The Purple Prince

by Sebastien Menkes

A thousand years have passed since the fall of the gods. Those who remain faithful to them are hunted down and killed by the tyrannical Kildarion Empire. Meanwhile, the dead are brought back in untold numbers, and anyone who dreams goes mad…

The Purple Prince is the opening chapter in a thrilling new fantasy series. It follows the lives of four extraordinary people, bound together by destiny.

Mila, a loyal follower of the gods, who has sworn to bring them back to life.
Benedict, son of the Emperor, and next in line to the Kildarion throne.
Angelo, a master assassin, who has been given his greatest assignment yet.
And Raewyn, heir to Earth’s End, who alone knows the whereabouts of the infamous Purple Prince.

“When the flames of heaven are rekindled, the fallen shall rise again…”

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Sword of Light: The Complete Trilogy

by Aaron Hodges

For five hundred years the Gods have united the Three Lands in harmony. Now that balance has been shattered, and chaos threatens.

A town burns and flames light the night sky. Hunted and alone, seventeen year old Eric flees through the wreckage. The mob grows closer, baying for the blood of their tormentor. Guilt weighs on his soul, but he cannot stop, cannot turn back. If he stops, they die.

For two years he has carried this curse, bringing death and destruction wherever he goes. But now there is another searching for him – one who offers salvation. His name is Alastair, and he knows the true nature of the curse. Magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Ghost Pirate Gambit

by Jessie Kwak

Haunted space stations? Puzzling totems? Cursed relics? No job’s too bizarre for the crew of the Nanshe.

Lasadi doesn’t like strangers on her ship, but she’ll need a bigger crew if she’s going to steal a mysterious artifact from a dead pirate’s long-lost space station. She takes a chance on a charming grifter named Raj, along with a skilled hacker and her genius little brother. And it’s . . . nice? If Lasadi isn’t careful, she’s going to start enjoying having a crew aboard.

Raj’s last bit of luck capsized right before he ran into Lasadi, and this job could finally get his life back on track — as long as Lasadi never learns the truth about his past. Raj isn’t the only one on this crew with secrets, though, and Auburn Station holds more than long-dead ghosts. Unless this fledgling crew can learn to trust each other, none of them are getting off this station alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Oasis Trials

by Heidi Catherine

Five tests to prove your worth. Two teens with everything to lose. One chance to escape. In a world ravaged by global warming, an unconventional leader plans to sail away and start again in a mythical place known as Tomorrow Land. He’s decided to take one hundred young lives with him…if they pass a series of tests. As the fight to leave becomes the fight to survive, as passing the tests means leaving behind everything and everyone they love, Fyve and Halo are about to discover that being chosen comes at a price. From the best-selling authors of The Thaw Chronicles, get ready to be blown away by a breathtaking new series for lovers of Divergent and The Hunger Games.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Son of Soron

by Robyn Wideman

When tragedy strikes a young boy is forced to become a warrior. To escape a perilous royal life, Soron and Velaina disappear to the small village of Elderwood, a magicless kingdom, to raise their son in secret. But when their child Nathan begins to show special powers, they realize they are no longer safe. Soon they’ll have to reveal their secrets to Nathan. However, before they can tell Nathan the truth, a cruel and arrogant Duke attacks and kills most of the people in their small village, including Nathan’s parents. Nathan finds himself lost and alone with his heart set on revenge. With the help of his Uncle Verin, he continues the training his father started. But the Duke isn’t finished. He’s returned to kill the survivors, especially Nathan, to hide his crimes from the world. Unable to locate Nathan, the Duke kidnaps Nathan’s best friends to lure Nathan to him.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Fastening the Grave

by L.A. McBride

Some people attract good fortune. I’m a death magnet.

Moving across the country and opening a costume shop was supposed to be my chance for a normal life. What I wanted was a fresh start, one where the biggest danger would be a carelessly wielded sewing needle.

What I got was the ghost of a murdered reporter demanding justice, a power I can’t control, and a new goat shifter BFF hell-bent on trouble.

Now, my hunt for the killer threatens to expose a supernatural community determined to safeguard its secrecy at any cost. My only chance to survive is to embrace the legacy I’ve spent my life running from.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

SKELLIG: The Tales Of Conor Archer, vol 2

by E. R. Barr

RUMORS OF MAGIC AND MURDER hung over the tragedy at Tinker’s Grove which destroyed a town and killed some fine people. Aunt Emily thought sending Conor Archer to Ireland to see his godmother was the solution to keep him safe and out of harm’s way.

Conor went, and immediately got himself in trouble with a local landowner, a Japanese war criminal, and a bunch of Otherworld things that wanted to destroy him. Not everyone was an enemy. There were the secretive Travelers–the Tinker folk with legends that tended to come true. Of course, the Roan were there, the People of the Sea, promising to watch over him. But there was something more–an ancient being camped out on the mysterious Skellig Islands, intent on protecting him and the land.

He remembered Aunt Emily slapping an envelope into his pocket saying, “Here’s your ticket; have a nice flight; stay safe.” Not a chance he thought.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban