Onslaught: Exile War Book 1

by Bowen Greenwood

When mutants from civilization’s end come roaring back from exile, telepath Langston Wheeler confronts assassination, interstellar intrigue, and a woman he can’t resist.

Once, telepaths almost wiped out humanity. Years later, a brotherhood called the Gentle Hand keeps it from happening again. Wheeler, a young Hand with a checkered past, heads to the planet Felicitas hunting a rogue telepath. There, he meets Tia Dynn, the planet’s leader.

But the rogue Wheeler’s hunting is not what he seems. Langston and Tia face a dark threat from the distant past. Forced together, they contend with war, invasion, and their growing love. Langston is a Gentle Hand, though. He must marry another Hand and bring up telepathic children.

War and survival draw them closer. Wheeler must choose between the rules of his order and a woman he can’t resist. The fate of Human Space hangs in the balance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


From Ash

by Cassandra Cielo

Two kingdoms at war. A girl caught in the middle. Torn between two brothers, full of secrets and a deal that threatens to get her killed, Rina —a seventeen-year-old with the “gift”— has to decide what answers she is willing to die for.

All Rina wanted was to be accepted to T.R.E, but holding the acceptance letter was the last thing she ever thought would happen. Suddenly her dreams of becoming a commander in the Shamar army weren’t so impossible.

Though ridiculed and ostracized all her life for being a Golanite —the enemy— none of that prepared her for Rei, the golden boy of campus with a chip on his shoulder that could cut glass. Determined to have nothing to do with him or his brother, Tae, Rina tries to keep her head down and focus on her goals, but trouble seems follow her every move and before she knows it she is already in too deep.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Legacy of Pandora

by Eric Michael Craig

Alone beyond the edge of civilization, an ice mining expedition explodes into chaos when they make a discovery that will alter the course of human history. Buried in the ice near Neptune is a secret that is the key to changing everything, but only if Humanity can survive until the truth gets out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Rogues of the Black Fury

by Travis Heermann

A notorious mercenary band is the only hope of saving the kidnapped daughter of a powerful warrior lord and prevent the re-ignition of a catastrophic war between two powerful empires with clashing ideologies.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Ten Tales of Dark Tomorrow

by Kevin A Kuhn

Submitted for your approval—Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow, a collection of speculative fiction inspired by the original Twilight Zone series. In the spirit of that iconic, timeless show, these mysterious and gripping narratives explore parallel worlds, faraway planets, dystopian societies, and unsettling reality. Explore space and time—and confront humanity’s deepest fears—with Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


The Night People

by C.S. Hand

The Night People have been visiting Sam for ten years, since he was five. He’s terrified; he has no idea what they want and no one to talk to. Until Jade moves to town. Together, Sam and Jade explore the filthy chat piles outside of town, uncover a secret military base, and—somehow—end up in a mysterious underground world. Are the Night People aliens? Do they live down here? Do the military know about them? And why does Sam keep having murky visions of Night People, round rooms, and environmental devastation? Sam and Jade are on their own. Adults can’t help and wouldn’t believe them anyway. Besides their own high school and parental problems, Sam and Jade have to figure out what the Night people want from them! It’s important or they wouldn’t be so obsessed. But the feelings they are developing for each other make it harder and harder to concentrate on the Night People.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Kana Cold: The Reaping of the Black Grimoires

by KC Hunter

With ancient spirits wanting her dead, a secret group known as The Thule Society hot on her trail, and the distraction of an Italian archeologist/playboy, Kana must find a way to keep the unholy power of the Black Grimoires from unleashing hell on Earth.

Indiana Jones Adventure. Jessica Jones Attitude.

If you enjoy stories from Linsey Hall, Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, Patricia Briggs, Faith Hunter, or Steve McHugh, you will enjoy reading the wild paranormal thriller adventures of Kana Cold.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Shock of Fate

by D. L. Armillei

Spoiled brat American teenage girl is coerced into going through a portal to another world where she faces harsh conditions and mistreatment until she retrieves an ancient relic called the Coin of Creation. This coin will not only get her home but will save her friends, what’s left of her family, and the people she was born to protect.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic