Song of Shadow

by Natalya Capello

They said she was out of her mind. The dark truth will shake the foundations of the fae realm…
Lorelei refuses to believe her wild visions mean she’s insane. But despite her royal sidhe heritage, she’s banished to a remote priory to prevent her causing trouble. So when a priestess of the Elemental Order urges her to join a risky pilgrimage, she flees her prison and sails headlong into danger.

Traveling to an ancient land imbued with volatile magic, she chokes back her disbelief after unearthing evil sorcery that shouldn’t exist. And now that Lorelei holds the forbidden secrets, she fears it’s only a matter of time before the powerful Elphyne Empire silences her permanently. If the fae church’s ruthless assassins don’t hunt her down first…

Can Lorelei expose the sinister conspiracy before darkness falls forever?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Blood Unknown: Legends of Kandoon Book One

by T. Elijah Holt

Kaleb’s dreams are leaving him with a sense of urgency he cannot shake. As he makes his way toward the Kingdom of Laria in the ancient land of Kandoon, Kaleb tries to focus on his mission: recover the mysterious book of Mikhail and bring it back to Haldafell. There the guild, a secretive and powerful magical organization dedicated to maintaining balance in the world of Ilya, awaits it’s return.

Orphaned at birth, and raised by the guild grandmaster, Kaleb is eager to prove his worth to all those who doubt it, including himself. But, Kaleb’s first mission as a guild agent proves to be anything but simple.

Kaleb soon discovers that he’s not the only one tasked with recovering the mysterious book. In a land where magic is reviled and whispers of an impending war are steadily growing louder, Kaleb must find a way to not fail no matter how much it may seem like he’s been set up to.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Cleaner, the Cat and the Space Station

by Fay Abernethy

A heart-warming eco science fantasy adventure, featuring a sparklingly diverse cast and some shape-shifting space demons.
Hanna has survived the years since she left Ethiopia for London by working illegally as a cleaner. When tragedy strikes, help arrives in a surprising form and Hanna is welcomed into an unusual new family: a school for human recruits to the Shantivira, the alien space station which secretly protects the Earth from extra-terrestrial invasion.
When Hanna is invited to train as a pilot herself, she thinks all her problems are solved. But there’s a spy in their midst, reporting to an organisation unconvinced by the Shantivira’s benevolent image. As Hanna discovers more, she must examine her loyalties and make the right decisions to protect her loved ones – and the Earth.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact



by Clayton Graham

First Contact is imminent, but it comes with conditions…
Laura and Jason are on vacation when their lives are turned upside down by otherworldly creatures that fall to Earth in the dead of night.
Frightened and bewildered, they become trapped in a dark and mysterious conflict between clandestine Earth forces and the alien wave—and Laura’s world starts to unravel.
But everything may not be as it appears. Could the aliens have an ulterior motive? And do they have a mission for Jason?
“Captured my interest from the very beginning, and never once let go.” Jenna – Indie Book Reviewers
“If you love the genre, read this gem.” Julius Zon – Self Publishing Review
“This is a must-read for science fiction fans who appreciate a hard scientific foundation, in the tradition of Asimov, Niven, or Heinlein.” Patrick Dent

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


I Shall Return With Winter

by C.F. Welburn


When Oben’s farm is sacked by barbarians, he journeys into the godless north on a deadly quest for revenge.

But his enemies are full of surprises, and his endurance and faith are pushed to their limits.

He becomes an unwitting pawn in their ancient prophecy; one which predicts he will deliver his homeland into their hands.

If Oben is to see his family again, he must prove the prophecy wrong, whilst exacting vengeance on a people to whom he grows ever more bound.


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Category: Dark Fantasy



by Jaime Munn

Be Careful Who You Witch For

Ever had that feeling—when you’re completely alone—that you’re being watched? I envy you. I see the watcher in an empty room, and I firmly believe ignorance would be bliss.

Nilla Hayes has a problem. It isn’t the pretty werewolf she shouldn’t be attracted to. It isn’t that her best friend is trying to set her up, either. There are things going bump in the night and they all start with a wicked witch. Things would be a lot easier if Nilla could just turn a blind eye, but not all witches are bad. Now it’s war—and no one is safe when witches duel with magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Under an Azure Sky – Elysia Dayne: Book One

by Wil Chan

They call me… Hero… Mercenary… Dragon Slayer.

But that wasn’t always the case.

There was a time when I thought that dragons were beautiful…

Elysia Dayne was a simple farm girl with no inkling of the brutality of the wider world. Residing on a plateau high up in the heat of the Azurian highlands, where she lived a carefree life with her parents and, eventually, a sibling, she was also “friends” with a gigantic sapphire blue dragon. For years, she would admire the dragon from afar. Of course, the dragon was oblivious to such a friendship.

Elysia’s trajectory was irrevocably changed when a Feudal Lord arrived to slay the dragon, which had gained too much fame and notoriety, enough for a greedy human to wish to cut it from her and wear it for himself. With the situation out of control, the dragon inadvertently decimates Elysia’s village, destroying all that she loved…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic