Rocket Repo

by C.P. James

Rocket Repo begins the story of a down-and-out pilot, the alien in his head, and the salvage crew doing their level best to save the galaxy.

After working for shady people his whole life, all Geddy Starheart wanted was a fresh start. But after causing the industrial accident that forced the evacuation of Earth 2, it felt more like an ending. That’s when he met Eli, a microscopic alien who started living rent-free in his head. The only way to get him out was to build a ship capable of making the journey back to his mysterious home world.

When the ship disappears, Geddy and Eli join forces with the crew of the For Sale Make Offer, a rickety old trawler they call Fizmo. Together, they set out to find Geddy’s missing ship. But each zany adventure draws them deeper into an eons-old conspiracy to end all intelligent life in the universe, which technically includes them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Chronicles of Artera: Arteran Anthology (Vol. One)

by D.M. Sanders

Journey to the medieval world of Artera, once known as Tel’aia, with three fantastic short stories:

1) Long ago, in a time when the elves held dominion over Artera, magic was everything. They shaped the world with it during times of peace. However, a great evil now casts a dark shadow upon the world and an elven sorcerer seeks more power—but at what cost?

2) Magic has all but disappeared as refugees narrowly escaped their homeland, avoiding capture by a genocidal tyrant. A weary and demoralized group of humans navigate the vast oceans of Artera, searching for a new land to call home.

3)Contests, games and a grand tournament! The annual Nimaéan Festival is coming to a close as the Dance of Steel reaches its climactic finale. Come and bear witness to the thrilling, heart-pounding, non-stop sword fighting action.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Lucifer’s Emblem

by Sarah Biglow

A stolen relic. A false identity. An apocalypse in the making.

Zuri knows she’s next in line to rule Hell, until the theft of a priceless family relic throws her future into chaos. Now, to reclaim what’s hers, she must infiltrate the prestigious Celestial Academy. Even if it means lying her way in.

Miryam’s famous Archangel father treats her like she doesn’t exist, fueling her insecurity and self-doubt. She pretends she’s got it all together until confident, badass Zuri ends up as her roommate.

The longer they spend together, the harder it is to keep up the façade. When they uncover plans to unleash Armageddon, they have no choice but to come clean. With Zuri’s life on the line, her only hope of survival is to trust Miryam. But is their growing bond strong enough to overcome eons of bad blood between Fallen and Archangels?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Metal Legion

by C.H Gideon

Five foot nothing and no fear because she drives a sixty-ton mech. Enter Lieutenant Xi Bao…

Does humanity deserve to survive?

The Metal Legion, aging mechs with a lot of fight left in them. They lead the way, find the enemy’s weaknesses and exploit the hell out of them. Then they call in suborbital artillery to finish the job, even while the battle rages.

Never fight fair when fighting for your life. This is the motto of the Metal Legion. They fight to win.

Fire the mains and enjoy the company of the crew as they live for each other, as they fight for all humanity. Unleash the Scorpion’s fury. Join the Metal Legion today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Splicefire 1: Teeth of the Rakshasa

by B.J. West

Depending on who you talk to, Spider King and his cohorts in the infamous Gordian Net are either criminals or revolutionaries.

Nobody pushes their notoriety as Robin Hoods harder than Spider himself. Arrogant and egotistical, Spider is a veritable rock star of the hacking world. It would be annoying if he wasn’t actually every bit as good as his talk.

Attracted by their reputation, a peculiar client approaches the Gordian Net with an opportunity that could be the score of a lifetime. But what first appears to be a simple hack-and-grab run quickly snowballs into an all-out war with the most powerful tech company in the world.

Spider will have to outthink, outrun, and outmaneuver the most ruthless street operatives in San Francisco without becoming the next victim of a new weapon of unspeakable horror.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


A Hare in the Wilderness

by S E Turner

When a child is born into the House of Gnaeus, death marks her from her very first breath. For it is said that when war threatens the kingdom, one individual will be selected by prophecy to lead the people out of the land of darkness and reclaim the freedom which has been stolen.

But this child of prophecy will need more than a sword and a supreme set of skills to survive.

She will have to sacrifice her soul.

Unless a band of heroes can help her!

Inspired by ancient civilisations, myths and legends, this series takes you on an incredible journey with relatable characters in a fantasy setting.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian