Initiating Angels

by R.M. Garino

This is a short story about some legendary pain-in-the-asses called The Immortals.

They’ve declared their intent to become Yearlings, apprentices to the Elc’atar Blade Masters, now they just need to survive the hazing …

Egos and faces will be smashed, but will it be those of the Immortals or the Elc’atar?

If you like epic fight scenes, snarky dialogue and friendship till the death, then this might be for you.

Crazy fight scenes and killer humor run unchecked in this epic short story. A quick fun read.

Welcome to the Gates.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Joanna Starr

Enlightened. Enslaved. Erased.

Earth, 50,000 years ago before the magic vanished. Invaded by aliens posing as gods, advanced civilisations crumbled. Now, these powerful off-worlders war for control of the planet, and the people who remain no longer remember what they once were. Seduced then enslaved, humanity has fallen.

In the ashes of her ancestors, Thaya fights to stay alive. In a journey that takes her to different times, alien worlds and across dimensions, Thaya must lose everything to find her own salvation.

Lost civilisations. Alien invasions. Humanity enslaved. Gryphons. Unicorns. Magic. In Farseeker, Epic Fantasy meets Sci-Fi and takes us on an incredible race through time and across worlds.

From the creator of the bestselling epic fantasy series, The Goddess Prophecies by Araya Evermore, comes a breathtaking new saga.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Extinction Of All Children

by L.J. Epps

Emma Whisperer was born in 2080, in the small futuristic world of Craigluy. President Esther, has divided their world into three territories, separated by classes—the rich, the working class, and the poor—because she believes the poor should not mingle with the others. And, the poor are no longer allowed to have children, since they do not have the means to take care of them.
Any babies born, accidentally or willfully, are killed. Emma is the last eighteen-year-old in her territory; every baby born after her has died. Somehow, she survived this fate.
During the president’s Monday night speech, she announces a party will be held to honor the last child in the territory, Emma Whisperer.
Emma feels she must rebel against the rules. Her family doesn’t agree with her rebellion, they are hiding a secret. In the end, she makes one gut-wrenching decision that may be disastrous for them all.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Epiphany – THE GOLDING

by Sonya Deanna Terry


The Global Financial Crisis is about to rock the economy and an 18th-century book written by Edward Lillibridge and published under the guise of fiction is out-of print, available only at antiquarian stores and largely overlooked.
Until now.

Rosetta Melki, an idealist whose sole-parent struggle has crushed her world-wide charity hopes, is enchanted by the book. Lillibridge’s tale about a gold-obsessed kingdom (and the sprites they enslave: elfin clan dwellers whose currency of choice is kindness) has ignited a memory Rosetta cannot explain.

On Friday evenings Rosettta’s “Lillibridge” book club meets at the lamplit vintage home she’s secured to escape a gruesome intruder…but who could the stranger be? A prowler from the suburb Rosetta and her daughter fled? Or an ancient time traveler bent on suppressing a world-changing secret…

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Essencers of Aelathia: The Complete Series Box Set

by Joshua Smith

Bedel and Raynt, two powerful mages known as Essencers, have dedicated their lives to holding back the tide of the Dark Sorceress Jocina. After her defeat thousands of years ago, she is desperate to return and drown the world in darkness once and for all. Her time has come.

Priestess A’banna has spent her young life in service to the Sorceress. But when she is commanded to sacrifice a living being in Jocina’s name, her faith breaks. She flees into the waiting arms of the Essencers.

Bedel and Raynt believe A’banna may hold the keys to defeating Jocina once and for all, and fight to protect her at all costs. However, ending a millennium of struggle isn’t so easy.

Jocina has been busy. Building allies. Corrupting rulers. Growing her dark and powerful army. And now, her Coalition threatens all the realm with a war to end all wars.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Do You Realize?

by Kevin A. Kuhn

George is quite happy being unhappy. But when a philosophical physics professor gives him an Apple watch that allows him to visit his past, he is forced to face his greatest fears.

An Amazon Time Travel #1 Best Seller and the winner of five literary awards.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Invasion Day

by Scott Moon

When the aliens come, one trucker stumbles across a runaway the aliens want badly. They’ll stop at nothing to get her back. The people of Earth fight back and find they aren’t ready for the intergalactic invaders.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

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