Wrong Side of Hell

by Sonya Bateman

Life was a whole lot easier when the dead stayed dead.

My name is Gideon Black, and I’m not human. I am the DeathSpeaker. And I’m totally screwed.

I had no idea that paranormals existed until a dead guy threatened my life, and then I encountered a werewolf. Turns out that New York City is chock full of Fae, were-creatures, vampires, golems and more, all of them fighting in secret against Milus Dei, the powerful organization who’s systematically hunting them down.

So now I’m destined to either save the Others, or become the key to their extinction. I’m a little unclear on the whole DeathSpeaker prophecy, but they say I’m the one. The one who has no idea what I’m supposed to do or how to use these powers I suddenly have.

Being the DeathSpeaker is the worst job ever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Matthew Mather

Nomad is the first novel in a four-book saga that follows one family’s fight to survive on a new Earth after a whole new category of disaster, all the more frightening as the science behind it was developed by a team of astrophysicists from CERN, SETI, and the Keck Observatory. This sweeping epic comes from the mind of author Matthew Mather, whose novels have sold over a million copies and been translated and published in 24 countries.

* Voted Science Fiction Book of the Year by Authors on Air Global network (2 million listeners in 46 countries). Nomad was Amazon’s bestselling book in adventure, dystopian, hard science fiction, and post-apocalyptic categories in recent rankings * Amazon’s bestseller in the techno thriller and terrorism thriller categories.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Into The Darkness

by Jay Allan

Terrence Compton is one of Earth’s greatest admirals, a warrior almost without equal. But Compton and 300 of his ships are trapped, surrounded vast robotic fleets and cut off from Earth. Pursued by their deadly enemy, Compton and his fleet must flee into the darkness of unexplored space.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Shadows of the Gods

by Jay Allan

Admiral Terrance Compton’s fleet is cut off from Earth, deep in the heart of the enemy First Imperium. A third of his people have died in the year his force had been fleeing from its enemies, but he is as determined as ever to find a new home for his people, a way to save his wartorn fleet

His people are running low on everything—food, ammunition, fuel, and the brutal enemy is in relentless pursuit, marshaling all its vast resources to track down and destroy the human refugees. Compton must find a way to replenish his dwindling stores, while avoiding the massive enemy forces hunting his fleet from system to system.

The fight has just begun…and the stakes are even higher than any of them had imagined.

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The Scorching

by Libbi Duncan

When Madi’s parents disappear and the government refuses to help, she’s forced to take matters in her own hands. Her search leads her to Earth, long-abandoned after an apocalypse. Instead of a barren wasteland, Madi finds a garden paradise and a war that will change everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Blind Gambit

by Jon Cronshaw

In Gambit, the blind can see…

All Brian wants is to be a sniper, but the truth is, he sucks. When a hacker seeks to destroy the virtual world, only Brian can save the game.
With the help of friends and rivals, Brian must become strong enough to take on the game’s biggest threat.
Along the way, he must learn new skills, craft awesome weapons, and discover who or what is trying to tear down the only thing he cares about.
In the real world, Brian is forced to confront his blindness, and the choice between remaining in Gambit or living in a world without sight can’t be put off forever…
Written by a visually impaired author, Blind Gambit is a LitRPG packed with action, humour, and geeky references, all combined with a deep and honest insight into disability.
If you enjoy fun characters and virtual worlds, order Jon Cronshaw’s unforgettable novel today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Daughter of Havenglade

by H.C. Harrington

A sinister wizard.
A mysterious teacher.
A kingdom on the brink of collapse.

In the ancient kingdom of Havenglade, a brutal enemy is ravaging the countryside making his way closer to Gradur Castle. An aging king seeks protection from a council of loyal wizards. A peasant girl finds herself at the center of it all after bonding with a magical crystal and absorbing its magical essence.

After losing her parents, Laurena was given the chance of a lifetime to study wizardry under the mysterious and renowned teacher Unai.

Can she learn to harness the powers inside her before it’s too late?

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