Lyric’s Curse

by Robyn Wideman

When a young crippled orphan finds himself caught on the wrong side of town by a group of highborn youths, his life is forever changed. Left for dead after a vicious attack, Lyric finds himself in the care of a witch. One who knows more about him than he does.

With the old witch’s help, Lyric will learn his true place in life, one far more interesting and dangerous than his old life as a street rat. Lyric will meet two young women who play intricate roles in deciding his future, will it be love or destiny? All the while a dark shadow is crossing the land …

Dragons have returned.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Full Moon

by David Neth

Kathy and her sister, Samantha, have always been a team. Throughout their time as witches, they’ve taken out than their share of bad guys. But after Kathy meets Will, who she learns is a demonic Dark Knight, her loyalties begin to change.

Meanwhile, Samantha doesn’t trust Will or his intentions. Still, Kathy can’t help but feel tempted by the dark side as she falls deeper in love with Will. Crossing over would give Kathy the freedom to do whatever she wanted with her magic. It would also mean breaking the bond she has always shared with her sister, who has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the dark side.

When Will proposes they take over the underworld, Kathy loves the idea of having power. But it also leaves her with a choice that will change her life: abandon her family and the life she has always known, or give up the love of her life forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower

by PanOrpheus

Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower is a wild ride through an alternate yet familiar history, laced with references to pop culture, mythology, archaeology, and history. More, it’s a story about energy, electromagnetic energy, personal and collective energy, musical energy, and competing cosmic energies. The Spirit of Tesla and Electro-mechanical Engineering is represented in short stories like ‘Peruvian Soup’, and a full-length 348 page novel ‘The Tower in the Wind.’ NIE 2015 Book Award Finalist in the Steampunk Category, (for ‘The Antikythera and The Source’) PanOrpheus gives us a ‘Peruvian Soup’ of his unique style that includes Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Alternate History and a modern Mark Twain-like sense of humor.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


A Shining in the Shadows

by Beverley Lee

Gabriel Davenport has been remade from darkness. Now, he must adapt to survive.

In a small seaside town, Gabriel’s maker unwittingly takes his wards into the throes of a deadly new game. There are rumblings on The Bloodvyne, the mental web of linked vampire consciousness. Whispers about a cleansing, about the ruling council hunting vampires with impure blood.

Gabriel finds himself thrust into a new nightmare, where the hunter becomes the hunted. When his maker is taken, he must battle to untangle the mystifying clues laid out in an uncovered labyrinth to find the only creature strong enough to fight against those that hunt his new-found family.

Gaze long into the darkness, and you’ll find old vampire foes out for revenge, new ones with their own agenda, and a witch who holds the key. But just who is the monster in the middle?

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Incite Insight

by Robert New

While investigating a death where the victim’s brain has melted, a Detective uncovers an intelligence raising program that transforms his thinking. He joins a secret society and finds himself becoming a crucial part of their plan to change how the world is run.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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