The Oscillator

by JK Neve

A boy with no hope, A world without music. The Oscillator will change everything.

In a silent and broken world, where kindness, compassion and the Earth’s ozone layer is all but gone, Theo’s stammer is just one more challenge he has to deal with.

He’d very much like to make a name for himself, or even just make it home in one piece, but his trembling hands don’t exactly say ‘Super Power’.
That is until he’s gifted a little gray box that changes everything. Now he can stand up for himself, take care of his enemies, and get the girl.

However, revenge isn’t always that sweet…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Silver & Bone

by Oliver Altair

Magic, cowboys, and zombies. Welcome to Souls Well, Colorado.

After an avalanche decimates the population, it’s up to sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts to keep his remote, mining town from falling apart. But it won’t be easy. An infamous outlaw is terrorizing the streets. A snake oil salesman is bamboozling the townsfolk, aided by his seductive assistant. On top of all that, the dead are disappearing from their graves.

When murder comes to town and a mystical power awakens beneath the rumbling mountains, Tiberius will have to race against time to save Souls Well from a terrible cataclysm. His only chance is to open his mind to the ancient art of alchemy: an arcane magic that can lead him to his victory… Or his doom.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Dragon Knight

by Alicia Wolfe

The imp Federico has gone missing, and only Jade and Davril can get him back.

They have to hurry, though. The evil witch Angela has kidnapped the little rascal for her own purposes, and whatever those are, they can’t be good. She wants to destroy the Fae and bring the Shadow to our world.

Don’t worry, though. Jade and Davril are on the case. The only problem is that Jade can’t give up her old life (er, of crime), and Davril (that is, Lord Davril Stormguard, Knight of the Fae Court; in other words, he of the broom up his butt) can’t allow her to keep burglaring. How can she stay true to herself and still remain a knight?

It’s a pickle. And if they can’t resolve things, fast, Angela might just get what she wants, and the Shadow will rule over all.

Dragon Knight is the second book of the Reclaiming the Fire series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


A Time Traveller’s Best Friend

by W.R. Gingell

Meet Marx. Meet Kez.

Marx is a small, angry man with a time machine and a chip on his shoulder. Kez is a homicidal little girl with a price on her head and a penchant for kicking people where it hurts the most.

After a narrow escape from the owners of the stolen craft he pilots, the last thing Marx wants is another gun pointed at him. What he wants and what he gets, however, are two very different things.

On the run from killers, shadowy corporations, and one very specific Someone, the last thing Kez wants when she points a gun at yet another apparent killer is a self-appointed protector.

What she wants and what she needs, however, are two very different things…

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds

by Dale Kutzera

What could be worse than middle school? Home work, band class, bullies, a new kid who may be a new friend…Andy McBean is struggling to survive it all in the soggy hills of the Pacific Northwest. Even worse, he spent much of the past year in the hospital battling leukemia.

Then one night a meteor storm devastates the county, cutting off power and phones. One giant rock crashes into Andy’s neighborhood, skids up the street, and stops right on Andy’s front lawn. The towering boulder draws the attention of neighbors, the media, the army, and even the new girl from Andy’s art class. He is thrilled at the notoriety, but everything changes when the meteor opens and a towering machine steps out.

Separated from his family, Andy must fend for himself and rescue his friends. Join the adventure as Andy meets an alien, devises a plan to stop the invasion, and learns how strong he really is.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion



by Cassia Meare

Destiny is everything…unless it’s going the wrong way.

When the Emperor of Cael returns from a cruel exile, he believes he will get revenge out of the way and then have a grand time.
Until time seer Valeria Tylia shows up to tell him that she has been in the future, seen a barbarian invasion being prepared, and that he needs to save the worlds.
He declines. But then again, he doesn’t know Valeria Tylia.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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