everything in their way.

To fight off this danger, the people of Estia rely on their elite mage warriors who can manipulate the stream – a magical energy that covers the land. Unfortunately, even these powerful warriors don’t seem to be enough to stop thousands of innocents from losing their lives to drainers.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Resistants: A novel

by Ehud Peled

To protect his country from doomsday, a scientist will stop at nothing to create a new generation of radiationproof children.

Hidden behind sealed files and locked doors, a scientist is working on a radical solution to the nuclear threat. He diligently gathers subjects for their experiment, in the hopes of bringing humanity to the next step of its evolutionary potential – before it is too late.
Itamar is an up-and-coming lawyer in a small-time firm. His wishes to stand out from the pack are seemingly granted in the form of Dafna, a new client with an incredible story. A story of injustice, conspiracy, and murder.
Two seemingly unrelated events with far-reaching consequences form the base to Ehud Peled’s latest thriller. With his signature character and sharp political commentary, Peled’s heroes boldly walk the line between what is possible – and what is right.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

League of Free Cadorie

by Romana Drew

Until he peeked over the edge of the valley, Lannes had never seen a machine that could fly or people without fur. Had the invading aliens stayed in the valley, they might have been safe. But they didn’t. They assumed the Cadorie were too primitive to be a problem.

Afraid to antagonize huge beings with powerful weapons, the Cadorie took their resistance deep underground. They planned, plotted, and waited as the aliens tried to infiltrate their society. Then Lannes disappeared.

The League of Free Cadorie is a coming-of-age story set in a time of political change. Kefan is groomed to be a famous singer, but his true genius lies elsewhere. Lannes is a farm boy. He didn’t plan to discover aliens, but he wants them off his world and will do anything to make that happen. Lenea joins her boyfriend, Kefan, and brother, Lannes, to stop the invasion, never expecting to become a hero.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion