The View from Infinity Beach

by R.P.L. Johnson

Five friends, trapped inside a secret paradise:

An industrial prince, heir to the new world his family has built;
A dreamer from Earth who’s finally found a future worth fighting for;
A trainee mech pilot, whose skills are about to be tested;
A pop star: still in her teens but already yesterday’s news;
And the sociopathic hacker that got them into this mess.

Escape is only the start of their adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Any Job Will Do

by John Wilker

Jackson Caruso has only known life under the Grand Human Empire. The war ended when he was a kid. The Alliance lost, taking his parents with it. They left him a ship and some droids, and that was about it. Now he takes the work he can find, keeping the reactor topped up, and food in the pantry. Sometimes you can’t be choosy, sometimes you should be.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Claudia Blood

A teenage assassin, a demanding father, What will she do when her most trusted betrays her?

Hiding what she wants is second nature to Lyra. Raised as the only child, and a lowly daughter of the head of her clan, Lyra dreams of being an assassin.

When her father commands the first assassin class in twenty-years to assemble, Lyra jumps on the chance to join them on the sly.

When her classmates have gone missing on their last assignment, she is despondent. Mounting evidence suggests the missing class may be linked to something much more personal than she imagined.

Desperate. Guilty. Devastated.

Her only recourse is to do the unthinkable — resort to sabotage to unravel the mystery.

Lyra must become the villain to be a hero.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center: The Complete Series

by K. M. Shea

Werewolves have fleas. Cyclops need glasses. Dark Elves give villain monologues.

Maybe the magical paranormal world isn’t quite what we expect?

This special boxset contains the complete urban fantasy series the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center: Vampires Drink Tomato Juice, Goblins Wear Suits, and The Lost Files of the MBRC.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Old Man Gamer

by Sammyfantastic

Special 99 cent sale to celebrate the audiobook launch!
Sam hates his office job, but at least every night he can delve into Alterwhere and forget about stupid teamwork for a while. The game is a fully immersive mash-up of retro RPGs – the kind where you can eat a bowl of stew in the middle of battle, fire crossbows underwater, and steal all the plates from an NPC’s kitchen as long as they’re looking away at the time.
As Sam sets out on his adventures, he soon realises the greedy devs are working hard to monetise their free-to-play model. On top of that, there’s also a mob-thieving elf, the unexpected success of his alchemical experiments, a mind-bending crossover of game life and reality, and worst of all – if he’s not very careful, he might even be in danger of making some real friends.
Old Man Gamer is a fresh and comedic LitRPG which pokes fun at tropes both new and old.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


OCELLICON: Future Visions

by A.G. Russo

OCELLICON is military science fiction with elements of legal/detective/mystery/feminist/neo-noir sci-fi. Earth barely survives nuclear battles until the militaries of the world take over from authoritarians. Prosecutor Major Annalisa Farrell, Military Academy honors graduate, war hero, wounded warrior, and child abuse survivor fights to champion justice. She has an unexpected adversary in Judge Bennett McCrae, the “Judge Prince,” who is as popular as she is hated. An apocalyptic struggle for power and control from within threatens to destroy years of Earth peace and interrupt alliances with other planets unless the traitors are discovered and stopped. Can heroic warriors save humans from their own self-destruction? Previously published as OCELLICON Episodes 1-38 on Kindle Vella.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


No Demons But Us

by A.S. Etaski

My sister is dead, but I didn’t kill her. The infamous Sisterhood watches me and couldn’t care less if I did.

I am a young Noble trapped in a most wretched spot: accused of assassinating my sister, the Matron’s heir. If I take the blame, I am next on the sacrificial altar.

Dark Elves live for intrigue in our underground matriarchy. We bend the rules for the cunning and the bold. To survive, I must play the game.

Through court intrigue, demonic rituals, and mind-rending trials against deadly foes, pervasive webs surround me, all spun by our sadistic priesthood and the Queen’s brutal enforcers.

Through it all, the Red Sisters delight in watching me. I must prove myself beneath their ravenous gazes, or I will become the next meal for our goddess.

A.S. Etaski spins the first threads of an epic tale with “No Demons But Us.”

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Death Dealers

by M.G. Gallows

Alex Fossor was a nobody necromancer just trying to keep his head down and his undead buddies fed. Then he gets framed for murder, and dragged before the Rimbault Society, a global conspiracy of mages who have ruled the world since the 17th century. Now Alex has to clear his name and deal with the restless dead before a hex on his heart burns him to ash.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban