Avenging Love

by Kevin Mansoor

Avenging Love is the fast-paced, spiritual thrill ride that has maintained four months topping the Amazon charts by keeping readers turning pages late into the night.

When the tequila no longer numbs the pain of David’s loss, he knows he must avenge his wife, Sarah. Yet, David doesn’t know the truth.

Can the Archangel Michael, or the mysterious 2000-year-old Emma, get through to David in time?

Join David and his guilt-complexed St. Bernard, Duke, as they embark on an epic tale of love, loss, and possible redemption that will take them to the very gates of Hell.

Avenging Love is a fast, fun read filled with meaningful plots, romantic sub-themes, and a pompous Satan that may just have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Warning: Many readers have suggested a box of kleenex should be handy when reading.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library: Two complete series

by Jace Mitchell

Do you like fantasy? Do you like urban fantasy? If your answer was “YES!” to both of those questions, the Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library set is for you!

Get to know Claire and Riley respectively in the Paranormal University series and the Hand of Justice Series. They are heroes you can cheer for and the action never stops!

Paranormal University:
At the University of Paranormal Studies, class is starting.

Claire just received her letter of acceptance despite the fact that she didn’t apply. Why does the university want her?

Because ghosts, vampires, werewolves, elves, dragons… and many of them want to kill us.

Claire’s a soldier in this new war. Can she and her classmates prevent the world from turning to ash?

Hand of Justice:
She swore to protect her kingdom…

And he swore to destroy it.

Can Riley vanquish the dark mage and his legion?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Dark Legacies: The Hand of God

by Yuval Kordov

The world ended—twice. Only Esther, the Eternal One, saw it all happen. As head of the powerful Revenant Sisterhood, she shepherds humanity from Cathedral, the Last City. Except Cathedral isn’t the last city, and her sisterhood’s power is far from holy.

An atmospheric blend of post-apocalyptic sci-fi and gothic dark fantasy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Rise: Birth of a Revolution

by Mark Moore

Damien Flynn, once a conscientious politician, is now facing execution for supporting the cause of an oppressed people, the Ricchans. Betrayed by his peers, Damien now understands that while bleeding hearts don’t make for good politics, he values his convictions more than ever. And those convictions have clashed against those held by the only world he’s ever known, leaving Damien forced to make a choice between his past and his future—a decision he figures he’ll never have to make. After all, the future is a luxury that dead men rarely enjoy.

But when Victoria Montgomery, the reluctant leader of an army consisting of little more than ragtag criminals and vagrants, realizes that she needs a catalyst to bring about the full-scale rebellion her people need to flourish, Damien’s fortunes change.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Resin Chronicles: Stickiness and Stones

by Craig Zeppelin

Unleash the power of magic with Peter’s epic journey in this thrilling fantasy adventure.
When Peter discovers his sudden onset of magic, he must master it quickly to save his brother from a powerful magician’s attack. Venturing into unknown lands, Peter faces deadly challenges as he uncovers a hidden world of dragons and enslaved creatures.

But, as he delves deeper into his quest, he realizes that he’s just a pawn in a larger game that will determine the fate of the world. Will he rise to the challenge and save the day, or will he succumb to the dangers of magic? Grab your copy now and find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Song of the First Blade (The Bladeborn Saga, Book One)

by T.C. Edge

An ancient evil. A treacherous king. A mystery going back to the fall of the gods…

In the heart of Vandar, as dark forces close in, Elyon, a gifted Bladeborn knight, fights for his family’s survival in a world on the brink of war.

In the beleaguered northlands of Tukor, a servant girl with a mysterious past is forced on the run by a treacherous lord, propelling her on a journey that will change her world forever.

From the Shadowfort, an ancient power is unleashed, one that will set into motion a series of events that will bring the world to its knees.

With the world on the verge of chaos and countless lives at stake, a new First Blade must be selected, but obstacles stand in the way. Alliances are broken. Enemies are born. Only the strong will survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


After They Came

by Dan Harary

Jonathan Tuckerman, a Los Angeles man down on his luck and truly alone in life, reaches his 70th birthday and decides to mark the occasion by drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, he inadvertently becomes the world’s “Wonder Man” after a pair of extra-terrestrial visitors from the Pleiades interdimensional star system suddenly appear in a giant spacecraft, pluck him from the sea and present him to the media and the world as their sole “Ambassador to Mankind.”
Jonathan’s life is instantly – and dramatically – transformed forever, as he works closely with the magnificent Tall White aliens Jorthon and Kalyssa to solve virtually each and every one of man’s long-insurmountable problems.
Jorthon and Kalyssa aren’t the only aliens on Earth, however. While Jonathan’s life has infinitely improved by the arrival of these benevolent aliens, not everything is as copasetic as it seems.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact