Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 1

by Ross Hughes

Swords and sorcery.
Mythical creatures and unholy Demons.
Battles and betrayals.
Witches and Wizards.
Noble heroes and ruthless villains.

From the savage steppes of Nagali to the heart of intrigue in Quing Tzu, this anthology is packed with tales of the supernatural, of action and adventure.

Set in the same world as the epic fantasy Convent Series, beginning with A Dead Wizard’s Dream, this collection of eleven original fantastical short stories explores lands heretofore unseen in the series.

Featured in The Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 1 …

Li Mao and the Yaoguai
The Boulders and the Buffalos
Conn and the Faun
A Deadly Present for the Khan
Phut and the Blood Worms
The Waystation
The King’s Own Tournament
The Wish-Bird, the Qilin and the Demon
Arvid, Aslaug and the Undead

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories


Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 5

by Ross Hughes

Pirates and Vampyres
Sunken Catacombs and Monsters’ Crèches
Plagued Riches and Eldritch Eggs
Demon-summoners and Bridges to Other Worlds

The alien but oddly familiar realm of Maradoum welcomes you home with a magical medley of standalone short stories set in the same world as the Convent Series, beginning with A Dead Wizard’s Dream.

From the ancient mysteries of Gorodzmeya – the lizard city in the desert – to the deities who protect the people of Quing Tzu, from the hidden treasures of Shimyahein to the sacking of the Spardican coast, this sword and sorcery anthology will keep you at the edge of your seat with stories of comeuppance and revenge, of mighty warriors and creatures of evil, of the lost finding family, of omens and urchins, and of portals to realms beyond what is known …

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Wandering Isles

by C. L. Schneider

They set out across the open sea searching for a fresh start, a chance to leave the war behind. But you can’t run from what’s inside you. Explore the darker side of magic in this sword & sorcery adventure that dips into the realm of a psychological thriller—taking you into the minds of two men linked by an ancient spell and haunted by their past.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Nanoverse (Books 1-4)

by Theophilus Monroe

Nanovax was supposed to be our salvation.
Death and disease, now obsolete.

Until the terrorist attack. Fifteen cities in a single day.

Again, they said Nanovax was the answer.

The same technology meant to heal us could now be used, through an algorithm, to track us, to predict human behaviors…

To thwart future terrorists.

I’m Lieutenant Brian Goff. I received the first injection.

It healed my wounds in the war. I became the face of Nanovax…

Then, the algorithm identified me as a threat… a terrorist…

Now, I’m on the run and fighting against the very technology that once saved my life… and if that wasn’t frightening enough…

The government has my daughter.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Dream of the Sphere

by Jay S Willis

Three thousand years of tradition torn asunder. When the truth comes out, will a hero emerge to pick up the pieces?

Dashira Eisenheart takes ultimate comfort in her community. So she’s thrilled when her brother ascends to the coveted order chosen to protect the world from safely sealed-away, millennia-old, dangerous magic. But her faith in her beloved parents’ loyalty cracks after she spies her mother sneaking about town to meet with the enemy.

Striving to stay focused on her own academic studies, Dashira becomes caught in family tensions that soon reach a boiling point. And as her father’s Brotherhood and her mother’s rebel group head toward a cataclysmic clash, the young seeker finds herself trapped by conflicting choices.

Will she face her fears and accept her role in a grand destiny?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


War of the God Queen

by David Hambling

Jessica: a modern woman, thrown back into the bronze age, alone and lost among a strange people.

Amir: a nomad warlord, fighting a hopeless battle against monstrous invaders, looking for a miracle to save his people.

To Amir, this strange woman is a sign from heaven. And though Jessica is no warrior, she has hidden talents even she does not appreciate. When Jessica recruits other women abducted through time, they lead the struggle against the seemingly invulnerable Spawn, waging a war like nothing ever seen — with the future of humanity at stake.

But the Spawn are not Jessica’s only problem…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Lightning Tree

by Lene Fogelberg

Nature finally rises against humanity.

Flora Reed discovers a lifeless body in her front yard the morning after the last day of her junior year of high school. Matters get worse when more people from her small town are found dead under mysterious circumstances and police take an interest in the boy next door, Carl. Flora is convinced that Carl is innocent; she suspects that the deaths are somehow connected to her younger sister Fauna’s tragic accident a year earlier. What she learns changes everything, and she has to race against time to prevent the killings from spreading. Flora and a small group of friends soon find themselves at the onset of an apocalyptic battle between man and nature, with no one believing their story.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age