Nephilim Falling

by Felicia Beasley

They say demons and angels don’t mix. I say people should mind their own damn business.

My brother, Damian, has been my rock ever since mom left. Didn’t matter that I’m demon-blooded. I was his and he was mine.

But nothing lasts forever.

He wants me to go to college. I’d rather fight a hundred sentinels than lead a boring, safe life hiding who I am. So when a nephilim goes missing, I go behind Damian’s back to find the teen. Maybe if I can solve the case, he will upgrade me to his partner in crime solving.

As bodies begin dropping, I realize I’m in way over my head. But there’s no way I’m going to admit that, not when my future hangs in the balance. It’s do or die time, and I’m not going down without a fight.

Veronica Mars meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this murder mystery with attitude. Nothing but snark, butt-kicking, and sass. You’ve been warned…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Explorations: First Contact

by Many Contributors

An exciting collection of First Contact science fiction stories, each set in the same universe. Join many of today’s best SF authors as they tell you stories of explorations.

The Sphere ship appeared suddenly, damaged and dying. After making contact, Earth learned they weren’t alone in the universe. The Sphere gave them knowledge of space travel, and co-ordinates to other races spread across the expanse. It asked them to continue its mission of exploration and contact, but also left them with a stark warning: Stay away from the Star.

Over the next twenty years, the United Earth Foundation formed, and their ships were built, their displacement drives giving them the sphere shape when engaged.

Their Mission: First Contact

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Neon Amazon

by Eugene Kirk

Eight-foot-tall Tina Thompson has to make the biggest decision of her life.

Once a villain in a league of bio-augmented professional wrestlers, Tina now survives in the slums of São Paulo as a drug lord’s enforcer.

All Tina wants is a normal life, but with millions in debt and a body that requires constant nano-treatments to stave off deadly side effects, she doesn’t have a lot of options. When a collection run goes bad, things get worse. The mercenaries she’s just killed have a boss, and he wants payback. He offers Tina a choice: die, or work for him in exchange for a permanent fix to her enhancements.

Now, Tina must decide if her freedom is worth the price. All she has to do is give up on her dream of normalcy, become a villain for real . . . and blow up a starship.

When She-Hulk meets Dark Matter, expect some bodies to fly.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Night Goddess

by A. Evermore

★ Fans of Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, and The Rift War Cycle will love this exciting, moving, epic fantasy series ★
When Darkness Falls, A Heroine Will Rise
Issa knew nothing of the evil ravaging the world until Dread Dragons invade her land, destroy her home and murder her family. Fleeing for her life from undead hordes hunting for the Raven Queen of prophecy, she discovers she has magical powers beyond her wildest dreams… or worst nightmares.

Asaph, exiled prince of a lost kingdom and last of the mighty, shapeshifting Dragon Lords, has dreamed of Issa his whole life and vows to find her or die trying.

The fate of the world hangs between the darkness and the light but only faith can save it. Does Issa dare to become the mighty warrior Raven Queen of prophecy and fight against the evil destroying her world?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Fall of Celene

by A. Evermore

“My name is Issa and I am hunted. I hold a power that I neither understand nor can barely control”
The battle for Maioria has begun. Issa faces a deadly enemy as the Immortal Lord’s attention turns fully in her direction. Nothing will stand in Baelthrom’s way—he must destroy this new power that grows with the rising dark moon… or assimilate it.
Hameka, a cunning, ruthless and brilliant commander, takes his savage fleet of undead to the tranquil shores of Celene. Cirosa, her plans thwarted, hungers for revenge.
Issa’s enemies are many and few seek to join her cause as she struggles to survive against those who would enslave her. The warrior within is awakening but only by embracing the Raven Queen of prophecy can she hope to face the darkness that threatens to consume her.
A moving, fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure filled with dragons, magic, swords, heroines, and a touch of romance.

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Guardian of the Grail

by Elena Bryce

Fast paced fantasy with immortals, battles, a feisty witch, paranormal romance, time travel and even King Arthur’s nephew – this book really delivers it all!

Lachlan is an Immortal Guardian of the Sacred Relics who needs the help of a witch to protect the Holy Grail from being discovered. Together Lachlan and Ivy must battle vampires and vampire hunters, not to mention their feelings for each other, to have any hope of succeeding in their quest.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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