The Other Magic

by Derrick Smythe

Darkness stirs in a world that is ill-equipped to confront it.

In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure draws the attention of much more than just his master after wielding an unknown force in a moment of desperation. In a twist of fate, Sindri, the priestess hired to strip Kibure of his power, defies the law, revealing designs of her own. But trust is in short supply in a land ripe with deceit. This wayward pair will have to work together if they hope to evade capture at the hands of the Empire’s most potent wielders.

Halfway around the known world, Prince Aynward’s knack for discovering trouble drives him deep into conspiracies within which he does not belong. Too arrogant to accept counsel, he will have to learn the hard way that some actions have consequences cannot be undone…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Clock’s Watch

by Michael Reyes

Clock the Chaos Mage. A stranger out of time, hidden in the folds of shadow. He is the guardian of Coney Island’s supernatural borderlands, and the only thing standing between our reality and the demons that thirst to destroy it.

A collection of heroic dark fantasy and terror. Illustrations by Sean Bova, Jay Campbell and MV.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Clock’s Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon

by Michael Reyes

Clock’s wardenship has been compromised. Angered by his refusal to join them in their battle, the Indigo Mushroom and its Mineral Gods have ripped away a layer of his spiritual protection. Clock’s identity is no longer hidden from the minds of his greatest enemies. The satanic, cannibalistic Daughters of the Black Moon now gather and ready themselves…For a deadly assault on Coney Island’s protector!

Clock’s Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon. A novella of heroic dark fantasy and terror. Illustrations by Sean Bova.

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An Orc at College

by Liam Lawson

Trorm Coldstorm has come to study magic at college on a football scholarship. The issue? He’s an orc foreign exchange student in a primarily human country. Prejudice and fear are against him from the moment he arrives, even from his host family.

It isn’t long before Trorm finds himself caught up in a dangerous plot. Fortunately, he’s got his trusty staff, a pair of enchanted sunglasses that turn his life into a dating sim game, and some truly remarkable women to help him out.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

The Auriga Project

by M.G. Herron

When Eliana Fisk is ripped from Earth and transported to an alien world, she discovers a lost civilization—and a mystery shrouded by time.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Braintrust Complete Series Omnibus

by Marc Stiegler

Does real life emulate fiction? Or does fiction emulate real life?

All five books in the BrainTrust series included in one action-packed boxed set!

All five books examine topics ripped from today’s headlines: Pandemic, Global Economic Meltdown, Mass Wealth Seizure, Deportation. How closely will the world follow the BrainTrust script? You Decide!

Long ago, the President for Life expelled all foreign engineers from Silicon Valley. They moved to…

The BrainTrust: a fleet of immense cruise liners housing teams pursuing scientific and engineering excellence.

The BrainTrust: freed of bureaucracy and autocracy, a thorn in the side of every dirtside power structure.

The BrainTrust: A clean, well-lighted place for hardcore research, extreme engineering, ferocious commando assaults, and desperate copter combat.

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by Stacey Rourke

The Horseman is unending,
his presence shan’t lessen.
If you break the curse,
you become the legend.

Washington Irving and Rip Van Winkle had no choice but to cover up the deadly truth behind Ichabod Crane’s disappearance. Centuries later, a Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow awakening macabre secrets once believed to be buried deep.

What if the monster that spawned the legend lived within you?

Now, Ireland Crane, reeling from a break-up and seeking a fresh start, must rely on the newly awakened Rip Van Winkle to discover the key to channeling the darkness swirling within her. Bodies are piling high and Ireland is the only one that can save Sleepy Hollow by embracing her own damning curse.

But is anyone truly safe when the Horseman rides?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Lazarus Rising

by Sharon Grosh

As nuclear bombing pulverizes everything on the surface, find out how five individuals experience catastrophe in tunnels below the surface. A moment to moment guide, starting with a typical day in five lives through a global catastrophic event. Imagine if every decision you make at the start of your day would have far-reaching consequences.

Previously $7.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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