Go Dwarf Yourself

by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Johnny Walker was a good bounty hunter in his day. James Brownstone good.

But everybody has a line. Johnny found his when his teenage daughter was murdered. Who was the killer? Even Johnny couldn’t figure it out.

Everybody’s favorite Dwarf retreated to his cabin in the swamp with his two hound dogs by his side, and retired with his guns, his whiskey and his memories.

Except magical monsters weren’t done with him… yet.

A young female shifter has gone missing and her parents are dead. The Feds know that Johnny is her only hope and the clock is ticking.

Johnny can’t say no this time.

He’s off to New York City with Light Elf Fed Lisa Breyer to get her back.

Dwarf the Bounty Hunter is back to kick ass and take names. Or maybe just kick ass.

What will he do when the clues connect to the fifteen-year-old cold case of his daughter’s murder?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Melody: A First Contact Techno-thriller

by David Hoffer

A melody from the stars can save humanity, but only if Stephen can awaken the alien within…

Childhood therapy cured Stephen Fisher of disturbing visions and the delusion of having come from another world. But when his daughter obsesses over a star in the night sky, he fears that his genetic legacy may have burdened her with the same illness. His sanity is then shattered when he loses his child and the military abducts him claiming that she recorded a song broadcast from another world.

A voice inside Stephen’s head convinces him that he can bring his daughter back to life. What he discovers instead is a stunning truth about himself, his child’s destiny, and fate of the entire human race…

Melody is a riveting and thought-provoking science fiction novel. If you like first contact scenarios and action-filled pages, then you’ll love David Hoffer’s otherworldly adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price

by C. L. Schneider

What if you were born with an addiction to magic? What if your pleasure meant their pain? Immerse yourself in this time-spanning epic tale of magic and war, where peace hinges on the strength of one man to accept the very thing he fears most: his own power.

Dive into grimdark trilogy with the award-winning first installment and discover the saga of Ian Troy, a man born with an addiction to magic, living in world where magic is reviled—and its users are enslaved.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars

by C. L. Schneider

They took it all: his will, his memories, his freedom, his magic. How far will he go to get it back? Continue the epic journey in Book 2 of The Crown of Stones as Ian Troy joins the rebellion against King Draken’s brutal reign. Can Ian reclaim his magic and become the weapon the resistance needs—before the scars change him forever?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Legend of the Gate-Keeper: Complete Series Box Set

by Jeff Gunzel

Prophecies foretell of a great demon who will someday emerge to destroy the world. Only one man possesses the power to stop it. And he has no idea.
In the lawless land of Tarmerria, only the strong survive. Eric, the simple son of a blacksmith, learns this awful lesson the day his village is attacked by horrific black-winged monsters. But the monsters aren’t simply wreaking havoc. They’re searching …

For him.

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, Eric must place his trust – and his life – in the hands of a mysterious girl who may be his only chance to fulfill his destiny. If they can survive long enough.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories

THE COOL THING: A Dark Comedy. Or Not.


R.L. mistakenly buys a device taken from a long-ago crashed spaceship. When activated, it nullifies distance, allowing immediate access to the human staffed lab built above the wreck. A lab operated ruthlessly by Dr. Lillith Gaust, who has a terrifying history of failed species-splicing experiments. Not all her failures die; called Lab Spills, they’re abandoned in the toxic Waydowns. Occasionally one escapes, vastly invigorating the staff. Especially those who get eaten.

RL’s girlfriend is snatched by a bestial Spill, and its intentions are a lot worse than dishonorable; death would be an improvement. Lovesick RL blindly charges to the rescue. Going in circles, running on banana peels. And the now activated device is missing, open, and soon to free Dr. Gaust’s countless abominations into the world. They are ravenous… and they breed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics

Martian Mist

by J. Dallas Brooks

Surviving the end of the world is hard. It’s even harder if you’re on the menu.

When the first manned mission to Mars makes an unexpected return in 2037 with a dead crew, a terrible contaminant is unleashed that turns the skies purple and threatens humanity’s survival. It brings with it a frightening new apex predator that bumps the surviving humans down the food chain. In this new world, the unflappable sixteen-year-old, Zach Granger, rides his dirt bike across the scorching Arizona desert. With only a shotgun and his loyal beagle hound, Zach must find the robotics expert, Skylar Lucas—a man who may not even exist. His life hangs in the balance when the monsters catch his scent, and Zach must race to California in a quest to find where he belongs.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Viper Fatalis: An Action-Packed High-Tech Spy Thriller

by Mark Caldwell Jones

VIPER FATALIS tells the story of the Defense Intelligence Agency officer, Natalie Nicks, codenamed Viper, and her ongoing battle against an evil terrorist syndicate hell-bent on using the weapons of the future against the United States of America.

During a mission to recover a truckload of newly developed ground sensors, Natalie Nicks stumbles upon a more deadly piece of futuristic technology—an autonomous robotic animal that’s savagely killing everything in its path—but the Pantherix is just the tip of the iceberg.

She soon finds herself dodging a ruthless assassin known as Mr. Brightside, fighting off a gang of brutal sicarios, and going all-in to save the life of a young gifted boy that could be the key to unlocking the entire scheme—a conspiracy that may reach as high as the United States Senate.

VIPER FATALIS is a cinematic spy thriller you can’t put down!

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Wondercurrent

by J.R. Parks

Rella PenSword travels to the mysterious world of Hleo to help save The Wondercurrent from Archimago’s menacing miscreations: the Shadowsplitters.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Rules of Supervillainy

by C.T. Phipps

Gary Karkofsky has always wanted to be a supervillain. He gets the chance when he gets the magic cloak of his city’s greatest hero, the Nightwalker. However, is he evil enough to be the villain his city needs? What will his wife think?

Previously $4.99

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