Mother of Shadows

by Meg Anne

Helena’s life had always been quiet. In fact, she liked it that way. When her childhood friend returns to tell her she’s the prophesied ruler of the Chosen, her quiet life goes up in flames.
Suddenly thrust into a world of magic, Helena finds herself surrounded by a circle of protectors who swore their loyalty to her since her birth. All except for one: her Mate.
It’s not enough that she learn how to use her magic and undergo a trial to prove her worthiness; in order to claim her title, Helena must also find the man who carries the other half of her soul.
Exiled due to a past he had no part in, Von is the last man the Chosen expect Helena to select. Despite their protests, his soul calls to hers.
But the prophecy stands and all isn’t as it seems. There’s an enemy lurking within plain sight who will stop at nothing to destroy her.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Drakon Book I: The Sieve

by C.A. Caskabel

“The Sieve” is Book I of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.
“I am here to redeem the lives of my wife and daughter. I’ve brought the offering.”
Thus said Da-Ren, the Devil’s First Blade at the gates of the Castlemonastery; His only offering, a jar of honey.
This is his story, as transcribed by the monk Eusebius, as ordered by the Emperor himself.
Book I chronicles Da-Ren’s early years, growing up in a tribe of archers and pagan witches. He enters the Sieve, the forty-day initiation trial that determines the fate of every boy and girl. Many of his comrades will fall, the strong will join the warriors, an elite few will be marked for leadership.
Da-Ren learns to obey the Truths, to hate all other tribes, and to conquer fear. And yet there is one trial that will bring him to his knees. The Goddess’s favorite daughter. “Brown-haired, brown-eyed. Brown was the first color of the day.”

Previously $4.99

Category: Dark Fantasy


Not Alone

by Craig A. Falconer

Aliens exist, the government knows, and Dan McCarthy just found the proof.

When Dan McCarthy stumbles upon a folder containing evidence of the conspiracy to end all conspiracies — a top-level alien cover-up — he leaks the files without a second thought.

The incredible truth revealed by Dan’s leak immediately captures the public’s imagination, but Dan’s relentless commitment to exposing the cover-up and forcing disclosure quickly earns him some enemies in high places.

For his whole life, Dan McCarthy has searched for a reason to believe. Now that he finally has one, he might soon wish he didn’t…

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Rise of the Iliri Vol 1-3

by Auryn Hadley

The Rise of the Iliri series captures a fascinating new world at its most bleak—and most hopeful: a nation of terrorists called the Terrans, under the thumb of an evil Emperor, sets out to systematically destroy every race but their own. Author Auryn Hadley cleverly blends heart-stopping battle scenes with the age-old human struggles between good and evil, hatred and love—all through the lens of a powerful and intriguing female lead.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


Gunning For Trouble

by M. D. Cooper & Zen DiPietro

After their inaugural mission together, Reece and Trey are looking for some nice, simple work on Akonwara.

But when a professional and personal tragedy—a violent attack on her favorite whiskey distillery—strikes, Reece and Trey (plus Dex) must get to the bottom of it before all is lost.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Gray: Part I

by Lou Cadle

Coral emerges from a cave in Idaho to find the world blasted by a mysterious disaster. All trees are burned, no animal stirs, and ash fills the hot air. She must try and survive, to find food, to find the answer to the mystery of what happened, and to find anyone else left alive…if she can.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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