Bronze Magic (The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 1)

by Jennifer Ealey

Exiled by his power-hungry brothers, Prince Tarkyn encounters the woodfolk: a secretive group of telepaths living deep in the woodlands.

When bounty hunters attack, Tarkyn narrowly escapes with the aid of the forest-dwellers, and discovers a secret about their source of magic. Embracing his new identity, allegiances are formed as the woodfolk hail Tarquin as the Guardian Of The Forest.

But can he find a way to protect this mysterious realm, and seize his true destiny?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Ghost Mothers: A New Adult Supernatural Comedy

by Jackie McCarthy

The activist, the scientist, and the spy. They’re no longer among the living, but they’re the only thing real she can count on.

Sydney, Australia. Yasmin Taylor-Lee struggles to believe in herself. Still at home with her mom and annoying sister, the twenty-four-year-old finds comfort and a sense of worth with three invisible phantoms as her fairy godmothers. So she’s stunned when she wangles her way into her dream job on a long-running women’s magazine… only to be given the impossible task of stopping it from imploding.

Desperate for her companions’ kooky cooperation to keep from being outed as a fraud, Yasmin vows to come up with a plan to restore record circulation. But if she can’t rescue the publication that first immortalized them, she’ll be forced to say goodbye to her best friends forever.

Can Yasmin conjure up the magic she needs to save her ghostly gal pals?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Song of Echoes (Book 1)

by R.E. Palmer

For three hundred years, the people of the Five Realms have lived in relative peace, protected by their great leader, the Archon. Yet, far to the north, in the frozen lands beyond the Draegalen Trench, the Ruuk stir, driven by a rising evil; long believed banished from the world. But rumors questioning the Archon’s ability to defend the realms once more, persist.

Elodi, the Lady Harlyn, uneasy in her new role following the death of her father, and Toryn, a farmworker and outsider in his village, must discover a way to fight an enemy that all but defeated their ancestors.

Song of Echoes is the first book in this new, epic fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Accidental Magic: a paranormal mystery (Myrtlewood Mysteries Book 1)

by Iris Beaglehole

Gilmore Girls meets Practical Magic in this quirky fantasy book.

Welcome to Myrtlewood, a village steeped in magic, tea and mystery…

Life’s a struggle for Rosemary Thorn and her teen daughter, Athena. But their regular troubles are turned upside down after Granny Thorn’s mysterious death.

Despite her cousin’s sinister manoeuvrings, Rosemary returns to Myrtlewood and the sprawling, dilapidated Thorn Manor. But there’s more to the old house than meets the eye, as Rosemary and Athena soon find out — in a whirlwind of magic, adventure, mystical creatures and endless cups of tea.

Life in Myrtlewood would be bliss if Rosemary could only clear her name in a certain murder investigation, solve the mystery and stay out of mortal peril – for at least a little while!

A small town with endless secrets, strange activities and a house with a mind of its own.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection

by J.S. Morin

Caught in plots between two worlds, his only hope is to awaken the link between them.

Kyrus had lived a quiet life as a scribe until his dreams begin seeping into his waking life. Fanciful tales of magic and battle turn out to be real. In his sleep, he witnesses the adventures of his twin. Kyrus is swept up in the intrigues of those who already know of this connection between worlds.

As his knowledge of the two worlds grows, so does his entanglement in the intrigues between them. Kyrus discovers friends, lovers, and adversaries among the twinborn. His knowledge of magic grows until he becomes a valuable pawn for masterminds of plots that threaten empires.

Kyrus must learn a deadly game against opponents who already know the rules. He must join forces with his twin to combat threats in both worlds. One misstep or misplaced trust and Kyrus could find himself dying… twice.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Vigil: Knight in Cyber Armor

by Lewis Knight

In a city where criminals rule … one man will rise from the shadows to make a stand.

Jett scrapes out a living in the oppressive city of Neo York: a crumbling ruin of violence and vice ruled by gangs and crimelords. When a masked vigilante dies saving his life, Jett adopts the hero’s mantle and wages a one-man war on the city’s criminal elements. But his enemies won’t go away without a fight, and every one of them wants to be the first to kill the city’s new hero.

An action-packed, dystopian twist on Batman tropes that pulls no punches: pick up your copy today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian