Legend of Mermaid Cliff

by Brandon Rohrbaugh

After his crush’s mysterious death, a teen boy uncovers century-old dark secrets in his small town.

Sixteen-year-old Mark Parker is devastated when he learns that his high school crush, Veronica McBride, has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in their small beach town of Rockport. As the last person seen with the ill-fated girl, the town becomes suspicious of Mark and he swears to find the truth—but in doing so, he uncovers unearthly and evil secrets his town has been harboring for a century.

A sinister underworld of evil is revealed in this urban magical realism debut for young adult readers.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files Collector’s Set: Books 1-10: Urban Fantasy Shifter Series

by Craig Halloran

There is an unchecked evil festering deep in the heart of the nation’s capital. A shadow conspiracy than can’t be defeated by conventional means. A vast, hidden network of criminals with the terrifying ability to shapeshift into monsters is spreading its supernatural sickness in the very fabric of human society. Innocents end up dead or missing.

No ordinary mortal can fight the evil.

But there is nothing ordinary about John Smoke.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Death Kissed

by J.N. Colon

Runaway witch Thorn Rosalee has a deadly power. And if she falls into the wrong hands, her soul will pay the ultimate price…

After the war among fae and witches, seventeen-year-old Thorn hides in the one place her coven will never find her. Enemy territory. But when the Unseelie King discovers her lethal secret, she’s forced to partner with his son to uncover the culprit behind Chicago’s newest serial killer.

Working with Caleb Blackwood turns into a daily battle of wills—one the prince plays dirty to win—and between bloodthirsty vampires, vicious shifters, and sinister demons, their search for answers only leads to more trouble.

Fae aren’t the only ones who notice the witch’s hidden talents. And before long, Thorn will have to face the monsters of her past to survive another day in Nightworld.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Planetsider: The Complete Sci-Fi Series

by G J Ogden

100 years after the end of the world, war rages on in the skies above the irradiated planet. But when officers Maria Salus and Chris Kurren return planetside on a crucial mission, they enter the nightmarish world of the survivors… Don’t miss this unique blend of space opera and apocalyptic sci-fi with 200+ 5-star ratings.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Osprey Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set

by Ramy Vance

From the twisted minds of Michael Anderle and Ramy Vance comes a new epic science fiction adventure unlike anything seen before.

What do you do if you wake up hundreds of light-years from home in a strange ship and someone is trying to eat you?

Jaeger can’t remember who she is or anything about her life, but she knows that’s just wrong.

Join Jaeger as she tries to remember her dangerous mission as she fights to save humanity. Pick up this 5-book boxed set today!

The ship’s AI tells Jaeger there are thousands of other lifeforms on board, but the instruments say she’s alone—except for the killer.

Something deep inside her screams that humanity’s fate hinges on her completing her mission…whatever it is.

Jaeger must repair the ship and figure out her past while fighting for her life.

Will she survive? If she can’t recall her mission, will humanity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Ash

by Dan Soule

You know the drill: mushroom clouds, end of the world, only the clichés survive. This isn’t that…

Even on the day of his divorce, Constable Jim Castle just wants to get back to his family, but no one can risk going outside. Not anymore. Worse still, when the fallout starts, Jim is hostage to a gang of armed thieves in a rundown farmhouse. Their plan is simple: wait it out as the radioactive ash piles higher and try not to kill each other. But they don’t have to worry about any of that. Because all their assumptions about what caused the end of the world are about to be snatched away – like a body into the ash.

Described by one reviewer as, ‘if Guy Ritchie made an alien invasion horror, it would be like The Ash.’

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


by Anthony John Melchiorri

Born on a desolate desert planet, Cole Shaw has no choice but to enlist in the New World Republic’s armed forces — and his deployment to frozen Ferrous will reveal deadly, ancient secrets that should have remained under the ice…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Anthony J Melchiorri

Master Sergeant Cole Shaw and his team of mech operators are on the frontlines of the new war. But instead of mechs, they pilot bioengineered beasts called Sentinels. Only they can stop the Imperial Alliance from unleashing a devastating alien weapon with unparalleled power.

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Fate of Dragons

by Alisha Klapheke

The world will drown beneath the waves…only the last mage can stop it.

Vahly, the last mage, is the world’s biggest disappointment. Raised by the dragons, she was born to become the magical Earth Queen, the only one who can stop the Sea Queen’s mad plan to drown everything in existence.

But there’s one problem: Vahly possesses no magic whatsoever.

The oceans begin to rise, limiting the dragons’ hunting grounds and fouling their water supply, endangering their very home. Vahly can’t let the dragons she calls family die under the Sea Queen’s magic, so as a last hope, she journeys to find the elves and their legendary arcane library in search of answers.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic