The Sound of the Stones: Book One in the Shattered Time Series

by Beth Hammond

Nephilim, aliens, gods – They’ve been called by many names, but when Frankie stumbles onto an ancient book, the truth about the past reveals a more startling reality. What she reads about Ashra and the powerful Krad race makes her question her place in this world. The birthmark on her arm begins to burn as she reads the book, the birthmark that looks eerily similar to the symbol on the first page.

In Ashra’s world, the oppressive Krad race use crystals to hold humans hostage. Unknown to the Krad, Ashra has the gift to manipulate crystals. Keeping her power a secret becomes more difficult by the day. The time to rise up is now, but standing up to an entire race seems impossible. Then strangers bring a message from a land she never knew existed – Ashra is the one they’ve all been looking for.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Raincoast Trilogy

by Morgan Nyberg

The 3 books:
SINCE TOMORROW: An old man, Frost, remembers the “Good Times”, before the global collapse and pandemic. Those who live on his farm among fallen warehouses try to maintain human values. But when others in this makeshift world are driven only by greed and the need for power, all values must ultimately be replaced by the simple instinct for survival.

BIRDS OF PASSAGE: Fraser, a sentimental giant of a man, treks with a few friends into the mountains, hoping to find a better site for the farm. But the murder of two members of his group, and capture by a cult based on human sacrifice turn the expedition into a nightmare.

MEDICINE: Into the post-apocalyptic ruins of “Town”, past office towers deserted for decades, through forested streets ravaged by earthquake and reeking of death, Fraser, the protagonist of Birds of Passage, ventures in search of medicine for his mother.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Captured by the Barbarian

by Abella Ward

I’ve been kidnapped – there’s nowhere to go. I’m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien.

Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T’shav aliens. But when she sees her new client’s D*rito-shaped torso, she decides to meet him herself.

Sildon has only one love in his life: his broadsword. Until he sees Jada. Her femininity, lush curves, thick thighs and full lips drive him insane. But Sildon is on a mission. He has to kidnap Jada for ransom.

All goes according to plan. Until Sildon finds out how strong-willed Jada is. But even though her mind should be focused on escaping, she can’t stop staring at his perfect six-pack. And soon another challenge presents itself when they come across a baby being sold on the slave market.

Does this mercenary have a heart after all? Is he prepared to do the one thing that could destroy everything else?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless

by Derek Edgington

If Asher Hearst had a superpower, it would have to be his ability to take a punch, laugh it off, and keep on swinging.

So yeah, immortality comes with a few perks.

As a college student slash small-time fixer, he’s about to take a job that’s best left to the pros. A proposition by a dryad to save witches from the Inquisition is a first, but he isn’t one to balk when the odds are stacked against him. Especially not while he’s drinking on someone else’s dime.

The powers that be in the supernatural world aren’t anything to sniff at, so it should come as no surprise that Asher gains his fair share of enemies. At the very least, you’d think traveling across space and time would put him on a path towards a promising future– maybe even give him a shot at romance? Yeah, right.

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is an action-packed, dark and gritty comedy with a dash of horror.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Necrospect: Chronicles of the Wizard-Detective

by J.B. Markes

The Archseer has been murdered, leaving the Academy Magus—the world’s foremost center of magical learning—leaderless. It’s not that Isabel doesn’t care; she just has her own problems to deal with right now. Being slowly ripped apart from the inside by the very spells she casts, she’s running out of options.

Enter Gustobald Pitch, expert necromancer and self-styled wizard-detective. Shunned by the good wizards of the academy, he will need Isabel’s help if he is to uncover the plot, avenge the Archseer’s death, and remember exactly where he left his smoking pipe.

Necrospect is a light-hearted dark fantasy with just the right amount of quirk. So grab your wands and get ready! Dead men do tell tales.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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