They Mostly Come Out At Night

by Benedict Patrick

In a mysterious forest, residents spend their nights hiding from the monsters that lurk beyond their cellar doors. The Magpie King keeps them safe — but soon, ostracized Lonan begins dreaming of their protector’s downfall…

Prepare to discover the book readers are calling a ‘delightfully dark fairytale’.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Flight of the Spark

by Evelyn Puerto

Winner of the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal for YA Epic Fantasy

An ancient prophecy, now an outlawed myth. A forbidden love, that could be deadly. A young girl, who never suspected that those who promised safety were her deadliest enemies.

Iskra is committed to following the rules, the rules that keep everyone safe. But when a supposedly savage outlaw rescues her from a gang of vicious bandits, she realizes the price of safety is freedom. And that most of what she believes is a lie.

Even though she knows that her quest for answers could get her killed—or worse—she presses on to discover the shocking truth that has been ruthlessly suppressed. Will she overcome her fears in her fight for truth and freedom, or will the pitiless leaders destroy her and her love?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

An Unclean Legacy

by Jenna Katerin Moran

A fairy tale about an enchanted princess, a deathless sorcerer, a fallen knight, a man of God, a bad house, a soulless girl, the Devil’s child, a madman, a witch, and Santa Claus.

A story of redemption.

By the award-winning author of the Nobilis role-playing game.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

Off-World Hotel & Resort: All Three Episodes

by Dave Terruso


Marooned on a distant moon…

Doomed to die without ever seeing her daughters again…

Devoted mother Christie Calvin learns she has a year to live.

Christie’s daughters take a loan against her life insurance policy to send her on her dream vacation at the Off-World Hotel & Resort.

390 million miles from Earth, accessible only by teleporter, and staffed by robots, the resort has a maximum occupancy of 25 people and a guest list comprised of the ultra-wealthy and the incredibly famous.

After a couple days frolicking in paradise, Christie and the other guests become stranded in the resort.

It will take nearly three years for a rescue ship to reach them—and Christie doesn’t have that much time left.

Distraught and furious, Christie turns amateur sleuth to find the person who trapped her in the resort—so she can exact her revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Shelter

by Kevin Slimmer

Adam Peterson, a recovering alcoholic, wakes up in an underground shelter with 19 strangers with no memory of how he got there.

As he navigates his surroundings, a memory of a woman haunts him. A memory that feels more like a dream than reality. He remembers nothing about who she is except her name, Hannah.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Ragond’s Portal War: The Complete Series

by Ava Richardson

After being shuffled from one foster home to another, the only connection sixteen-year-old Nova Harris has to happier times is the strange dragon pendant that makes her yearn to reunite with her mother. But that’s nothing more than a childish dream—until a dragon lands at her feet and whisks Nova and her best friend through a portal to a magical, dragon-filled world. Even though Nova is invited to participate in Ragond’s dragon rider trials, and her friend Zephyr invited to participate in the witch trials, various factions are threatened by the newcomers and want them returned to where they came from—by any means necessary.

The danger only increases when the pair discover twin dragons and unexpectedly bond with them; it’s a bond that, if discovered, will mean Zephyr’s death…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Surviving the End: The Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

Family comes first—and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his from the looming storm.

Even before becoming a husband and father, safety had been Shane McDonald’s priority for most of his forty-five years. As a nuclear engineer, it’s his responsibility to keep the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant functioning at optimum levels to avoid what protesters fear most—a meltdown.

But when a coronal mass ejection from the sun wipes out power across the globe, stopping a nuclear chain reaction is no longer his primary concern.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Moon Bitten

by C. S. Churton

She didn’t believe in werewolves… until she was bitten. Jade must adapt to her new life at Fur ‘n’ Fang Academy, or find herself in its dungeons. It isn’t the way she pictured her life going. Worse, the instructors are keeping something from her. Can Jade embrace her new fate and uncover their secrets, or will she be overcome by her inner beast?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban