Snow So White

by C. Gockel

Once upon a future-time, in a city of steel, concrete, and Magick, a wicked queen trapped a mighty warrior with a curse …
In the tiny village of Somer, far from the city, Cherie knows nothing of the evil spell. Her home is a safe, Magickal place. The Fae travel freely along its roads, Magickal humans and animals are welcome, and everyone is hidden from the Queen’s sight by Jack Frost, the local ghost, who blurs the Queen’s mirror with snow and ice.

But when Jack’s spell begins to crack, the Queen’s eyes fall on Somer. Nothing will keep her from abducting all of Somer’s Magickals, not even a war with the Fae.

To avert a war, save her village–and herself–Cherie strikes a perilous bargain. Aided only by Jack and her own small Magick, she’ll set off on a quest … If she fails, she’ll lose more than her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Cut From Stone

by Brendan O’Meara

The world is fresh from humanity splitting in half – the BlankZone in the East and the Federation in the West. As an inevitable attack from the BlankZone looms, the Federation makes swift, mysterious, and unexpected moves to prepare.

James, a 17-year-old living in the Federation, is drafted by the military. He learns he has been selected to join a group of skilled teens who will be transformed into elite human weapons. Follow James and his friends as they mature from teenagers to lethal warriors. Together, they will face life altering events navigating a new existence dedicated to protecting their friends, families, and humanity at all costs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Serpent’s Crown

by Jack Curran

Wizard, bookseller, and real ale connoisseur Jasper Wychwood is meant to be retired. It’s been seven years since his last case, and he’s promised the authorities he’ll keep his nose out of trouble and his magical talents under wraps.

But when an American student tells him about a series of blood magic murders, he can’t resist getting involved.

Unfortunately, the Office for Paranormal Affairs—a secret department of the British government that deals with supernatural problems—soon begins to suspect that Jasper himself is the guilty party.

On the run, accused of murder, with an undead assassin on his tail… what more could possibly go wrong?

The Serpent’s Crown is the first book in a thrilling urban fantasy series set in London.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by J. P. Redding

From the halls of D.C. to the remote shores of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, OFF GRID is a wild ride through a dystopian near future of mass surveillance. In the wake of a global calamity, the economy collapses. The Feds respond by wielding every power of the Welfare State to control the populace. A key tool is PivPal, an indispensable smartphone used to track citizens. As civil liberties crumble, resistance is relegated to flyover country whose residents—derided as off-gridders—cling to the time-honored virtues of freedom, self-reliance, and charity. Against this backdrop, Jenny Hernandez struggles to keep her rural church community nourished and safe. Hiding from the Feds, a team of inventors, and Jenny’s ex, arrive to complete the amazing plasma drive. They bring hope, but also the watchful eye of Big Brother. With the authorities closing in, local law enforcement must choose sides.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Waterboy

by Talena Winters

One mistake could seal his fate…

Zale Teague grew up thinking he was an ordinary boy—until the day he called lightning from the skies and caused an explosion with horrific results. Now, at only eleven, he’s fleeing his terrifying new merman powers and the mistake he’ll never forget.

When a Romani clan takes him in, he thinks he’s found a way to protect his loved ones from disaster… until his past catches up to him. Will Zale ever find redemption, or must he keep running forever?

The Waterboy novella is the standalone origin story of Zale, the first undine male (merman) born in over three thousand years, and takes place five years before Book 1 of the young adult epic fantasy Rise of the Grigori series, The Undine’s Tear. Join merfolk, sphinxes, dragons, and humans in a search for redemption that will determine the fate of the world . . . they just don’t all know it yet.

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Category: Christian Fantasy

Quantum Mind

by MD Hanley

Imagine a world where the Earth is a living, sentient being. In this thrilling adventure, Kat and her twin brother Pat meet Alder, an ancient visitor from a distant planet on a mission to reconnect Earth with a group of sentient planets quantumly connected across the universe. Armed with colorful stones that unlock their special quantum abilities, Kat and Pat join forces with Alder to manipulate the world around them and complete their sacred mission. But danger lurks at every turn as other ancient settlers try to stop them. From the ancient stone monuments of Ireland and England, Kat and Pat race against time to create a connection. Will they succeed or will their mission fail? Find out in this exciting page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
If you liked “I am number four” movie or Julian May’s books “Saga of Pliocene Exile” you will love this.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Forbidden Magic

by Barbara Ferrier

An elven community on the run. A tyrannical king hunting magic. Can one orphan protect a realm on the brink of genocide?

Kyllan lives in fear. Fostered in a kingdom that forbids magic, the desperate fifteen-year-old hides his budding powers to avoid the tragedy that killed his parents. But when he’s discovered he flees his only home to escape assassination.

A fugitive on the run, Kyllan discovers an ancient passage that transports him to a magical academy three-hundred years in the past. With the help of new friends and an old wizard, his magical skills are tested. But the call of duty to return and protect his home is too strong to ignore.

Can a scrappy boy and his band of brethren save a kingdom from annihilation?

If you like epic academy fantasy, thrilling magic, and action-packed quests, then you’ll love Barbara Ferrier’s young adult sword & sorcery adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age