The Blood Service: Book 1 of the Military Sci-Fi Adventure

by Allen Ivers

Wrongly Convicted. Sentenced To Life. His Only Hope Lies In Service.

Aaron Havenes is serving hard labor in the colonies for a crime he didn’t commit. The last thing he wants to do is defend the Empire that chained him as a child. But when Aaron’s only friends are lured into the army with empty promises, Aaron vows to protect them at any cost, even if that means fighting monsters on behalf of a power that he loathes.

To glory-seeking Colonel Riley, convicted criminals aren’t worth the air they breathe: perfect cannon fodder. Aaron and his friends are being sent out to die in place of those ‘too valuable’ to lose.

But Aaron is set to defy all expectations. Death would be simpler, because victory means becoming a pawn for politicians and generals as they seek to further their own ambitions.

And the creatures in the mountains have plans of their own…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Ken Warner

Necromancy has been forbidden in the Five Kingdoms for centuries, its secrets erased from existence… until now. High Prince Henry’s dark mage, Dredmort, has discovered a mythical artifact that will provide him with the power to unleash an ancient evil not seen in Anoria for centuries. Can Khaldun and Mira stop him before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Dividing

by Devin Downing

Hunger Games meets Brandon Sanderson.

In Cavernum, only the elite have access to magic, yet status must be earned. One’s class is determined by a single competition: The Dividing.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Red Exile: Getaway

by Tim L. Rey

Mars, sand refinery, 2102. As colonist Jimmy Ray wants to secure a harvester from a fatal sandstorm, he collapses due to foreign memories. His colleague Malika saves his life at the last moment—in a heroic act.
At the infirmary, he makes an astounding discovery, so he starts to doubt the health program of his employer. Why is medication given weekly to the colonists? And why does he only vaguely remember the time before his flight to Mars? Is he truly a volunteer for this dangerous mission?
Together Jimmy and Malika flee the refinery to find the truth—but soon they don’t know what’s more dangerous: their employer, the foreign memories, or the relentlessness of the Red Planet . . .

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 1: Resurrection

by Gerrit S. Overeem

A dark force is circling the entire universe. Can one human brought accidentally back from the dead save the future?

50,000 AD. It feels like only yesterday that Ryan Hunt kissed his wife. But when he awakens in a strange galaxy thousands of years after his death, he discovers everyone he’s ever cared about has long since turned to dust. Now resurrected by an off-world corporation, the stunned man’s new beginnings almost come to an end when he’s immediately targeted by a vicious bounty hunter.

Unsure if he can trust the beautiful doctor he’s partnered with and suffering more explosive attempts to obliterate his reborn existence, his only hope for survival might be buried deep within a mysterious artifact…

Can this long-dead nobody stop the clock on the demise of the cosmos before all living things become extinct?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Evry Night

by Crystal Dawn

Simon is her protector but can he manage when so many are after her?
Roc has always loved him, but can she forgive the fact that he walked away in the past?
If they can survive, maybe they can work it out and prove vampires and werewolves can be together.
Is it true that love will conquer all or will love lost bring them eternal misery?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Arcadia: The Complete Collection – 10th Anniversary Edition

by Al Stone



Talisman Of El
Charlie Blake has always known he was different. He hears what others don’t. He sees what others can’t. In his quest for the truth, he discovers he is the physical embodiment of a powerful ruler and finds himself locked in an ancient battle between good and evil that threatens the life of every being on Earth.

Saving mankind becomes near impossible when Charlie’s visions start to invade his reality. He can no longer identify what’s real. When he starts exhibiting symptoms of a deadly disease, he faces a race against time to find a cure, but shocking revelations makes him question where his true allegiance lies.

Ground Zero
26,000 years ago, a supernatural apocalypse almost wiped out civilisation. Now that time has come again and no one is destined to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age