The Frozen Flame: Publisher’s Pack 1

by Paul J Bennett

“What more could a fantasy fan want?” – Goodreads Review.

When two powerful mages uncover a long-hidden conspiracy, they embark on a journey where even their success could spark a war that none can stop.

A Sword & Sorcery boxset from the Internationally Bestselling Author Paul J Bennett.

“A must-read for magic lovers!” Amazon Review

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Knight in the Nighttime

by J.S. Morin

Kyrus dreams of being a knight. Fate has so much more planned for him.

As an apprentice scribe, Kyrus has always dreamed of becoming a master and opening his own shop.

Developing magical powers and becoming a wizard? Not so much.

After all, wizards are the stuff of his dreams. Dreams where Kyrus is Brannis Solaran, a powerful knight who wields an ancient sword crafted from the essence of magic and who’s responsible for defending a city from an army of goblins led by their fierce dragon goddess.

Kyrus’s dream world is a world of magic, mystery, and wonder. A place of goblins and their dragon gods. Of evil necromancers, immortal sorcerers, and deadly intrigue.

But when Kyrus attempts a spell learned in the dream world, he is shocked to find out that not only is magic real, but so is the other world!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Violent Graduation: Jack Foster Space Opera Series

by John Hindmarsh

It’s easy to ignore danger while studying at the Royal Space Navy’s academy, until a sniper attempts to assassinate you.

After graduating the Royal Navy Space Academy and surviving an assassination attempt, the last stage of Jack’s training is a shakedown cruise on an old minesweeper. Midway through their cruise, the minesweeper collides with an ancient alien wreck, ripping the sides off the starship.

Jack and his girlfriend, Sofia, are the only survivors, and air, food, and supplies are critical.

The countdown of days to survive is ticking.

And there’s still a price on Jack’s head.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Rescue The Princess: Jack Foster Space Opera Series Book Two

by John Hindmarsh

Jack suffered from an attack by the Blue Caps. He sued the RSN and won. He also sued the Royal Family and won. Now he’s acquired his own warship and his first mission is to rescue the princess.

What? Yes, Sofia is missing. The Queen has taken an intense dislike to her daughter’s ambitions and Sofia has disappeared. Jack sets out to rescue her with the assistance of Black Company marines.

The task is not as easy as it seems.

Join Jack and his bot and AI friends as they search for the missing princess. First, they must survive sabotage and alien threats. In the meantime, has Sofia, battered and bruised, rescued herself?

Another epic space opera story from an established and best-selling Amazon writer.

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Just City

by Olga Tymofiyeva

Just City is an award-winning novella about 21-year-old Nathan who dreams about creating a cool start-up with his friend Jack. To get money for the start-up Nathan starts playing a virtual reality game as part of a scientific experiment. The game forces Nathan to discover what it is like to be in the skin of somebody else, for whom the cards have been dealt differently. The depressing experiences of playing the game make Nathan question his belief in meritocracy and pick a fight with Jack. What is just and what do we really deserve? This is only the beginning of Nathan’s search for a new life credo that will have both love and reason at its core.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dark Sun Rising

by K.M. Martinez

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale isn’t sure if she believes in angels, but she’s pretty sure she’s not a descendant of one. Her grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, would beg to differ. Her brothers, Victor and Gabe, would tell her to shut up about it and just do what she’s supposed to do: fight. Specifically, they want her to follow The Ways by participating in the Agora–the annual gathering where the seven clans compete for honor. But Mel has never been one for competition, and the other clans have started to take notice. When she narrowly avoids being killed by a mysterious man the night before the Agora, she can’t help but wonder if the other clans have judged her according to The Ways: as a traitor. One way or another, this Agora is about to turn deadly.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Fylking Omnibus (Books 1-2)

by F.T. McKinstry

They thought the wars were over. But time is nothing to an immortal, let alone a warlock with an axe to grind. High fantasy woven with Norse mythology, swords, sorcery, Norse fairytale wickedness and a gate between the worlds. “The tone is excellent, reminiscent of some of the earliest examples of grim Norse fantasy.” – Fantasy Faction

Outpost: A race of immortal warriors who live by the sword. A gate between the worlds. Warriors, royals, seers and warlocks living in uneasy peace on one side of the veil…until now.

The Wolf Lords: A sorcerer hunted by his own kind. A company of King’s Rangers broken by grief and trauma. And a hedge witch whose dark secrets could change everything…if only they could find her.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic