Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A beastly prince. An enchanting beauty. Only love can break the spell.
Once upon a time…
The wicked King Thorn forced the enchantress Zuleika to cast a terrible curse. She fled his court to travel the world, helping those who need her magic most. Until a search for her merchant father’s lost ships leads her to an enchanted island, where Prince Vardan, the island’s ruler, is afflicted by the most powerful curse Zuleika has ever encountered. She’s not sure she can reverse the spell, but she’s determined to try. After all, a prince who fights pirates can’t be all bad…no matter how beastly his appearance.
Together, can the enchanting beauty and the beastly prince break the spell?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Mage’s Apprentice

by Sean Fletcher

Vampires. Shifters. Fae. Djinn. Mages. This ain’t the New York City you know…

Aspen doesn’t belong in the supernatural boroughs of New York. She’s a Norm. A human. And in this city that’s a quick way to wind up dead. Or worse.

But when she’s caught stealing from one of the all-powerful Mages, she’s thrust into a magical world more dangerous than she’d ever imagined. A world where something sinister stalks the streets and supernaturals are winding up dead. It’ll take Aspen and one aggravating, handsome druid to stop whatever’s behind the murders before it kills them. Or they kill each other.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Auryn Hadley

It’s the dead of winter, and the Terrans hold the line as the Conglomeration is holed-up in a makeshift camp, prickly with nervous excitement, preparing for a massive offensive into wealthy Merriton—the gaudy Conglomerate city in which Sal was enslaved as a child. But the next battle will have to wait. Sometimes, things even more personal than war get in the way.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Raging Falcon

by Stephen C. Perkins

In the 21st century wars are won in the mind rather than on battlefields. One man will forever change American history…With black magic!
Can a miracle lead him to redemption and save the son he betrayed so long ago?
Major Stacey Keogh is a specialist in psychological operations – a sorcerer and a terrorist disguised in military uniform. Both ambitious and evil, he will do anything to further his interests, whether sacrificing the operatives under his command, his family and, even his only son. But now in another life, where nothing is what it seems and against great odds, will Keogh choose to utilize his immense magical powers in the service of good and change the world again – this time for the better?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


Dying for a Living: The Complete Series (Books 1-7)

by Kory M. Shrum

A complete supernatural series! Jesse Sullivan has a unique occupation: She dies over and over again so other people don’t have to. But serving as a death surrogate comes with complications — like solving her own murder and maybe even saving the world…

Called “smart, imaginative, and insanely addictive” by New York Times bestseller Darynda Jones, this series is perfect for readers looking for a “unique” and “totally original” adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Children of Abydos

by Edita A. Petrick

There hasn’t been a century when he wasn’t hunted…. Doctors want to study him. The military wants to weaponize him. And his old foe wants to sell him to the highest bidder.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

by Clive Fleury

A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun’s heat is deadly and the ocean rises higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can’t survive for long. Hogan Duran was a good man once. He was a cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn’t save his partner from a bullet.

Hogan finally gets a chance to get back on his feet. He’s invited to join the National Security Council, the powerful paramilitary organization responsible for protecting the rich and powerful from the more unsavory elements of society.

As Hogan descends deeper and deeper into their world, he starts to uncover the terrible truth of how the powerful in this new world maintain their power…and just how far they will go to protect their secrets. In a world gone wrong, can one man actually make a difference, or will he die trying?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


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