by Jamie Foley

Blood-bonds with angels. Surreal mental abilities. Elemental gods.

Maze Runner meets The Mortal Instruments in this adrenaline-laced urban fantasy.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Advent of the Magic Eater

by Chamberlain Potts

Haunted by the images of his mother’s death and faced with the reality that he will never be a mage, a young man discovers a deep yearning for magic within himself that will lead him down a dark path.

Nug was content spending his summers basking in the sun and jumping off the floating dock at his family’s lakeside cottage. Sure, his older brother Galen and his friends picked on him for being scrawny and awkward, but life was good, mostly.

But fate, ever fickle, changed all of this with the death of his mother.

Nug finds himself living on the streets of an unforgiving city, caught between competing factions: two Thieves’ Guilds, fire mages fighting each other for supremacy, the rich of the Golden Circle using their money and influence for personal gain, and the city guards working for the highest bidder. Survival isn’t easy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Rosie Scott

Kai Sera is the greatest asset of war that exists. In a world where most mages only have the ability to wield one element, she wields them all: fire, earth, water, air, life, and death. Though she is raised as royalty by an adoptive father at the prestigious Seran University of Magic, he refuses to put her skills to use in his army, so Kai breaks free of her bonds to go on a quest of adventure and self discovery.

One simple quest will turn into a life-changing phenomenon for Kai and her companions. Beliefs are challenged. Old secrets are unearthed. Legal lines are crossed. Loyalties are divided. The seeds of rebellion are planted. When it comes time for Kai to face the truth, a legend will be born.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Broken Realms (Broken Realms, Book 1)

by D.W. Moneypenny

First in a 7-book sci-fi adventure through reality, time and space, where you’ll encounter everything from steampunk dream worlds to artificial humans, from dragons to disembodied spirits, where metaphysics is science and magic is just one belief from coming true.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Luke Isaacs

It’s not easy being a young guy in the 2050’s. Not easy being anyone really, unless you’re one of the rich bastards in the upper levels.

The world is overpopulated, over-governed and it’s hard to find a job when every little task is easily performed by AI. Thank god for GodsRealm, the biggest, most popular multiplayer role-playing game in history. Rick Hernandez would be quite happy to live his entire life inside the game – some people do – and if it wasn’t for looking after his grandmother, he probably would. You see in the game he’s Lord Errate, a Level 24 Battle Mage, powerful, respected and confident. All the things he’s not in real life.

He and his team, Valhalla Greatest, are supremely good at what they do, and very soon they will compete in the ‘Championship’, the once a year tournament that will change the lives of the winning team.What Rick and his team don’t know, is that some very powerful people don’t want them to win and that they’ll stop at nothing to get their desired outcome, even if it means destroying Rick and his team in-game… and in the real world.

Don’t miss Luke Isaac’s action-packed first novel, a futuristic LitRPG/Gamelit thriller that will keep you hooked right up until the last page.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk



by J.P. Landau

September 7 2030. Mission Day 1179. Late at night inside the two-person Dragon spacecraft resting on the frozen surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, Derya Terzi put on headphones and became the first Earthling to hear the sloshing of the enormous subsurface ocean beneath his feet. Intoxicated with the promise of discovery, he could have sworn it was whispers between inscrutable creatures of the deep. He was convinced they were days away from settling the most profound and existential mystery known to humanity: are we alone in the universe?

But that was 10 days ago, before disaster struck. Now, marooned a billion miles from home, what the surviving crew is about to go through will shatter the limits of friendship, courage, and the human spirit.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


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