Rebel Magic: Book 1

by Alex Fox

“I hunt bad buys. I don’t work for them.”

Supernaturally-gifted bounty hunter Rebel is on the trail of a gifted con artist in the heart of New Orleans. But she comes face-to-face with a shocking danger far more challenging than one handsome vampire… his BOSS. Get this newly released action-packed urban fantasy adventure FREE.

5 stars – “A lighter, fun version of Jane Yellowrock.”
5 stars – “True Blood meets Native American lore…”
5 stars – “This is an intensely addictive series!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Hell on Mars

by J.Z. Foster

When the science facility, Mars Felicity Station, goes dark, the crew of the Perihelion is sent to investigate.

Their mission quickly becomes a rescue operation when it’s clear there’s been a terrible accident.

Monstrous aliens have invaded Earth with the intention to conquer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Queen of Monsters

by Jay Barnson

Sometimes people vanish without a trace. Sometimes those people arrive… elsewhere.

As a teen, Aiden Holt studied stories of unexplained disappearances throughout history. He never dreamed he would become one of those disappearances.

Now trapped in an alien world, hunted for his non-functional “special abilities,” Aiden fights to survive against horrific creatures and determined enemies.

Somewhere between certain death and servitude, Aiden seeks an escape—if he can find other “vanished” who beat the odds and survived in this harsh magical world.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Scribes of Sulterra

Nothing is more powerful than time.

Becoming a cultivator is a long and challenging journey. For Kiran, it is even harder.
Being an unblood makes him unacceptable. If he wants to truly rise and defy the heavens, he must rise above his status and prove himself worthy.

When a tragic mistake unlocks a powerful artifact that changes time and space, Kiran gets his chance. Danger brings opportunity, and for a young cultivator, there is nothing like pressure to force them to adapt and grow stronger!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


They Came from the Trees: The Merge

by Christopher Francis

The invaders need the mentally strong and the physically able—the rest of the human population is simply landfill. Who are these creatures and what are their intentions? Sheldon, a fifteen-year-old high school dropout, has no interest in finding out—at least not yet. Instead, he fights for his life as these ruthless aliens take over the little town of Hidden Trail. Sheldon takes refuge in an abandoned school with a beautiful girl named Cara and a couple of kids with profound ideas about the motives of the alien invasion. The group is soon picked up by some edgy teenagers who prepare to escape to the water. However, when Cara goes missing, Sheldon deviates from the plans and discovers more about the rapidly evolving aliens and their horrifying yet curious vision.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

They Came to the Island: The Shift

by Christopher Francis

As a traitor to the human resistance, Sheldon attempts to abandon his simple farm life and newfound friends to fit in with this new alien movement. Proving to be more powerful than most of the infected, Sheldon is soon given important leadership roles–deciding if new human recruits are strong and healthy or simply executed. But Sheldon can’t help but be human. Moreover, he can’t help but yearn for connections. When the resistance grows stronger, Sheldon is forced to bring a team of alien intellects to fight–but as he wavers with his new developing mind, the movement goes sideways.

And the unthinkable happens.

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Synapse of Ash

by D. B. Goodin

She must unlock the secrets of her past life—before her future is written for her.

When cyborg Treeka wakes from an interrupted cryogenic sleep in a genetics lab, she does so in a brave new world, one where immortality is no longer a concept but a construction. Now, the consciousness of a person can live on in a body that can outperform the limits of human ability.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


The Ruinous Curse : The Hunt for Alesta

by Mark K. McClain

Barrett of Westmore may be a prince, but he’s just like any other teenager. He spends time with his friends exploring their city, a haven for fairies, cyclops, talking doors, and other magical beings. He hopes to get closer to the lovely Zanora, whose fighting spirit has captured his heart. Unfortunately, foretold war may put those ambitions on hold.

The coming battle is no ordinary fight. Even if Barrett’s countrymen defeat the forces of the ancient sorceress Alesta, her Ruinous Curse will condemn them to an endless cycle of violence, forcing humanity to wipe itself out. As invasion forces march on Westmore, the kingdom’s only hope is the Helserian, prophesied ages ago to defeat Alesta. As for the rumors the prince is the chosen one—Barrett thinks they’re impossible. He’s a fighter, not a magic user.

Until the day assassins attack, awakening a power the prince didn’t know he possessed

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery