by H. Peter Alesso

Could you survive?
……….In the 22nd Century?
………………..After an apocalypse?

Youngblood was eighteen when his father placed him in hibernation to await a cure for his disease. But when he woke a century later, he was gasping for breath in a deserted underground bunker.

Seventeen-year-old orphan, Kira, was a kick-ass huntress who knew how to survive in this environment. So, when Youngblood was attacked by survivalists, she saved him and together they struggled to unite people while searching for the remnants of their past civilization and a cure for his disease.

For Fans of The Postman and The Time Machine.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Elizabeth’s Legacy

by Victor Kloss

Like most normal people, Ben hadn’t the faintest idea there was an Institute of Magic…

Two years after his parents’ sudden disappearance, Ben Greenwood stumbles upon a cryptic letter that could shed some light on their whereabouts. But before he can track them down, he’ll need to find the mysterious organization that sent the letter:

The Royal Institute of Magic.

To succeed, Ben will have to navigate a land filled with fantastic creatures and Spellshooters, where magic can be bought and sold, to unravel an ancient family secret that could hold the key to defeating an evil the Institute has been fighting for the last five hundred years.

Elizabeth’s Legacy is the first book in the Royal Institute of Magic series.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Clockwork Detective

by R.A. McCandless

Aubrey Hartmann left the Imperial battlefields with a pocketful of medals, a fearsome reputation, and a clockwork leg.

The Imperium diverts her trip home to investigate the murder of a young druwyd in a strange town. She is ordered to not only find the killer but prevent a full-scale war with the dreaded Fae.

Meanwhile, the arrival of a sinister secret policeman threatens to dig up Aubrey’s own secrets – ones that could ruin her career.

It soon becomes clear that Aubrey has powerful enemies with plans to stop her before she gets started. Determined to solve the mystery, Aubrey must survive centaurs, thugs and a monster of pure destruction.

Previously $7.99

Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


by Cheri Lasota

I am the Prima Vita, the only true immortal.

But the darker the gift, the higher the blood price—and I have paid it all.

At the moment of my making, at the turn of the first millennium amid the glories and horrors of Ancient Rome, two men died with me. Both reborn in my immortal blood, one became my lover and the other my enemy. I promised the unspeakable to save Lucius from Clarius.

The bargain, once struck, was simple: die with Clarius once a year to keep Lucius safe for an eternity.

For those who love stories in the vein of Anne Rice, this is a fresh and unusual twist on vampire lore.

Previously $4.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

The Singularity: Heretic

by David Beers

You’re not ready for the future…

In the early twenty-first century, humanity marveled at its greatest creation: Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. wrenched control away from humans. Now it runs everything and everyone, growing genetically altered humans in labs.

It decides who lives and who dies.

Caesar knows he’s different. He understands he slipped through the genetic net meant to catch those like him—but if he’s ever discovered?

It’s called liquidation.

Others are watching Caesar as well, and their plans are even more terrifying.

In a world without choice, Caesar will be given one: he can either live as a slave or die as a revolutionary…

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy: Complete Series

by C. M. Skiera

Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that’s the least of Jetsam’s worries. What must the young wizardling do once magic is outlawed and his parents are murdered? Can the teen survive an infamous bounty hunter, fugitive king slayer, enigmatic dragon, and legendary evil warlock? Find out in The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, a classic epic fantasy adventure.

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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