The Return of Raven

by Martha Carr

Raven is graduating from Fowler Academy with her fierce red dragon, Leander by her side.

She is taking on the responsibilities of a WarMage – just like her late mother – and has joined the kingdom’s army corps and their fleet of dragons.

Time to get ready for whatever the world throws at Raven and her homeland, the kingdom of Lomberdoon.

Something is affecting the dragons, wild and tame. A few have turned up crazed, spitting fire and ice, right before they die. Did the creepy crawly monsters that once plagued the kingdom leave one last poisonous gift behind?

Can the corps’ veterinarian, Dr. Welby find out what’s causing it and create a cure before it’s too late?

And Raven’s grandfather, Connor, has gone missing.

Things are changing in the land of Lomberdoon and battles may be on the horizon. Who will stand with Raven and Leander?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Ruins on Stone Hill

by F.P. Spirit

What do you get when you mix a novice wizard, a reckless warrior, a sharp-tongued thief, & a saintly cleric? Swords, sorcery, & sarcasm.

Glolindir thought he knew all about magic until he came face to face with his very first monster. He only survived thanks to his new friends: a gallant warrior as talented as he is reckless, a mysterious halfling whose knives are nearly as sharp as his tongue, and a saintly gnome whose very touch can heal.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of their troubles. Strange things have been happening around the little town of Ravenford. Before they know it, they are up to their necks in monsters and worse.

From eerie ruins to underground caves to a ghostly forest devoid of life, they encounter the forces of darkness. Can they overcome their faults and work together to save the town, or will they die trying?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Twin Stars

by Bridgette Dutta Portman

A teen at war with her mind. A planet at war with its suns.

When 16-year-old Olive falls through a portal into her own abandoned space fantasy novel, she finds herself in a world in peril: double suns scorch the planet, the brutal Prince Burnash seeks supreme power, and her perfect protagonist, Coseema, has gone into hiding. With the fate of a star system on the line, can Olive find the hero in herself?

The Twin Stars is the first book of an engrossing new space fantasy series in the spirit of the Wizard of Oz, the Neverending Story, and the Chronicles of Narnia, with a dash of Star Wars and a sprinkling of Dune.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Trials of the Core

by Michael E. Thies

What does a Prince, an orphan, and a trained tactician have in common?


Except for the fact that each of them are vying to become the next Apprentice to the Guardian of the Core.

With trials increasingly complex and dangerous, each contestant must face his or her own fears as well as their crafty opponents. And with lives on the line, one of them will make an extraordinary choice…

Will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion before they all perish? Or will the Trials consume them all and the person they thought that they were?

If you like ensemble casts, imaginative worlds, and unpredictable twists, then you’ll love this thrilling fantasy novel.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

The Simmering Seas

by Frank Kennedy

Kara Syung leads a life of privilege among Hokkaido’s elites until her brother whispers his final warning: “They’re going to burn it all. Be a soldier.”
His body washes ashore days later, setting Kara on a mission for justice and the truth. Yet powerful forces stand in her way – starting with her family and others who control the planet’s food supply. She has few weapons: A lifelong best friend, a murderous immortal on a crusade of his own, a rogue from an old galactic empire, and a snub-nose laser pistol. Moreover, time and conscience works against her:
Does Kara have the strength to stand against everyone and everything she was taught to believe in? Will she find justice for her brother or surrender to a dark conspiracy that threatens Hokkaido and beyond?
Begin a journey into the series Beyond the Impossible while Book 2: The Splinter Alliance is only 99 cents.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Splinter Alliance

by Frank Kennedy

The search to unravel secrets has begun. Kara Syung has joined an unlikely group of war-ravaged soldiers from another universe plus terrorists from Hokkaido to find the mysterious Inventor, whose greatest creation threatens to unravel the fabric of time and space.

For Kara, an engineer and once heir to a fortune, the dangerous journey continues a commitment she made to her late brother. However, she is far beyond her element, struggling to prove her value to the crew. Fortunately, she has Ham Cortez, the mission leader, and Cando, a soldier of the Twenty Talons, on her side. She will need them along with her engineering prowess if she is to survive the journey’s first stop.

They believe Artemis Station, once the home of the Inventor, has been abandoned. Yet the truth lies in wait: An enemy no one saw coming; survival beneath a dead world; a traitor in their midst.

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Faery Magic

by Merrie Destefano

Outlander meets Sleeping Beauty in this legendary tale of love and war between mortals and immortals. Narrated by the Queen of the Faeries, this story tells of the historic invasion that led to the exodus of the Fair Folk from ancient Ireland. By USA Today Bestselling Author Merrie Destefano.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

A Throwback Witch

by Holly Ice

A frightening encounter activates a dormant witch’s powers, and she’s whisked away to magic school. Only to discover the academy has its own dangers. Her psychic powers nudge her to unravel a dark mystery, but doing so puts her in the sights of merciless killers.

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