Rogue Star: Frozen Earth (A Post-Apocalyptic Technothriller) Kindle Edition

by Jasper T. Scott

Logan Willis’s life is falling apart: he lost his job and found out that his wife is cheating on him all in the same day. Thinking that his world has ended, Logan checks into a hotel and turns on the TV to see that he’s not far wrong—radio telescopes have detected something big and cold moving toward us at over 500 miles per second.

Still reeling from the news, Logan gets a phone call from his brother-in-law. Richard is talking crazy about the end of the world again, but this time he doesn’t sound so crazy.

The nations of Earth prepare to fight over all of the warmest parts of the planet. But as war fleets set sail and armies begin marching south a stunning discovery is made that will change a lot more than just the weather.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Darklanding Omnibus Books 1-3: Assignment Darklanding, Ike Shot the Sheriff, & Outlaws

by Craig Martelle & Scott Moon

A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can’t hold. Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space. Sheriff Thaddeus Fry will never completely leave the battlefields of Centauri Prime. His assignment as the Sheriff of Darklanding, could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

3 books for 99c! Get it today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


Wild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves 1)

by Alisa Woods

Nova’s trying to keep her gaming company afloat, and Owen’s just trying to keep her alive—but with a hate group stalking them, falling in love is the most dangerous game of all.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College



by Damien Boyes

My name is Jasmin Parker, and yesterday I was a typical teenager, only weeks from graduation—then soldiers from the future invaded and I discovered I have superpowers.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. I know I didn’t.

It wasn’t a coincidence either, my powers and the invasion. They came because of me. I tried, but I couldn’t stop them, and they took my entire world. My parents, my friends, my entire life … gone. Like I never existed.

Now I’m boundless—I have all of time and space at my fingertips—but there’s nowhere I’d rather be than the one place I can never go. Home.

And if that weren’t bad enough, an inter-dimensional demi-god is hell-bent on rewriting human history, and I’m the only one who can stop him. He’s already erased my past, I won’t let him steal the future from me too.

Can you believe it? Never even finished high school, and now it’s up to me to save the universe.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1)

by Vera Nazarian

It’s ANCIENT ALIENS meets THE HUNGER GAMES and then goes further down the rabbit hole.
Now optioned for film! International cross-genre phenomenon!
The Asteroid is coming. You have two options. You die, or you Qualify.
Nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl Gwen Lark must compete against other Earth teens, including her sexy high school crush, in order to Qualify for interplanetary rescue from an asteroid apocalypse, in this bestselling, high-octane adventure series from a Nebula Finalist in vein of DIVERGENT and THE HUNGER GAMES.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Pauper King

by E Stuart Marlowe

Snow White is dead. Someone has put a pickaxe through her head. Her father, the disgraced King Johannes Wynpenny, vows to hunt down her murderer. But then others die—more beloved fairy tale characters—and now it’s clear that a deranged killer is on the loose. Someone who leaves behind taunting clues and a cruel countdown. Someone seeking revenge. As his town is swept by witch hunt hysteria, Johannes must stop the maniac before others fall victim…including himself.

E. Stuart Marlowe weaves a tale of magical realism and crime, where fantasy and horror bleed into historical fact. And where the fables from our past speak to us across the centuries.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Human Plus

by David Simpson

The Post-Human Trilogy is done, but the Post-Human series is just heating up! Human Plus is Book 4 in the smash hit science fiction series. Not exactly a sequel, not exactly a prequel, Human Plus will defy expectations. No matter what you thought was coming next, you’re in for a surprise!

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


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