Lightning Blade

by D.N. Erikson

When an elusive serial killer necromancer triggers a time loop, Realmfarer Ruby Callaway is the only person capable of seeing the day repeat—and stopping him. But threats more dangerous than even a vengeful necromancer might lurk in the shadows…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Weapons of Earth

by Scott Moon

Kin Roland faces old enemies and new in the final book of the Chronicles of Kin Roland trilogy. The fate of humanity requires him to do the right thing.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Sleepless

by D.K. Cassidy

In 2111, no one in the Nation sleeps unless they earn it—the hard way.

Kate does the dirty jobs no one else wants to do, stuck in a dead-end job-to-job lifestyle that weighs down on her soul, all so she can fade away into a half-remembered dream of a better tomorrow that might never come.
But when her friend Decker reveals himself as one of the Sleepers—rebel citizens in hiding who can still sleep naturally—she finds herself faced with a choice.

Stay in her seemingly hopeless yet safe world.

Or help the Sleepers uncover the mystery behind the sleepless plague.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


The Narrowing Path

by David J. Normoyle

In a society where all stand alone… In a contest of kill or be killed… One young man will choose brotherhood. And change everything!

Every six years, brother fights brother in the brutal contest of The Narrowing Path in which only the strongest, smartest and most ruthless can survive. A handful become future rulers; the rest will perish, one way or another.

Bowe Bellanger is younger and weaker than the rest, and he’s expected to be one of the first to die. He has other ideas. He chooses cooperation over combat, forming a band of rebels who seek to change the very nature of the contest, an action which could crack the foundations of the entire society.

Bearing comparisons to Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, the series delves into a medieval fantasy world with characters every bit as devious and bloodthirsty as the schemers in Game of Thrones.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Beneath the Silver Rose (Shadyia Ascendant Book 1)

by T.S. Adrian

Forbidden Passion in an Age of Veiled Magic!

In the cold halls of the Silver Rose palace, sisters are schooled in the arts of pleasure, but are forbidden from falling in love themselves. When Shadyia breaks the tenants of the sorority, her penance is to appease an order of vicious knights to protect the sisterhood from the wrath of their crusade.

Caught between an ancient conflict of Order and Chaos, Shadyia must conceal her romance with a fellow sister while uncovering the mystery of a powerful magician who masquerades as a wealthy scholar.

Time is running out as Shadyia, with sword in hand, descends beneath the Silver Rose into a labyrinth of deadly traps and shadowy guardians. For only there can she defy the crusaders and avert the prophecy of a darkness that returns to consume the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Penance of Pride (Shadyia Ascendant Book 2)

by T.S. Adrian

Shadyia’s Adventure Continues!

‘I will never leave you, and I will always come for you.’

Shadyia’s vow to her lover is put to the test when the Innocenti rise and envelope the sisterhood she adores.

As the magician she aided hunts for the path to an ancient city, the new madam of the Silver Rose strives to please the evil that has promised, upon its freedom, to make her a queen.

Meanwhile, the advisor to the Innocenti prepares the final stage of his strategy to crush the faith of the old gods. He needs but a bit of magic to carry out his ultimate plan.

Magicians. Zealots. Madams. Whores. It’s all the same to he who waits within the enchanted box. Soon he will unleash his servants, and every horror of the abyss will once again consume humanity.

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