Magician’s Heir

by D. Bruce Cotton

What if reality is the worst form of madness?

Loneliness, a failing magic business, and stacks of unpaid bills make amateur magician Adam Gray’s life one of unending drudgery and desperation. He’s trapped in the tiny town of Elliston, and excitement’s not exactly knocking down his door.

Until it does.

A cryptic peddler, peculiar merchandise, and insatiable curiosity combine to tear Adam away from the mundane safety of his everyday existence… and into the impossible world of Tantris: a land of giants, mages and the magic Adam’s hoped for his entire life. But is this a world of sanity or madness? A dream or nightmare? Adam must answer these questions, and soon.

Because Tantris has a mortal enemy—ruthless, evil and hungry for the souls of the innocent. And the Dark Mage just chose Adam as his next victim.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Last Grand Master

by Andrew Q. Gordon

In a war that shook the earth, the six gods of Nendor defeated Neldin, the God of death. For thousands of years, Nendor and the Seven Kingdoms have known peace and prosperity and Neldin’s evil was nearly forgotten.
But then, Meglar, wizard-king of Zargon, unleashes the dark magic of the underworld in a new bid to carry out his master’s will. One by one, the sovereign realms fall and a new war between the gods engulfs Nendor.
Leading the opposition is Grand Master Farrell. Young and untried, Farrell carries a secret that could hold the key to defeating Meglar—or it could destroy the world.
As Farrell and his allies make plans to counter Neldin’s evil, Meglar forces their hand when he invades a neighboring kingdom. Rushing to help their ally, Farrell ends up wounded and cut off from help. To save himself, he attempts an untried spell that will either turn the tide or cost him his life.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Eye and The Arm

by Andrew Q. Gordon

After Belsport, Khron, the God of War, gives Farrell a new mission: free the survivors of the ancient dwarf realm of Trellham from their thousand years banishment. To fulfill this near impossible task, Farrell needs the help of the legendary wizard Kel. But Kel has been dead for a thousand years.
Farrell believes Kel is alive, and heads to Dumbarten, Kel’s birthplace to begin his search. To reach Dumbarten unannounced, Farrell and Miceral disguise as mercenaries on board a merchant vessel. But pirates attack the ship and Farrell is struck down by one of Meglar’s minions.
Trapped in his own mind, Farrell’s need Miceral to enter his thoughts and help him sort fact from illusion. To reach Farrell, Miceral relies on an untested spell from one of Kel’s spellbooks. If he succeeds, Miceral can guide Farrell home safely. If not, Farrell will destroy himself, Miceral and everyone around him.

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A Match Made in Spell

by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn

What good is a witch with no magic?

I’m Lexi Balefire and I wear a lot of hats, but none of them are tall and pointy. I spend half my time making love matches that last forever, and the other half trying to keep my faerie godmothers from turning each other into toads. Or worse.

I come from a long line of witches, some of them wicked, but none of that will matter if my magic doesn’t awaken before midnight on my next birthday. If I miss that deadline, I’ll never be a true witch.

If my mother and grandmother hadn’t used their magic to kill each other, one of them might have been able to give me the keys to the mystery and I’d be one step closer to claiming my Fate Weaver heritage.

Now, I guess I’ll have to figure it out on my own.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Fid’s Crusade

by David Reiss

For more than two decades, the sight of Doctor Fid’s powered armor has struck terror into the hearts of superhero and civilian alike. But when a personal tragedy motivates the supervillain to investigate a crime, he uncovers a plot so horrific that even he is taken aback.

Haunted by painful memories and profound guilt, Doctor Fid must race against time if he is to have any hope of confronting the approaching threat. Every battle takes its toll…but the stakes are too high for retreat to be an option.

In the end, it may take a villain to save the world from those entrusted with the world’s protection.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Hunt: Red Riding Hood Retold

by Demelza Carlton

Who will get Red Riding Hood first – the wolf, or the huntsman?
A witch’s vow. A knight’s quest. A wolf hunting to kill.
Once upon a time…
Six years ago, Rosa lost her family to a wolf attack during the coldest winter in living memory. But now the wolf is back, as bloodthirsty as ever, and she vows vengeance.
Work is hard to find in the dead of winter, and Sir Chase welcomes the chance to slay wolves if it means he’ll have a warm bed and food for the winter. He never counted on having to compete with a woman for his prize.
When the wolf proves more than one hunter alone can handle, can the unlikely pair join forces to defeat the menace?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

The Joint of No Return

by Tom Sadira

“Star Trek meets Cheech & Chong!”

Charlie Hong is on the run from both sides of the law.

He’s spent the last year in hiding, cultivating one last hare-brained scheme to escape his troubles: a clandestine marijuana operation. Just as he’s about to cash in, his cash crop is stolen by a bright light appearing in the night sky. After catching a ride with one of his plants, he finds himself thrown into a world far stranger than anything he could have possibly imagined.

Does the stoned stowaway have what it takes to free the Starseed, a massive living spaceship overflowing with bizarre life forms, from the clutches of a mysterious force field trapping it in Earth’s orbit?

More importantly, before he decides anything, does he have time to light one up?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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