The Keeper’s Legacy

by Meg Anne

A legacy forged in blood and shrouded in nightmares.

With everyone she’s ever loved dead, Effie’s fate is no longer one of her choosing. Overnight, she becomes the newest initiate of the Keepers of Prophecy, a secret order that Sees what the future holds.

War looms for the land of Elysia, unless Effie can prevent it by harnessing her visions and interpreting their meaning. Yet as what she Sees becomes far more dark and sinister, she finds herself no closer to deciphering it.

Forced to rely on her tutor and Guardian, her inner turmoil deepens when feelings within herself—those she thought died with the man she loved—resurface. One would give up everything to be with her. The other challenges her at every turn.

Equal parts dark fantasy and forbidden romance, The Keeper’s Legacy by Meg Anne is chock full of delicious dark angst!

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Cycle of Galand: Books 1-3

by Edward W. Robertson

For years, peace has reigned between the kingdoms of Mallon and Narashtovik. In large part because Narashtovik’s leader, Dante Galand, has forged himself into a powerful necromancer.

Yet in Mallon, a rival sorcerer named Gladdic has just made a discovery that is about to tip the balance of power. Soon, half the continent will be dragged into war.

But the war is just the beginning. In the chaos of their struggles, they will unleash a force that could consume them all.

Set in a USA Today-bestselling world, this set contains over 1500 pages of warfare, banter, the clash of magics and peoples, and the unraveling of the deepest mysteries of the world.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling

by Sam Bowring

Scharlette was expecting another boring day at work, followed by some bargain bin red and a bit of Star Trek on the couch. What she didn’t expect was to meet a handsome time traveller from the future, and become swept up in a complex plot to alter the fate of all humanity.

Other things on ‘Scharlette’s List of Stuff She Didn’t Expect’:
• Running and ray-gunning with rogue time agents
• Acquiring the ability to send messages to her past self
• Escaping from Earth during its destruction at the hands (and feelers) of a horrendous alien enemy
• Trying designer drugs that haven’t been invented yet
• Touring the Candy Cane Waterfall with holographic mechanical rabbits (this is NOT related to the drugs)

And much more, in this comic sci fi adventure with heart, which readers are calling “refreshingly different”, “endlessly endearing” and “riotously funny”.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Legacy of the Lost

by Lindsey Fairleigh

Some secrets are buried for a reason…

Anxious and reclusive, Cora Blackthorn uses online gaming as her sole tether to the outside world. She lives her life confined to a small island in the Puget Sound, never accompanying her mother on her tomb-raiding adventures. But when her mom sends home a cryptic SOS in the form of a mysterious package, Cora is forced to face her fears and step out into the world.

Armed with a powerful, alien amulet and her mother’s journal, Cora heads to Rome on a desperate rescue mission. But on the way, she discovers that a secret society is hot on her trail, and she has no chance of outrunning them. Her only hope is to confront them head on. A clash within the twisty catacombs beneath Vatican City leaves Cora with a perilous choice: find her way through an ancient, deadly labyrinth and save her mom, or fail and die…

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Colony Mars Ultimate Edition

by Gerald M. Kilby

Grab all five books, plus a new exclusive short story, of the thrilling COLONY MARS series for one low price, in this great value 1500-page sci-fi box set!

***Currently under development in Hollywood as a potential new TV series… watch this space!

All contact is lost with the first privately funded colony on Mars during a long and destructive sandstorm. Satellite imagery of the aftermath shows extensive damage to the facility and the fifty-four colonists who called it home are presumed dead. Three years later, a new mission sets down on the planet surface to investigate what remains of the derelict site.

Previously $9.99

Category: Hard Science Fiction


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