Tajael (Fallen Angels 1)

by Alisa Woods

Tajael is a Guardian Angel protecting a beautiful physicist. Charlotte’s new theory might change the world… but the Fae want her dead before she discovers their realm. War brews around them, but the greatest danger may be the sweet promise of Love.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Heroes for Hire: First Contact

by C. S. Feldman

Her first—and quite accidental—foray into the field of heroics brought plucky St. Louis waitress Peg Brickner more than one narrow escape from danger and doom in the magical land of Cantrial. But hey, the first Hero’s Quest is always the roughest, right? Right.

Unless maybe the next one involves airlocks that can suck people into the vacuum of outer space, warring alien races that are vying for political control of a planet, ruthless kidnappers, a ticking clock, and the ever-present risk of—God forbid—alien probings. And that’s before what was just supposed to be a simple ransom drop implodes.

Suddenly it’s up to Peg to come up with Plan B before a snatched comrade disappears forever, an alien client’s hapless offspring meet a grisly fate, or all-out war takes over the planet.

And all before her oxygen runs out.

Sure. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

High Barrens

by Alice Sabo

Seeing into a soul is easy for Flint.
She can change a life or even the world with her words.
She should have kept her mouth shut.

Flint thought that having six older brothers and growing up in a dangerous frontier town would prepare her for anything. She soon discovers that the world is a lot more complex than she expected, and it’s going to take more than a strong back and good intentions to achieve her goals.

When it comes to magic, all the wishes in the world won’t change who you really are. And sometimes that’s okay.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Captain Hawkins

by H. Peter Alesso

Strong vibrant characters with action packed space and planet battles.

Jamie Hawkins was living on an obscure planet in the twenty third-century when on one fateful night–his life changed forever. His heroic effort to save the lives of women and children, caught in the cross-fire of war, placed him squarely in the cross-hairs of avenging soldiers.

Hawkins was stunned when his rescue effort was seen as treachery. Unfairly convicted of treason by a corrupt judge, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor on an infamous penal colony.

Once in prison, his courage and perseverance won him the admiration and trust of his fellow convicts. While he was plotting his escape, an enemy attacked the planet–giving this daring warrior his chance. Together with his fellow prisoners, he launched a bold assault and high-jacked an enemy warship.

From then on, Captain Jamie Hawkins and his ship the Indefatigable fought against a corrupt government–only to discover a mysterious alien presence behind the war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

City of Masks

by Ashley Capes

A noble daughter burdened by power she never sought.

A bitter mercenary accused of murder.

A young Pathfinder seeking vengeance.

Perched on an unforgiving coast, the city of Anaskar is under threat from enemies within. Its own royal family feuds over possession of sentient bone masks of power, leaving Sofia Falco, daughter to the city’s Lord Protector, to foil a conspiracy designed to strip her father of both his title and powerful Greatmask.

Yet when disaster strikes, Sofia is forced to flee the palace and into the city where she crosses paths with mercenary Notch. But Notch has his own problems – accused of murder, he must fight to clear his name, all the while hunted by the city’s robed assassins, the very people who are now searching for Sofia…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Never Dawn (Book One)

by R.E. Palmer

All his young life, Noah has longed to see the sky he’s only heard about in stories. For over one hundred years, Noah’s people have toiled deep beneath the Earth preparing for The New Dawn – the historic day when they will emerge to reclaim the land stolen by a ruthless enemy.

But when Rebekah, the girl of his forbidden desire, discovers a secret their leader has been so desperate to keep, Noah suspects something is wrong. Together, they escape and begin the long climb to the surface. But nothing could prepare them for what awaits outside.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

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