Necessary Magic

by Val St. Crowe

She’s a former thief. He’s an enslaved werewolf. Together, they will change everything.

When scavenger and thief Bree West is captured and handed over to a herd of unicorns, her only thought is escape. But she begins to feel as though she is meant to be here. Her presence makes the unicorns stronger, and they are the only ones on earth strong enough to stand against the cruel and brutal witches.

Werewolf Jack Bastian serves as the witches’ weapon because he has no choice. Rakish and aloof, Jack has been having dreams about a girl and unicorns.

When the high witch learns of Bree and her unicorns, she demands that Jack destroy her. He cannot disobey.

Even if Bree is the girl from the dreams.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dark City

by Kit Hallows

Vampires, demons, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night are all in a day’s work for supernatural Detective Morgan Rook.
Until a mysterious new darkness arrives in the city, an evil force stronger than anything he’s ever faced.

If you enjoy The Dresden Files and gritty Urban Fantasy then you’re going to love Dark City!

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Heart Seeker

by Juliana Haygert

“For over twenty years, I’ve been lied to–magic burns within my veins, and I’m unable to resist its call.”

Mirella wants to be a normal college student … but she’s far from normal. Since she was born, her mother has been hiding the truth. Mirella is a descendent of a powerful bloodline that spans centuries, a bloodline that gives her an uncontrollable sixth sense.

Masked men desire her blood. Strangers long for her to join their cause, and a gorgeous man with magic of his own seeks to forge a forbidden bond between them.

For Mirella, there is no escape. Bodies surface, and killers run rampant as her people are hunted and slaughtered. Mirella is the only one who can save them. Trapped in a life she doesn’t want, Mirella must find the strength to summon the power inside of her–or risk the extinction of her kind.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Flame Caster

by Juliana Haygert

“I can feel the pull of magic as it desperately calls to me–but my own kind prevents me from seeking it. Soon, I will let my fire burn.”

Mirella has let go of her old life. As the heart maiden, her duty is to protect her people and seek out the precious heart flowers that keep magic flowing through their veins.

There’s only one problem… Mirella doesn’t want any part in it.

Then her enclave falls ill, and Mirella alone has the power to find the cure before it’s too late. She embarks on a quest to heal her clan, a journey full of monsters and deception, where friends turn on friends and Mirella begins a romance that is sure to be forbidden.

But the biggest betrayal is yet to come… and the cure might just break her heart.

Previously $2.99


First Contact

by Tyler Nicholas

The age of peace is over. No scout has returned from investigating the communications blackout at the edge of the galaxy. Desperate for answers, the Alliance Government petitions the Orlion Academy to investigate.

Mutieto and his student Blade investigate, only to find empty cities when an unknown alien force arrives out of nowhere…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military


Second Skyn: Lost Time Book 1

by Damien Boyes

They say you never forget the first time you die.

Finsbury Gage remembers, it’s stuck on repeat in his digitized mind—he and his wife, smeared across the highway by a crazed bit-head driving a stolen urban assault vehicle. Fin hung together long enough for the Second Skyn recovery team to arrive and rescue his fading thoughts from his ruined body. His wife wasn’t so lucky.

Now, with his salvaged mind uploaded to a custom bioSkyn replacement body, Fin’s thrust into a dangerous underworld of plastic minds and enhanced bodies. He’ll do whatever it takes to find the man who stole his future, but just how far will he go to avenge the memory of the woman he loves?

Second Skyn is the first book in the Lost Time series, a mind-bending sci-fi noir in the spirit of Blade Runner and Neuromancer. If you love your sci-fi relentless and armed with twists, this is what you’re looking for.

Previously $0.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


by Damien Boyes

Finsbury Gage will do anything to find the man who murdered his wife. He’ll withhold information from his superiors in the Psychorithm Crime Unit. He’ll cut corners. He’ll steal evidence. He’ll even augment his prosthetic brain with illegal code.

But once he’s tasted the power of living at the speed of thought, able to predict seconds into the future, how will he ever go back? And once he’s relaxed his grip on humanity, how far will he let it slip to find justice for his wife?

To find out who he is, Finsbury Gage will have to discover who he became—but will he be able to live with himself when he does?

Neuroshyft is the second book in the Lost Time series, a mind-bending sci-fi noir in the spirit of Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and Neuromancer.

Previously $3.99


Thief of Cahraman

by Lucy Tempest

The Selection meets Aladdin.
A Thief. A Prince. An Impossible Heist. And the Competition of a Lifetime!

After years on the run, Adelaide thinks her lonely and dangerous life as a thief is finally over. But her world is upended when a witch steals her away to a faraway kingdom, to perform an impossible heist. If Adelaide fails, her newfound family would be sacrificed to a beast.

To complete her mission, she’s forced to assume the role of a noblewoman and enter a royal competition. The prize is the hand of the elusive Crown Prince. Elimination means certain death.

As the witch’s literal deadline approaches, Adelaide has one last gamble to save the day, and to escape to a new life with Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious fellow thief who stole her heart.

But everything falls apart when the prince finally reveals himself…

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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