Special Offers

by M.L. Ryan

Is it still a bargain when your discounted eBook reader comes pre-loaded with a being from another dimension? Hailey Parrish buys a Kindle when her tiny home can’t handle more paperbacks. However, the “special offers” include more than a lower price in exchange for a few ads. The device harbors the essence of Sebastian Kess, an erudite, arrogant, womanizer with magical abilities. When she inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she’d imagined. Her predicament soon leads her to yet another supernatural, the could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams, Alex Sunderland. Alex and Hailey must find a way to return Sebastian to his body and stay one-step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is. Special Offers, Book 1 of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines urban fantasy with a healthy dose of quirky humor.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dane Curse

by Matt Abraham

In this unique mix of classic pulp noir and golden age derring-do, the world’s greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered, and only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Fourth Reich – Head of the Snake

by Gary Compton

A CIA agent is found brutally murdered. Financial systems have collapsed. The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupts, but was it natural or induced? Air Force One, carrying the US President, is hacked and is controlled by unknown enemies. Prominent figures and leaders from the political, industrial, and religious circles across the globe are systematically killed within three frenzied days of murder.

As the clues and events pile, the conclusion is drawn that a Hitler bloodline exists and everything is connected by a vast web of conspiracy, tracing itself back to World War II; a time the world would rather forget. Truths are uncovered which threaten to shake the very foundations of the modern global village, as a long-hidden secret society from the 30’s harnesses dark occult forces and unleashes Hell on Earth for one purpose and one purpose alone: to institute the Fourth Reich.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


Grim Haven

by Jen Rasmussen

Years ago, Verity Thane turned her back on a hometown teeming with dangers and consumed by dark magic, swearing to herself she would never return. Now, she has no place else to go.

When she’s cornered into using her magic to save mysterious Cooper Blackwood from a chilling supernatural attack, Verity is unwittingly drawn into a war with a clan of lethal monsters. Hunted and burned out of her home, she’s forced to flee to the last place she’s ever felt safe.

But when Cooper’s deadly secrets collide with Verity’s dark past, new enemies meet old in an unholy alliance that could destroy everything each of them holds dear. Verity will have to protect the home she never thought she wanted… or lose it to a gruesome fate she never could have imagined.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Gathering Black

by Jen Rasmussen

Verity has always depended on her magic to protect her. But with the fate of Bristol hanging in the balance, defense is no longer enough.

Racing to get to the lethal sapwood seeds ahead of those who would use them to bleed the town and enslave its inhabitants, Verity and Cooper are beset by traps and betrayals. And as they begin to unravel the grisly secrets of Cooper’s own clan, they soon learn there are some horrors that even the strongest of protection spells can’t save them from.

This time, Verity will have to become a deadly weapon herself, or else lose Cooper, the seeds—and her life.

Previously $3.99


The Crimson Queen

by Alec Hutson

Long ago the world fell into twilight, when the great empires of old consumed each other in sorcerous cataclysms. In the south the Star Towers fell, swallowed by the sea, while the black glaciers descended upon the northern holdfasts, entombing the cities of Min-Ceruth in ice and sorcery.

The pulse of magic slowed, fading like the heartbeat of a dying man.

But after a thousand years it has begun to quicken again.

In a small fishing village a boy with strange powers comes of age…

A young queen rises in the west, fanning the long-smoldering embers of magic into a blaze once more…

Something of great importance is stolen – or freed – from the mysterious Empire of Swords and Flowers…

And the immortals who survived the ancient cataclysms bestir themselves, casting about for why the world is suddenly changing…

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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