A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy Book 1)

by Betsy Flak

He hunts bloodsuckers. She’s got power like he’s never seen. To keep their school safe, he’ll put his life on the line to protect her.

A Brush with Vampires is the first book in The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like page-turning supernatural suspense, coming-of-age drama, and emotional slow-burn romance, then you’ll love Betsy Flak’s enthralling novel.

Perfect for fans of Twilight, Vampire Academy, and The Mortal Instruments.

Read A Brush with Vampires to take a vampire thrill ride today! Free May 7th through 11th only.

Bonus: A Brush with Betrayal (Book Two) is free May 7th through 11th too!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Hannoki’s Will

by Emma K Blacker

Telepathy, a gift or a curse? Telepaths are separate from others, regarded with fear and suspicion and David certainly saw it as a curse since it destroyed his dreams of exploring space.

When a new threat arises, his abilities are needed to help protect the safety and reputation of the Federation of Worlds Navy. He has got his dream, but in the confined area of a space ship, he has to overcome the distrust of the other officers. His success opens up a new future for David but leads to him uncovering a secret so horrific it shakes his confidence in humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Riders of Fire Books 1-3: Ezaara, Dragon Hero, Dragon Rift (Riders of Fire Box Set 1)

by Eileen Mueller

When Ezaara imprints with the dragon queen, she’s swept into a world she’d never dreamed of. A world of dragons, treachery, intrigue and danger.

As the new Queen’s Rider, Ezaara must lead her people as Commander Zens and his army of monsters rampage across Dragons’ Realm, killing and enslaving innocents. She must stop them.

But who can she trust when her dragon master is hiding dark secrets and political intrigue puts her own life in danger? And now Commander Zens is growing terrible new creatures faster than she and her dragon riders can defeat them.

Riders of Fire: an adrenaline ride! Strong heroines, nail-biting action & dragons! 3 award-winning bestselling books in 1.
Over 1000 pages of heart-pounding adventure are waiting, so saddle your dragon and take to the skies!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Grail of the Grimoire

by J.S. Sterling

A reluctant sorceress. A papal plot. If she wants to survive, she must put her life in her enemies’ hands.

Rome, 1191. Cassandra’s magical powers could get her burned at the stake. Orphaned and struggling to survive, she dreams of using her gifts for more than conning men out of their coins. But when the Knights Templar kidnap her off the street, she’s forced use her sorcery on a quest to secure the Holy Grail.

As Cassandra attempts to win her freedom from the Pope himself, power-hungry enemies make a play for the coveted relic. Beset by darkness on all sides, the sorceress discovers that finding the grail may just answer the burning questions of her past.

Can Cassandra conjure enough magic to claim the prize before she’s swallowed up by the darkness?

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


America Falls: The Complete Apocalyptic Survival Thriller Series

by Scott Medbury

Infection. Invasion. Chaos. A weaponized virus ravages the U.S. somehow leaving children and young adults unscathed. As hundreds of millions die, for those left, surviving the virus is only the beginning…

Isaac Race thought he’d found a new family and home. A new Life. He had, but it’s all about to be snatched away. When an ambitious enemy launches a sneak attack on the USA, his peaceful life is shattered and Isaac, by his very nature a loner, must band together with a ragtag group of survivors to make their way to a sanctuary, three states away in the depths of a vicious east coast winter.

It won’t be easy, the invaders aren’t the only dangers unleashed in a world suddenly turned upside down, and if they’re going to survive, they’ll need to be resourceful and ruthless and rely on others in a world where trust has been shattered.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Enemy of the World (Main Character hides his Strength Book 1)

by Road Warrior

The gods have set forth in motion five Calamities for the inhabitants of the Other World, and only by enduring them will mankind be allowed to live on.

Those in power do not believe in the possibility of triumph against the will of the gods, and instead squander their time and effort in indulging in their needs and desires as the world quickly rots away around them. Mankind’s only hope rests on the shoulders of a man they hate the most. A man who has taken every possible measure, both accepted and forbidden, to attain power. Sungchul Kim, the man who reached the pinnacle of strength, now stands alone against the Calamities. Not because he is a hero, but because of a promise.

Reaching the Demon King’s palace, Sungchul soon realizes his shortcomings. He failed to resolve the first Calamity due to his inability to wield Magic. He is forced to journey in secret, hiding his identity and strength to steal the knowledge of magic from the very people who branded him as the Enemy of the World.

However, to do so, he must hide amongst the weakest group of people in the Other World; the newly arrived humans from his homeworld, Earth.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Alveria Dragon Akademy’s Untameables: The Complete Series

by Ava Richardson

The dragon kingdom of Alveria has enjoyed years of peace—until never-ending darkness falls across the land, and ghosts are unleashed from the underworld. As attacks on innocents rise, there’s little the noble dragons can do to protect the people from spirits impervious to magic.

Laini Unclaimed is one of the first to face the terrifying ghosts. When the realm plunges into eternal night, her uncontrollable—unheard of—power awakens: the power over light and dark.

Despite whispers of suspicion and blame, Laini refuses to accept she’s responsible for the darkness. Under the king’s guidance, she heads to the prestigious Akademy to learn control of this newfound magic. But even the strong Akademy walls may not keep Laini safe, for a young dragon hunter lurks in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to assassinate her.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


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