The Soul Summoner

by Elicia Hyder

Eleven girls have vanished, and only one woman knows their fate. One man needs her to be a hero. Another has vowed to keep her safe. The killer wants to silence her forever. But the universe has bigger plans than all of them.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Auryn Hadley

Auryn Hadley overlays a compelling sci-fi action fantasy with an emotionally charged reverse harem romance, setting the heart-warming experience of everyday community against the heart-wrenching reality of war—and the loss it causes. The Terran emperor’s war to eliminate the iliri progresses, and Salryc Luxx has risen from army private to assassin to queen of all iliri.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Vesta Exiled

by Sterling R. Walker

Sixteen years since the last supply ship.

Fifteen years since the last communication from Earth.

The deadly Plague that condemned Vesta colony to exile claimed the lives of half the adults. It also changed the DNA of the exposed children, gifting each with a unique mental ability called a Talent. Now grown to adulthood, those with Talents are feared by the rest of the colony.

Corban Abrams and his brother Thane are orphans of the Plague, Strays raised by their abusive Uncle Leighton who has risen to power. With the aid of their Talents, the brothers discover Leighton’s cruel plan to take control of the Strays.

When Corban sees a mysterious young woman in one of his premonitions, ready to strike him down with a sword, he is forced to make an impossible decision: find a way to change events to save his own life or join forces with his future killer to save the Strays.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Vesta Divided

by Sterling R. Walker

Vesta Divided

It’s been sixteen years since the last ship reached Vesta colony.

When a mysterious ship lands without warning, the colonists are shocked but eager to discover what’s inside. Much needed supplies and technology? New colonists still slumbering in their stasis pods? Human embryos to rebuild a population decimated by the Plague?

Corban Abrams and his brother Thane are Strays: young adults gifted with unique mental abilities called Talents. The brothers, along with eight hundred of their fellow Strays, have been exiled from the rest of the colony, but Corban’s Talent for premonitions places a difficult burden on his shoulders: how to warn the colonists who hate and fear the Strays that the ship isn’t a gift sent from Earth to save Vesta?

It’s a bomb sent to destroy it.

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Mission: Nutcracker

by Cecilia Dominic

A tinkerer determined to make her own destiny. A young man seeking redemption. An infestation of intelligent mice and a mass kidnapping by Nutcracker automatons…It’s a holiday nightmare in Terminus.

As Fiona and Devon close in on the rogue inventor behind the strange occurrences, the evil genius stalks them in turn. The solution – and missing tinkerers – can only be found through a delicate dance of machine and aether-driven magic. But will Devon and Fiona discover the steps in time to save their own lives and those of the tinkerers? Or will Terminus be plunged into dark days of being ruled by a stubborn few with the help of aether-driven automatons?

If you like steampunk mysteries, stories based on nineteenth-century tales, secret agents who specialize in occult matters, and feisty heroines, you’ll love Mission: Nutcracker.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


One For Sorrow

by Jen Pretty

Do I raise the dead?


Am I careful not to let anyone know about my special skill?

Heck, yes.

From a very young age, I’ve known about the dangers of being found out as a necromancer, but when someone starts leaving dead animals on my door step, a dramatic escape and sudden arrival at a place where they teach kids to use magic throws my whole life plan off track.

Now I have some kind of extra special powers, a really annoying new pet bird and everyone wants me to raise murder victims– something I swore I would never do again.

But as evil lurking in the shadows starts jumping out to make itself known, I can’t exactly keep turning my back on humanity.

Day one of my new life sucks, but a hot vampire might make it suck a bit less. Err, whatever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Harlequin’s Riddle

by Rachel Nightingale

When Mina joins a troupe of travelling actors, her aim is to find her missing brother, but her search unlocks a series of secrets that will change the world she knows forever.

Tarya, the mystical realm spoken of in tales, is real, and her gift for story telling opens a way to it. But Tarya has a shadow side, and someone in the troupe of actors is using it to harm people. Mina soon realises she may be the only one with the power to stop them. Harlequin’s Riddle is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy trilogy about the gift of creativity and where it can take you.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


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