Wholesale Slaughter

by Rick Partlow

A king can’t defeat an army of lawless pirates. But a mercenary can.

Logan Conner is the son of a king, the heir to the largest of the five star-dominions, and the best mech pilot in the galaxy. His people are plagued by pirates and raiders, surrounded by enemies, and not even his father can fight them all.

Logan gives up his position, his rank, even his name, and becomes Jonathan Slaughter, leader of a rough-and-ready band of mercenary mech-jocks, bent on taking the battle to the enemy on their own terms.

They’re Wholesale Slaughter. Kicking ass is what they do.

Get book one in this thrilling and unpredictable Military Sci-Fi Adventure Today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Dakiti: Ziva Payvan Book 1

by EJ Fisch


The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet’s native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched.

Haphezian operative Ziva Payvan is a skilled assassin who takes pride in her ability to leave the past in the past. When she’s forced to face the brother of a man she killed, her world is turned upside down. Aroska Tarbic is angry about his brother’s death and has spent two years waiting to exact his revenge. But when Ziva’s team uncovers a deadly plot that could put the entire Haphezian race in jeopardy, she and Aroska must set their differences aside in order to save their people…and maybe even each other.

Dakiti and its sequels are just 99¢ from all retailers until May 31.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Nexus: Ziva Payvan Book 2

by EJ Fisch

Two months have passed since the mission to Dakiti that brought Ziva Payvan and her special operations team face-to-face with death, and life has essentially returned to normal. But when a Haphezian dignitary is found murdered in his private residence, Ziva is shocked to find herself at the center of the investigation. The mark of a professional killer. The irrefutable evidence. Even the motive. All of it seems to point directly to her. There’s just one problem: she didn’t do it.

Hunted by a ruthless agency captain, Ziva must go on the run from the very people who taught her everything she knows. As a skilled assassin who has been trained to be invisible, evading her pursuers seems like an easy task, but her own skills can only take her so far. Desperate to clear her name and find the real killer, Ziva turns to the last person she ever planned on asking for help…

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Phoenix Team One: Selected

by Claire Luana

My name is Zariya Chanji, and I’m convinced my father was murdered. I’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth–even if I have to break into the headquarters of one of the most powerful organizations in the world. MASC, the Mythical Alliance of Supernatural Creatures, governs the lives of supes like me, and I know they had a hand in covering up my father’s murder. What I don’t understand, is why.

When my investigation draws the unwanted attention of a MASC vampire who is as handsome as he is powerful, I know I’m close to the truth. But the deeper I get, the more dangers lurk in the shadows, and the harder it becomes to tell friend from foe. The truth will change everything–if I can stay alive long enough to find it.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Shadows of Darkness

by Kate Jones

You can’t run from your destiny…
You can’t hide from the truth…
Charley just wants to avoid the school bullies… Destiny has other plans for her, plans that are likely to get her killed.
When she loses everything to the forces of the Dark Master, she has no choice but to follow Violet into a strange world and a life that is as far removed from “normal” as it can get.
In order for the Light to be restored to Elorysia, they must defeat Moloch, the Dark Master, but unless Charley learns to believe in magic, and in herself, she will never fulfill her destiny and restore the balance of Light and Dark.
The consequences of that are unthinkable.
All she has are her father’s crystal, Violet’s belief in her, the words of an ancient prophesy and her heritage.
Whether that will be enough seems doubtful but Destiny cannot be ignored and Charley has no choice but to try.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Sensation: A Superhero Novel

by Kevin Hardman

Like millions of other kids, Jim grew up wanting to be a superhero. Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Jim actually had the goods: a plethora of super powers that would have been the envy of any meta on the planet. But when his tryout with the Alpha League – the world’s premier group of supers – goes disastrously wrong, Jim basically becomes an outcast.

Two years later, Jim is still bitter about what happened to him. However, he soon finds himself the centerpiece in an odd turn of events that gives him a second chance at his dream. But nothing is as easy as it sounds, as Jim soon discovers. Among other things, he’s being stalked by an unknown pursuer and a shadowy cabal bent on world domination views him as the only obstacle to their plans.

It’s a lot for one super to handle, even with a smorgasbord of abilities. But if saving the world were easy, everyone would do it…

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Strength of a Thousand

by Ryan Tang

Snared by an ancient goddess of lies, Alex is at her wit’s end. What use is an almighty war machine when you can’t even trust your own memories?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

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