Hero at Large

by Timothy Ellis

Jonathon Hunter has evoked the wrath of 27th century pirates. With his twin sexy bodyguards, Jonathon seeks to come to grips with station life in a suddenly hostile universe. Celebrity, gratitude, sudden attacks, and a mysterious prophecy are more than most 18 year old’s can handle. A reluctant hero, Jonathon is on a journey, seemingly out of his time, but always in time.

Meet Jon Hunter as he starts a 2 year journey to prophecy, with his AI sidekick, and mostly female mercenary team. This is a rollicking coming of age story, of life in space, fighter and ground combat action, and surviving the consequences of surviving.

Hero at Large begins a 2 year serial story over 12 Novels, 1 Novella, and 1 Christmas story, with a Companion book. This is Life in Space (Opera), with Military Sci-Fi in space and on the ground, a Spiritual under-theme with a supernatural overtone, with cats.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Monster Born

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Elves, werewolves, witches, vampires, and the patchwork son of Victor Frankenstein….

I walked out of the Arctic and into Alfheim’s magic two centuries ago. The elves had no idea what to do with the giant, re-animated corpse in their midst other than to offer me what they had long offered all unloved and unwanted magicals — a home. Without elven magic, the Alfheim Werewolf Pack would descend into madness. And without the elves, I would still be the rage-filled monster stitched together by my father’s genius and unholy hubris.

Now, I have a good life. I have family. Friends. A community that supports and protects me. But some ghosts from rage-filled pasts are more horrific than others. Some want to rip apart more than just my soul.

Some want my flesh. And now I must face a vampiric demon so powerful not even elven magic can stop it….

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Salt of Gomorrah

by Alex Mersey

When an intergalactic star fleet establishes their territorial domain over earth in the blink of an eye, civilization is left in ruins.

Against impossible odds, Sean McAllister and a small group of survivors manage to escape as Manhattan is cremated to dunes of ash around them. Crossing the wastelands of New York, however, is only the beginning of their long struggle to stay alert, stay alive and trust no one—alien or human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Red Sky in the Morning

by Elana Brooks

Adrian Marshall is a recruiter for the Covenant of the Rainbow—a secret society dedicated to defending Earth against hostile aliens. He runs covert screening sessions, seeking people with psychic gifts to join the fight against the coming invasion.
When an exercise class takes a bizarre turn and the handsome instructor tells her she’s a powerful psychic, Beverly Jones thinks it’s only a dream. But when she recklessly courts death, the dream becomes a nightmare. To save her life and Earth’s best hope of salvation, Adrian links their souls in a unbreakable bond.
As the alien ship approaches, Adrian and Beverly struggle to overcome the fears and prejudices that divide them. Only together can they survive and save Earth from destruction. Because if they learn to love and trust each other, the soul bond will make both of them far stronger than either alone. If not, it will kill them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Shikhari Connection

by Andrea Drew

Magic can be Murder

Two forces. One magical young woman. A battle between worlds…

Meet Gypsy Shields, Melbourne Australia’s first Telepathic Investigator. Turns out only one person shares her ability, her niece Renee and she’s disappeared and left her body behind. She’s gone to the ‘in between’, or purgatory. It seems the ‘in between’ world is full of strange and magical things – and most of them don’t play nice with humans. That’s where Gypsy comes in.

So when Renee won’t wake up days after surgery and each passing hour brings her closer to death, Gypsy’s sister insists she bring Renee back. Gypsy’s not sure how to tell her about the silvery shimmery bars appearing on her arm each time she visits the in between, and visiting hours are limited.

There’s just one more problem. Purgatory, to put it mildly, can be hell.

Although this book is book 5 in the series, it can be read as a standalone novella at 40,000 words long.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Moon Tortured

by McKenzie Hunter

Death should be the end of your life—not the beginning.

Sky Brooks’s life started with a death—her own. Sky’s spent the first twenty-three years of her life unaware of this, among other things. She always thought she was just a shapeshifter until she wakes up in a strange house in rural Illinois with only vague memories of her mother’s death at the hands of vampires.

At the request of a powerful witch, Sky is put under the protection of the Midwest Pack. But she isn’t sure she can trust them. After she’s attacked by a necromancer, a mercenary, and the vampires who killed her mother, she has no choice but to accept the pack’s help.

The Midwest Pack aren’t quite what they seem—but then again, neither is Sky. Sky possesses magic no one has ever seen and it all started with what happened at her birth.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Unbound Enchantment

by Kara Jaynes

Adaryn wields magic and lives as a nomad, wild and free. Her life is turned upside down when she’s captured by an Oppressor. As a slave, Adaryn is expected to serve her new master and abstain from using magic.
But following rules has never been one of Adaryn’s strengths.

Aaric is an inventor and scholar. He spends his time reading books and tinkering with his inventions. Against his better judgement, he’s taken on a slave, conforming to the pressure of his society.
But instinctively, he knows slavery is wrong.

Together, Adaryn and Aaric become unlikely allies as they navigate the dark, cruel world of the Oppressors. Will Aaric find the moral strength to follow his heart or will he succumb to the dictates of his society? Will Adaryn ever be free again?

Find out in Unbound Enchantment.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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