A Subtle Agency

by Graeme Rodaughan

In a universe where reality can be re-programmed, any wish can be satisfied or any nightmare realised. Vampires rule from the shadows. Standing against them are two ancient secret societies. The Order of Thoth and the Red Empire, united in their opposition to the vampires and bitterly divided by their different values. Anton Smith, a Boston university student in his freshman year, and star Hockey player comes to the attention of the 2nd most powerful vampire in the world, General Chloe Armitage. She has a visionary plan for the future in which she needs Anton to play a critical part. Anton’s world is shattered, he is thrown onto the streets of Boston and must quickly adapt to survive. But will he learn what he needs to know quickly enough to make a difference or will he become a knight in an ambitious vampire’s chess game where the future of humanity is at stake.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

V Game (The Vampire Games, Book 1)

by Caroline Peckham


My name is Selena Grey. I’m a convicted killer. I thought I’d be in prison for the next twenty five years of my life. But I was wrong. And now I’d give anything go back.

On a stormy island in the depths of the Arctic Circle, I’m hunted daily by ravenous vampires whilst trying to survive the harsh terrain of a bleak land. I’ve been forced into a violent game with twenty four other girls. A game run by a cruel and powerful family who televises the blood sport for their sick spectators. Bets have been made on my life. And I have no choice but to keep playing.

My only hope might be a Vampire slave who frightens me to my core. But there’s something about him I’m drawn to. Beneath his dark, twisted exterior, is a man crying out for help. Could this lost soul be my salvation?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy

by Brian Clopper

Welcome to the Questing Academy, a school devoted to helping book characters learn their roles. They attend classes while their authors finish their stories, only graduating upon publication. With a student body made up of heroes, villains, support characters, and folks who are just plain narrative window dressing, there’s conflict galore.

Irving Wishbutton arrives at the Questing Academy incomplete. His author hasn’t fully described him, which leaves parts of him fuzzy and indistinct. Branded a smudge, he is treated like a second-class citizen. Trouble dogs Irving at every turn. He runs afoul of Sir Gared, a villain who’s convinced he’s destined to be a hero. Lord Raggleswamp and Dean Harmstrike also seem to have it in for him. Something is amiss at the academy and Irving, willing or not, must unearth the school’s dark secrets.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Alison Morton

21st century Roma Nova – powered by the Roman mindset, ruled by women

Praetorian Carina Mitela of Roma Nova is courageous, fallible and sassy. She hefts a gladius or assault rifle as required. But can she overcome personal uncertainty and still defeat treachery, conspiracy and a dark nemesis and keep an enduring love burning?
“My ancestors fought to hold this land sixteen hundred years ago. I’m not letting some throwback destroy it.”

Transformation, deception, rebels, vengeance takers, comradeship and an epic love story bind these three adventures in a new Rome founded sixteen hundred years ago by dissidents from the Roman Empire, and now ruled by women.

Nearly a thousand pages of action adventure and alternative history thrills in three books with over 150 five star reviews on Amazon between them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History

The Last Day

by William Oday

An ex-soldier fights to protect his family as a terrifying apocalypse unfolds.

Mason West protects people for a living and he’s the best in the business. He strives to do his job and be a good father while not letting a dark secret from his past pull him under.

A viral outbreak pushes the city into chaos. A ruthless gang leader targets his family for revenge. Keeping his loved ones safe is an impossible mission. But that won’t stop him. With everything he cares about on the brink of annihilation, the beginning of the end couldn’t be more personal.

The Last Day is the first novel in the action-packed Edge of Survival series. If you like apocalyptic adventure and heroes that never give up, then you’ll love this thrilling series from William Oday.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

War Demons

by Russell Newquist

When he came home, so did they…
Driven by vengeance, Michael Alexander enlisted in the Army the day after 9/11. Five years later, disillusioned and broken by the horrors he witnessed in Afghanistan, Michael returns home to Georgia seeking to begin a new life. But he didn’t come alone. Something evil followed him, and it’s leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

The police are powerless. The Army has written Michael off. Left to face down a malevolent creature first encountered in the mountains of Afghanistan, he’ll rely on his training, a homeless prophet, and estranged family members from a love lost…

But none of them expected the dragon.

Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden collides with Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International in this supernatural thriller that goes straight to Hell!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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